Washington Post competes with 'Fixed News' for propaganda

Donald Graham’s little corporate bulletin, The Washington Post, is now engulfed in another nefarious affair.  This time, as in the recent past (http://www.dailycensored.com/2012/07/26/washington-post-reporter-allows-college-officials-to-alter-story-on-controversial-test/), when the Post allowed Daniel DeVise, their journalist or stenographer, to alter his story about college tests with the help of college officials, they have cooked the news once again. The Post mirrors […]

Chicago teachers draw a line: What does it mean for K-12 public education?

Analysis: Lee Sustar http://socialistworker.org/2012/08/28/chicago-teachers-draw-a-line August 28, 2012 CAN THE scrappy band of outsiders that now heads the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) lead the kind of high-stakes fight that most labor unions have ducked? That question looms large–not just for the city’s teachers, students and their parents, but for the entire labor movement. Because while both […]

The West Ed Chicago Hustle and other privatization schemes

West Ed is one of the leading front groups and think tanks for privatization of education.  It is one of many faux groups that publish questionable data to be used to decimate public education by arguing it is a failure. West Ed is funded the Bill and Melinda Gates crime family (http://www.wested.org/online_pubs/gates.profiles.pdf) as well The […]

New Stages of Privatization Emerging

By Steven Miller “The arriving freshman is treated as a mortgage, and the fees are climbing. She is a future revenue stream, and the bills are growing. She is security for a debt she never chose, and the cost is staggering.” (wewanteverything.wordpress.com. November 18, 2009)   The early stages of converting public education into corporate […]

Chicago teachers vote to give union to call a strike

  Chicago has been the focus of corporate school “reform,” but Chicago is now the epicenter of the push back against it. On June 11, 2012, Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) leaders announced that 89.73% of CTU members—98% of those who cast ballots—voted to give the union authority to call a strike if contract negotiations with […]

Rahm Emanuel's close ties with a private consulting group leads to smearing Chicago teachers

The corporate fascists will stop at nothing to assure they can break the backs of working teachers in Chicago and elsewhere.  Using astro-turf groups and false propaganda, in February 2012, Resolute Consulting, a group with close ties to Mayor Rahm Emanuel paid protesters to smear Chicago Teachers Union at public meetings. Watch this clip and […]

In Vermont Building a business-like university? "the discovery of $10 million in overpayments to a consulting group"

August 15, 2012 Nancy Welch joined the University of Vermont English department in 1995 and helped to launch the successful drive to unionize faculty in 2001. Here, she analyzes the push to hike tuition and impose other neoliberal “reforms” in the wake of several scandals at UVM. WHEN VERMONT Gov. Peter Shumlin convened an advisory […]

EDUCATION, humor, satire, vouchers, charter schools, cyberschools

Vouchering an Educational Adventure   by WALTER BRASCH   I hadn’t talked with Marshbaum for a couple of years, ever since he left newspaper journalism for more lucrative work in the fast food industry. But here he was in my office to ask if I would publicize his new educational adventure. “That’s great!” I said. […]

EDMC's 'Art Institute' For-Profit College Forces Out Arts Professor for Refusing to Adopt E-Textbook

Forget about academic freedom or even democratic decision making if you work for one of the for-profit gulags they call ‘universities’, or ‘institutes’ or ‘academies’.  They are little more than low paid sweat shops where what gets produced are useless diplomas, not education, and the diplomas come at an exorbitant price. It should be noted […]

Craigslist is now advertising for college professors to volunteer their time by donating onine materials for an alleged Christian university start up

As the teaching profession morphes from a ‘profession’ to a Walmart model for educational barbarity and corporate pillage, teachers are now encouraged to become hustlers as they see massive layoffs due to years of fiscal starvation, austerity, the mechanization of ‘learning’ through cyber distance learning classes and the decimation of what was once a nobel […]