Norman Finkelstein speaks in San Francisco, August 23

Tonight in San Francisco, Augusts 23rd, at a fundraiser for Children in the Gaza, Norman Finkelstein was the guest speaker. For those of you who may not be familiar with him, Norman Finkelstein is a professor of Political Theory, the writer of nine books dealing with the Israeli Conflict with the Palestinian People, an American […]

The Children and Women of Gaza

Why is it that we have become so inurred to wars, to bloodshed and slaughter, that our emotions are suddenly awakened by a single scene or an act that is so beyond acceptable, and we are tossed out of our mental paralysis and into a rage where once we just accepted “reality” passing before us, […]

Once again…in the Gaza

    Once again Israel, of the “Most Moral Army in the World”, the “Light for All Nations”, mowed the lawn in Gaza.     Once again Barak Obama, Nobel Prize recipient, Constitutional Law professor, Icon of “even a black person in American can become the president of the “Greatest democracy in the world”, gave the green light to the brutal slaughter […]

Response to a Pending WWIII

   A response to one of Daily Censored contributors, a reporter and expatriate, living in Ecuador_Danny Weil, who senses an impending WWIII. ___________________________________________________________________ __Palestine and Ukraine are preludes to war __WWIII is coming __China=the best deal & dumps their dollars __economic collapse on the horizon Danny, Regarding the first two: It’s very difficult for me […]