Sweets for My Sweet

By Rebel Fagin Valentine’s Day is coming; a day when we celebrate our love for one another through poems, flowers, and chocolates. Many people think chocolate comes from Holland or Switzerland. Actually, chocolate is grown in Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Mali, Guinea, and Burkina in northwestern Africa. Some of the farmers there use child slaves to […]

“We the People, Can’t Breathe”

Ferguson’s Mike Brown to Bagdad, Is democracy dying in America? By Bryan Maddan Bombs over Bagdad $$$. A Princeton study Sept. 2014, “Testing Theories on American Politics” assessed we the people of the United States are no longer a democracy.  The U.S. is now an oligarchy where the minority wielding power disregards the wishes of […]

Students win small victories in 18 Day Sit-in, Vow to continue the struggle against Corporate Practices at Syracuse University

The controversy began last May when Kent Syverud, Syracuse University’s new Chancellor, closed the University’s historic Advocacy Center, one of the first of its kind designed to prioritize the needs of victims of sexual assault.  Where did this action lead? On Thursday November 20th, THE General Body, a united front of Syracuse University student groups […]