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See why Victor O’Frank went into filmmaking career after 6 years of medical study

Victor O’Frank in full Victor Okoye Frank is now a film writer and director. He started making short films while he was in medical school at Lugansk, Ukraine. After transferring from Lugansk due to the crisis which took place some few years back in Ukraine, Victor O’Frank graduated as a medical student from Kiev and later moved to New York to start a new career in filmmaking.

Victor O’Frank said after winning best director for ‘The SOFIES’: “I just won The SOFIES—oh thats the junior brother to Oscars for short film. Best Director — and there’s an amazing twist to the tale.”

Today the question a lot of people ask is why Victor O’Frank chose to focus on filmmaking instead of his medical career. Victor O’Frank has instead said he has not left medicine but has decided to use his knowledge in medicine to heal people’s minds:

“Coming from a medical background, I always get the question, Have you quit medicine? my answer has always been no. I call my craft, Medical Art. Although you won’t find me within the walls of the home for the sick, I do something more than healing the body, I touch minds, in the form of story telling, when asked my response usually is, “If the mind controls the body, I would have saved you a dime, if I told you story that could change your mind” Victor O’Frank said.

“My first film school was the college of medicine. The sole reason I got into filmmaking as a career after 6 years of medical study wasn’t to abandon medicine, In fact, the film making art as I know it is more therapeutic than most form of therapy in the medical field. I made a conscious decision to focus my art on healing minds, as medicine focuses mostly on the body.”

“Taking a look at the system on ground in Africa and most especially Nigeria, we all agree, there must be some improvements made. I’m of the school of thought that the first step should be geared towards creating a new mind set. No other form of art is able to do that but visual story telling. I do hope to channel the messages in film towards that discourse.”

“I never intended to leave medicine, the only difference is that I found a different application of my medical knowledge, yes, I know it’s unusual but if used right, the power that story telling possess can change a nation beyond changing individual minds.”

See Victor O’Frank tell us a bit about his journey in film making and some of his short films.

“My first film (A Man Scorned), was inspired by my life experience, truth be told, I had always wanted to tell a story and never found the right motivation, then came one tragic event that turned it all round for me, right after that I haven’t stopped. I did 3 other films while I was in Kiev, Table no 9, To Catch a Cheetah and Femi.”

“Of all the pictures I ever shot, Femi would be perhaps the one with the most social relevance. Few years prior, before the war broke out in Lugansk, I was a victim of a hate crime, even though I had forgiven the assailants, I needed to tell the story to create an awareness of such treatment of foreigners in Ukraine. Although we never completed the film as it was, we got to our last day of shoot.”

“My most recent film under the title “Purpose” was produced earlier in 2016. It has bagged numerous awards including Judge’s Film at the My rode reel Competition and Best Documentary at the SOFI awards in New York. I created “Purpose” for the sole aim of enlightenment.”

“My advice to anyone venturing into any field is to stay on their track, but be certain that it is what makes you happy. Beyond happiness, you must affirm to yourself that it is the path to your ultimate goal. If you wish to get in the film business, take a leap for it, learn a much as can but most importantly practice what you’ve learnt.”

My next major documentary titled “Birth Of A Slave” addressed quite a number of issues facing us as a continent and a nation and possible way out, I’ll ask that anyone interested in paving a new path for this country should see it when its out.

Mack Beggs a transgender boy wins girls’ wrestling championship in Texas

Mack Beggs a 17-year-old wrestler who was born female and is currently transitioning to male won a Texas state title in girls wrestling.

The victory was controversial in part because Mack Beggs a junior at Trinity High School in Euless, Texas, is taking testosterone as he transitions from female to male, which some claimed gave him an unfair advantage and led to so much jeers from the crowd.

“She’s standing there holding her head high like she’s the winner. She’s not winning. She’s cheating,” said Patti Overstreet, the mother of another wrestler, according to the Washington Post. “It’s not equal. It’s never going to be equal.”

Beggs would have rather competed against boys, but a state policy meant his division was determined by the gender on his birth certificate. That policy was enacted last year by the University Interscholastic League (UIL), which oversees Texas high school sports.

The father of another wrestler, who is also an attorney, unsuccessfully sought an injunction to prevent Beggs from competing while he is receiving testosterone treatments. Several parents complained that Beggs was too strong to compete against girls, while others expressed sympathy for him.

Mack Beggs finished with a 56-0 record and had a dominant performance in the final. Beggs said after winning the wrestling: “I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for my teammates. That’s honestly what the spotlight should be on, is my teammates,” he said after receiving his medal. “The hard work that I put in the practice room with them beside me, we trained every single day, every single day, and that’s what the spotlight should be been on, not me.”

Petco Park flooded on Monday after winter rain storm hits San Diego

Petco Park was flooded on Monday and turned into a swimming pond for ducks. San Diego Padres spokeswoman Shana Wilson told FOX 5: “An amount of rain had fallen so quickly and the drainage was slow to keep up. The rain had inundated the park so quickly on Monday that the park’s drainage system couldn’t keep up.”

The field crews don’t expect any lasting damage to the field, and they were planning on laying new sod next week anyway.

A picture posted on social media showed the Major League ballpark field underwater. But luckily for the Padres, their Spring Training facility is far away in (very dry) Peoria, Arizona.

Wilson also added that there is no grass on the field because they had just taken out all the dirt from the Monster Jam. Field crews had planned to lay down new sod later this week.

The San Diego Padres have just over a month before they’ll play in their home opener at Petco Park (named the best ballpark in baseball by Ted Berg).

Five places you should visit this summer

Five places you should visit this summer


In France you can visit Paris, Strasbourg, Marseille, Lyon, Loire Valley and many other interesting cities for tourists. Paris is the capital and most populous city of France, it is accommodating to foreigners you can be sure to see a lot of them there.

Paris is in the center of the Île-de-France region, Paris is known for its fashion, particularly the twice-yearly Paris Fashion Week, and for its haute cuisine, and three-star restaurants. Most of France’s major universities and grandes écoles are located in Paris, as are France’s major newspapers, including Le Monde, Le Figaro, and Libération.


Canada is located at the north of the United States. The national capital is Ottawa, and the largest city is Toronto; other large cities include Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Quebec City, Winnipeg and Hamilton. Some best five places to visit in Canada during summer are Vancouver, Toronto, Banff, Quebec City, Montreal.

Vancouver is a small city surrounded by mountains and beaches, Vancouver is both an urban and a natural playground: Its chic atmosphere, high-fashion boutiques and fondness for health-conscious eating have earned it the nickname “Hollywood North.”

Here is a picture of a group of people dining at Quebec.

Toronto is considered one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world, with more than half the population born outside of the city. Toronto houses 200 ethnic groups that speak upward of 140 different languages, making this Ontario destination a world all its own. With Greek Town, Little Italy, Koreatown and Chinatown all within city limits, travelers may feel as if they’ve seen more than a couple worlds after a visit to Toronto


Japan is basically very hot during summer, so it is advisable to travel with a fan. You can visit Kyoto, Tokyo, Osaka, Otaru, Yokohama and many other cities in Japan for fun this summer.


Madrid, Spain’s central capital, is a city of elegant boulevards and expansive, manicured parks such as the Buen Retiro. It’s renowned for its rich repositories of European art, including the Prado Museum’s works by Goya, Velázquez and other Spanish masters. The heart of old Hapsburg Madrid is the portico-lined Plaza Mayor, and nearby is the baroque Royal Palace and Armory, displaying historic weaponry.

The shopping malls are a great opportunity to enjoy a shopping day, with the best product offering with a great quality without walking too much. There are more than 130 shopping malls in the Region, considering also the open shopping malls that are proliferating in the urban areas of the main cities.

Open-air shopping areas

Centre of Madrid. The reference shopping area of the capital is located between La Puerta del Sol, la Gran Vía, Preciados y la Princesa Street.

These streets are one of the areas of Madrid that never sleeps due to the continuous passage of people. In this are we can find all kinds of business, like the main franchises of clothes, electronics, etc. where we can buy at affordable prices. If you walk into Plaza de España and Princesa Street you will find shopping malls where we can find the latest trends.

All of this things makes the central are the main open Shopping Mall of Spain. If you come to Madrid, visit it. Its shops are free from schedules, since this area has been declared of Great Touristic Influx and they are usually open all year round.

In the same area we cannot miss El Corte Inglés. It was originally a clothes shop founded in 1890, and it has become a huge chain that is a reference in Spain regarding different sectors like fashion, electronics, culture, food and travelling. It is located in strategic locations like Preciados Street, Paseo de la Castella or Goya Street. Nowadays, El Corte Inglés has more than 40 shops all around the Region of Madrid, and more than 25 in the capital.

The area of Príncipe de Vergara in the Chamartín district is an area where quality and exclusivity predominate. Streets like Príncipe de Vergara, Colombia Street, Costa Rica or Alberto Alcocer will offer you a great variety of shops.

Among the whole ensemble, the Chamartín Market stands out. It has always been at the forefront regarding services and customer service.



Nigeria, an African country on the Gulf of Guinea, is known for its natural landmarks and wildlife reserves. Safari destinations such as Cross River National Park and Yankari National Park showcase waterfalls, dense rainforest, savanna and rare primate habitats. One of its most recognizable sites is Zuma Rock, a 725m-tall monolith outside the capital of Abuja that’s pictured on the national currency.

The most populated country in Africa, Nigeria has become an untapped tourist paradise with long stretches of exotic beaches, lush mountains, well preserved tradition and culture and enchanting tourist attractions.

From the spiritual shines to the ancient cities of the north, from the river deltas to the Yoruba kingdoms, the Ibo’s stunning environments and among many simply pure sceneries; Nigeria leaves every visitor breathing hard with suspense and excitement. We present to you 30 top attractions in Nigeria:


The Ibeno Beach

A blissful destination for tourists stretched over 245km on a sand bank in Ibeno lies the Ibeno Beach, a little haven for leisure seekers. The roaring waves, spots for sunbathing, unpolluted foliage of the mangrove forest, cool breeze from the water and a lush surrounding give this destination an unimaginable allure for tourists.

Location: Ibeno, Akwa Ibom State

Obudu Mountain Resort

Above the sea level on the Oshie Ridge of the famous Sankwala Mountains sits majestically the Obudu Mountain Resort. The temperate climate, breathtaking views, idyllic tranquility and beautiful scenery has made this resort one of the famous tourists’ sites in Nigeria.

Location: Obudu, Cross River State

Ngwo Pine Forest

The unique forest dynasty that is found in Ngwo Pine is a huge draw for visitors, romantically set by Mother Nature with sharp twists for adventure seekers, beautifully set pine trees and gently flowing stream for lovers, and the loud splashing of the waters inside the dark cleft inside a cave would blow off one’s imagination.

Location: Ngwo, Enugu State


YouTube is ready to take on Netflix, Hulu and other streaming media services

YouTube has announced on Tuesday that it will launch a live TV service in the next few months that offers the four major US broadcast networks plus cable channels.

The Google-owned video network announced a new subscription service, YouTube TV, offering a collection of TV channels aimed at cord cutters who think their cable bills are too high.

The charge is $35 monthly, and the 40 channels include the four top broadcast networks, CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox, and top cable channels like USA, Bravo, MSNBC and Fox News.

Missing are the Turner channels, including CNN, Cartoon Network and TNT, the Viacom networks, including Comedy Central, MTV, VH1, and Nickelodeon, Scripps (Food Network and Home and Garden) and HBO.

Unlike the Hulu service, which offers the ability to watch TV shows from NBC, ABC and Fox without commercials, or CBS’s All-Access service, YouTube TV shows from the networks will all have ads.

In announcing the new service, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki noted how the smartphone era changed everything–“mobile put a TV in everybody’s pocket,” she said.

YouTube’s audience of millennial viewers love TV content, “but they don’t want to watch it in the traditional setting, in the living room, waiting for their favorite show to come on. They want to consume TV live or on demand.”

YouTube says the service will launch within the next few months. The company directed consumers to to sign up for notifications.

YouTube TV will be a stand-alone app and not interchangeable with the current YouTube Red app. However, originals produced for Red will be watchable on YouTube TV.