Climate Change: Beyond Denial – part II

  By Rebel Fagin               Do you love? Do you remember how to love? If you fall in love with where you live you’ll fight to the death to defend it. Climate change solutions are rooted in locale and direct action groups are seeing results.             One of our strongest legal options may be […]

G.M.O. Resistance

by Rebel Fagin We don’t have to do what the corporate death state says. We can choose how we’ll live, what media we’ll consume, and what foods we’ll eat. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) have been added to a dozen crops. GMOs are used in Monsanto’s Roundup Ready seeds – the only seeds that will allegedly […]

Tackling the Twin Evils before it’s too late

By Stephanie Hiller The energy and attention that used to be applied to the creation of temples, libraries, and settings for higher learning are now devoted to the creation and maintenance of nuclear weapons. It’s a necessity, a matter of life and death. Without that, there would be accidents. Even with all that intensive maintenance, […]


How Top OSHA And DOL Officials Are Involved In A Scheme To Deny Protection To Health And Safety Whistleblowers Explosive Corruption Charges Threaten the Health and Safety of Millions of Workers And The Public And Could Implicate H.I.G. Capital/Test America In Criminal Falsification of Environmental Tests By Steve Zeltzer KPFA WorkWeek Radio San Francisco, California […]

Climate Change Beyond Denial – part I

By Rebel Fagin It’s hard to stay focused on climate change due to our dependant, abusive relationship with KONG (coal, oil, nuclear, gas). It’s an abusive relationship and like any other abusive relationship, once we’re free we’ll wonder what took us so long. I’m not counting on God, technology, government, Big Green, or corporations to […]

Where Tea Party meets Far Left: The Fight Against Green Planning

Summary: The Tea Party’s penchant for the supremacy of property rights, individual liberty, and climate change denial would seem a poor fit for liberal areas like the San Francisco Bay Area. Yet they have made major inroads by honing in on one issue that riles people in the Bay Area –opposition to development. When Bay […]

Ecuador and 'los nuevos conquistadores' — mining

I just returned from Cielo Verde, a zone in Intag, Ecuador that is part of the province of Cotacachi where I stayed with Ecuadorean friends and resisters to the mining that now  plagues Ecuador ( There, in the most beautiful pristine land in the world, Cielo Verde, the Junin mine operates each day sucking up […]

The Occupation of Palestine and the Sonoma County Transit System

By guest writer Susan Rahman Hard to imagine what the two might have in common but in this transnational global economy local business is an oxymoron. “Go Local” Sonoma county uses a French multinational corporation, Veolia to operate it’s bus system. This same corporation operates segregated buses in the West Bank delivering settlers from one […]

A Drunken Psychopath At the Wheel: Fukushima Revisited

by John Reimann Like a psychopathic drunk driver careening down a busy street, capitalism on its last legs is creating untold disaster in its wake. One of the most serious is the ongoing example of Fukushima. The 2011 earthquake in Japan and the resultant tsunami are events largely forgotten or otherwise ignored by the corporate […]

Cancer corporations Monsanto, DuPont, Syngenta put under the critical lens of scrutiny in award winning film

I have written, as have many, many others have about genetically modified foods and the cancer corporations called Monsanto, DuPont, and Syngenta which are determined to kill the earth and its inhabitants. In preparation for the GLOBAL MARCH AGAINST GEOENGINEERING AND CHEMTRAILS to take place on AUGUST 25th, 2013, you are invited to watch Gary […]