The Diploma Mill-itarization of California Universities

By Jacob Bloom and Juan Diaz-Infante The power elite of the nation recognized that something needed to change after students in the 1960’s utilized their unique positions in society to spur social reform. Business and political leaders have been acting ever since to transform higher education into a system that trains people to spread and […]

When Did Teacher Unions Decide to “TURN” Against Collective Bargaining Rights?

By Kathleen Carroll7/11/14We watch the chaotic struggles against mass school closures, mass teacher-school employee layoffs, and the proliferation of charter schools.  We see the expansion of charter school management organizations and online learning, testing, with associated tech companies taking huge chunks of education tax dollars.  We then hear politicians claiming what we have is a […]

Fifty Years Later: Was the War on Poverty a Failure?

By Keith M. Kilty For a brief moment in January, poverty was actually in the news in America – even seen as a serious problem – as the 50th anniversary of the War on Poverty was noted. This was Lyndon Johnson’s other war, which he announced in his State of the Union address on January […]