Kidz music video

Take That’s Kidz uses song and video to communicate War Crimesbankster looting, and media lies of the criminal 1% will end when we “come out” for peace, love, and fun. Solutions are obvious, after all.

To be clear: we advocate application of US law to end obviously unlawful wars that our own official government reports state were “justified” with lies known to be false as they were told. We advocate for US leaders to act within their Oaths of Office and conservative existing duties to simply uphold our most important areas of law. And yes, this will take courage to begin, and will end in “emperor has no clothes” tragic-comedy.

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges’ historical account of overthrown dictatorial governments and other choreographies of Kidz agree that the criminals’ end comes as minions abandon their roles as muscle for criminals. The good-hearted people in various law enforcement/military roles will choose justice, love, and yes, fun because virtue easily wins over the soul-crushing dishonor of protecting psychopathic evil that kills millions, harms billions, and loots trillions in never-satisfied vicious dictatorial control.

The movie Valkyrie shows the honor in standing against unlawful Wars of Aggression, and the importance of US law enforcement and military to be clear of their Constitutional authority to successfully arrest criminals who use armed attacks against nations that never attacked the US. Importantly, this “leadership” escalates these wars with ongoing dark threats for more war on Iran.

Take That arrives in a spaceship in the shape of their group logo. This seems to communicate that a higher perspective on Earth’s events allows clear vision, as the revolution is won on the ground in the instant the criminals’ minions choose love over evil.

The story in Kidz:

Our leaders “took liberties,” try to turn us into work animals, and only remain by propaganda until we choose friendship, love, and God:

Kings and Queens and Presidents

Ministers of Governments

Welcome to the future of your world


Through talking heads that took liberties

The monkeys learnt to build machines

They think they’ll get to heaven

Through the universe  


They say nothing

Deny everything

And make counter accusations

My friends, my dear, my love, my God

Our dangerous present will lead to the criminals’ trouble when we come out for peace (and have lots to talk about):

The daggers of science, evolving into violence

We’re not sure where the fallout blows

But we all know:


There’ll be trouble when the kidz come out (come out)

There will be lots for them to talk about (about)

There’ll be trouble when the kidz come out

When the kidz come out, when the kidz come out

When the kidz come out


Out on the streets tonight

They’re making peace tonight

They’re making peace

The criminals among the 1% have a choice:

  • Surrender. As I’ve written since 2009, I will argue for Truth & Reconciliation with comfortable retirement and/or roles in education to improve humanity’s critical thinking skills. Personally, I’d love to hear your history.
  • Arrest and prosecution for killing millions, harming billions, and looting trillions. This will happen in a critical mass-instant as we increase the peace, fun, and the 1%’s minions join us.