By Patricia Miraz

White Europeans, both in the Americas and Europe, have a long history of genocide and theft. It’s their specialty when it comes to acquiring riches and making their “perceived superiority” aware to all those they deem “inferior”. Native people in America know very well of how White Europeans celebrate their victories and mock those they have killed by either denying our existence or allowing Native people to have a symbolic month in the calendar year where we can talk about our history. The only difference today is that they don’t call it genocide instead as the White empire expands it is disguised from the public under slogans like “the war on terror”. Innocent people are deemed terrorists and the true terrorists sit behind screens operating unmanned drones that kill innocent people and justify their actions by naming these crimes things like “Operation Iraqi Freedom”.

This type of terror is all too familiar for Native people in the United States our refugee camps are called reservations. Instead of NGO’s providing food we receive commodities that are far from healthy and in fact kill us slowly by being the gateway to diseases like diabetes. We are secluded from the rest of the country unless we travel out of these camps. We are talked about in classrooms as if we are non-existent and written about in history books like some endangered species that has no hope in surviving the next decade. We are the original group of people in the United States yet we remain invisible.

Since this country and its European ancestors have felt no repercussions from what they have done to the Native people in their own backyard it is no surprise that they feel no remorse when going to foreign countries and committing the same human rights violations.  We have allowed our government to physically and psychologically destroy human beings who deserve a right to life. When we sit back and ignore inhumane acts of violence we are setting ourselves up for a very dim future. All you have to do is turn on your television and witness the propaganda that corporate media and the one percent feed us on a daily bases. They are creating their own history and erasing the genocide and displacement of human beings intern making themselves the knights in shining armor falsely claiming to have saved and bettered millions of lives throughout the globe.

Many White Europeans are allies and friends of Native people in the Americas. However this has not been enough to stop the continuous push of White European ideology that is responsible for the legacy of murder and theft that has been going on for hundreds of years.


Patricia Miraz is a member of the Graton Rancheria and a Sociology Major at Sonoma State University