8-minute video: Geo-political Syria chess: are you finally demanding arrests of US .01% War Criminals, or prefer gambling toward WW3?

hat tip: zengardner Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange in an excellent 8-minute summary of events as of the start of October: Sure, it’s possible that Russia is leading military action to end US/UK and Israel unlawful and lie-began Wars of Aggression in the Middle East. That said, within ongoing corporate media and US “leadership” propaganda, we […]

Warning: Selling Cigarettes May Lead to Climate Change Denial

by Rebel Fagin The tobacco companies knew using their deadly product led to heart disease and cancer decades before they admitted to it. In that interim they lied about the safety of their products and cast doubts about the science questioning its safety. Lots of people died for their profit margin including, at age 51, […]

Checkers and Chess in the Middle East and Africa

       What’s happening in the Middle East, more pointedly in the country of Syria and its surrounding neighbors, is a game of one hegemonic beast, the US, playing checkers, while another less militarily powerful but still a country to be reckoned with, Russia, playing chess.      When a super power has all the military might necessary to control […]

The Unholy Trinity of Trade

by Rebel Fagin When Obama won Fast Track from Congress, the bill that allows Congress to vote for or against the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), but not amend it, many people missed some of the finer points of the legislation. Fast Track lasts for six years. That’s the rest of Obama and the first term […]