Open letter to NY Times, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, News Hour, NPR

Subject:  Your Relevance  to the American People


Historically the media has attempted to tell the American people what was going on in their country and around the world.  There was always some shading of the news, but, by and large, the news always contained more than a modicum of truth.  Today there is LESS than a modicum of truth and people will not pay for that.

Telling the news truthfully is difficult, especially at a time of so many unsavory events, actions, and people.  Please do not take the fact that “we the people” have not erupted into widespread revolt, as is seen in other countries around the world, as a sign that we do not care or are otherwise not aware.  A large portion of us are aware and we angry at your disrespect for our intelligence.  Please let me explain.

Fracking:  All we are told is roughly how this is done and how it will increase our Natural gas production.  “Spectacular success” is used to describe the process.  We hear that it will give us energy independence.  The reality is that it uses acre feet of water that is, and will be even more, a precious commodity.   The other, and perhaps more important, is that fracking and horizontal drilling introduces those millions of acre feet of water into the ground, heavily laden with toxic chemicals, back into the ground below the aquifers from which we draw our drinking water.  We have already seen evidence of people’s wells being poisoned in the fracking area.  That is a sign that it is poisoning the aquifer.  You report NONE of that.  The only time we hear anything from you on the contrary is when you review a song or a movie that someone has made in protest

Abortion: The abortion issue is complicated by people who claim they speak on god’s behalf.  Let it be said that not all the people, who believe in god, believe this way.  And, not all people believe in god, certainly not the same one.  Abortions have been around almost as long as sex.  It took a bit of time for it to occur to someone that sex caused pregnancy, probably having to do with a baby emerging from the same place that had afforded so much pleasure.  And that is the problem, that pleasure.  For purposes of species sustainability, sex has been made so enjoyable.  There are times in people’s lives when they seek the pleasure without the desire for children.  And, THERE it is, the need for abortion.   Through birth control we have been able to reduce the need for it, but every once in a while an unwanted pregnancy occurs.  Besides mistakes, there are also other reasons like rape or the fact that the pregnancy would produce a severely injured infant or cause physical harm to the mother.

With respect to those very early attempts at abortion, I do not even want to go there, to imagine the pain that women inflicted upon themselves to stop an unwanted pregnancy.  Are there really people out there that think any woman would frivolously stick a coathanger into her uterus?  That is what women did before Roe v Wade.

Roe v Wade was not passed to give women an easy way out of pregnancy, it was passed to prevent the pain and injury that women faced.  Overturning Roe v Wade will NOT stop abortions.  It will just stop the safe ones, for people who cannot afford a doctor to provide a D and C.  D & C is what abortions were called before they were legal.

A very vocal minority claims that god gives them the right to tell other women what they can do with their bodies.  Politicians pander to that vocal minority.  In truth, they are all nothing but vigilantes.  And again, you report NONE of that.  All you report is what this or that Republican has to say about it, to a fault.

 Occupy:  Thousands of people, with pain in their hearts, and a hope that they could overturn many great injustices, gathered in different places around the country and you ignored them;  You barely mentioned their presence, even when forced by YouTube videos.

Bank Bail Out:  Hundreds of billions of tax dollars right out of government coffers to “prevent failure.”  The American people have NO IDEA what was done with all the money the American middle class will have to work for decades to repay it.  You and the banks say they repaid the government.  If that were true than why are there still IOUs in the Social Security and Medicare trust funds?

Banks illegally threw people out of their homes and then brazenly put them up for sale. They had no legal paper to do that.  And NOT ONE BANKER went to prison.  All you say is that the deficit must be repaid…  In that case, rather than cutting Social Security and Medicare, you can start by paying them back.  And yet, you report NONE of that.

Gerrymandering:  Gerrymandering is weighted term to describe the process of redrawing district lines to give more political power to whomever is in charge at the time.  It has gone on for years.  Our two main political parties have always had their differences, but, to a large degree, they have always had the good of the country at heart.  That is no longer true today.  Through globalization, a very small percentage of the people, 2%, in this country have amassed all the money.  Seriously, the 2% has left nothing but crumbs.  All they want to do is use the government coffers to pay themselves protection money.  You certainly report NONE of that.

 Healthcare:  Healthcare is priced so high that the only way a person can afford it is to have “insurance.”  The only people who pay the full price, of course, are the people who have no insurance and feel they must.    The rest of us either have Medicaid because we have no resources to pay those ridiculously high charges or we make monthly payments to companies who tell the doctors and hospitals they will not pay those high charges.  The insurance companies make their money by collecting our monthly payments and then skimping on what they will pay for.  The less they pay, the more they make.   No one addresses that fact that the head of CIGNA Health insurance earns $10,048.00/hour, all paid for by our monthly premiums.

Deficit:  All you do is repeat every Republican politician’s cry that we must cut it.  We do not have to “CUT” it.   We must ONLY decrease it and that is NOT the same.  The deficit occurs when expenditures are greater than our revenue.  IF we simply talk “NUMBERS” we could cut expenditures and decrease the deficit.  However, “expenditures” are not just dollars spent.  Expenditures are dollars spent on people, either on them or for them.  Those dollars pay people’s salaries to provide services like roads, healthcare, education, regulating clean air, water, food, medicines, products, airways and “protection.”  When we cut expenditures, we not only eliminate those services, we also reduce our revenue by the amount of income taxes the people pay, who provide those services.  That in turn increases our deficit.

There is a “device” called the “multiplier.”  When I give you a sum of money and you spend it, you essentially give it to someone else and that process goes on and on.  If I give you a job, whereby I give you a sum of money every week, then that process will go on to create 8 more jobs.  One job is “multiplied” eight times.  Likewise, if you cut one government job, you end up eliminating 8 private sector jobs, yielding even less revenue.

That this country is experiencing HIGH unemployment is no secret.  The Republicans say, all the time, that Obama has not created any jobs and you report those lies as news.  GW Bush caused the loss of 8,000,000 jobs and Obama has put a large portion of those people back to work, just not all of them.  Because of that, our tax revenue is less than our expenditures.  If we were to put more people back to work, our revenue would go up and our deficit would go down.

Why did that not happen with Obama’s stimulus?  The answer is simple.  Remember the multiplier?  If instead of “re-spending” that money every time, if some of those people started holding some of that money back, pretty soon there would be no more money to spend.  That is what happened.  The elite 2% and the corporations are just sitting on piles of cash, trillions of dollars in CASH.  All they have to do is to start hiring people and that cash would make more jobs and more revenue and the deficit would evaporate.  You could drive that point home.  You could embarrass the banks and the rich and the corporations into hiring people, but you publish NONE of that.

All you publish is rubbish and you wonder why no one is buying.   We simply do not have the money to waste on a newspaper or a news program that has no news in it.  FOX News and, to a lesser extent, the WSJ are specifically not being addressed here because they make no pretense of being an earnest purveyor of “news.”  FOX and the WSJ have their niche.  FOX is popular with ignorant people who are committed to believing their lies.  WSJ is popular with the elite, grateful for all the narcissistic pats on their backs for the fine job they are doing, screwing the rest of us.

So, if the rest of you truly wish to succeed, you can start by just doing your job.