Poverty and Hunger are Selective

Reader, I woke up this morning, turned on the Corporate Enabling Media only to discover that student athletes are going to bed hungry in this country at prestigious colleges and universities.   No Division I college athlete should never go to bed “starving” again. Following a meeting of its Legislative Council on Tuesday, the NCAA announced the […]

Compromise in the Face of Privatization

This is a letter to the faculty and students of City College of San Francisco who are counseling compromise on a resolution that is being brought before the supervisors of San Francisco.  It is a non-binding resolution and instead of asking for the “immediate” firing of the Special Trustee who dissolved the elected Board of […]

A Fascist Coup for the Privateers of Education

What was once considered the Commons and therefore belonging to the People of San Francisco,  is now the personal fiefdom of one Robert Agrella, “Special Trustee With Extraordinary Powers”, over the administration of San Francisco City College. Several weeks back a group of Students and Faculty and Staff went to the office of the president of […]