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The Nuremberg Trials established legal precedent for War Criminals exactly in kind to US 1% “leaders” today. Both are cases to prosecute Wars of Aggression that had nothing to do with “self-defense.”

Nazi leadership claimed that national “self-defense” was whatever they said. US and Allied leadership rejected this claim because making a term subjective and by dictatorial decree defeats the purpose of having laws that are clear, understood by all parties, and followed.

Moreover, the US argued that Nazi leadership was in clear violation of the treaty created after World War 1 to end wars, the Kellogg-Briand Pact of 1928 (my emphases):


The High Contracting Parties solemly declare in the names of their respective peoples that they condemn recourse to war for the solution of international controversies, and renounce it, as an instrument of national policy in their relations with one another.


The High Contracting Parties agree that the settlement or solution of all disputes or conflicts of whatever nature or of whatever origin they may be, which may arise among them, shall never be sought except by pacific means.


… This Treaty shall… remain open as long as may be necessary for adherence by all the other Powers of the world.

The US argument won at Nuremberg. Nazi leaders were found guilty of Wars of Aggression.

Importantly, the US today is in violation of this active treaty (Treaties in Force, “Renunciation of War,” US State Department) as well as the treaty of similar language to end war after World War 2: The UN Charter.

US leaders are just as guilty of Wars of Aggression today because US claims of “self-defense” are unexplained in official documents for armed attack and invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, and several other drone-war targeted nations, and in Orwellian opposition to resolving any issue peacefully (full explanation and documentation here). The only legal exception for use of armed attack is when another nation’s government has used armed attack first; something the US admits did not happen with Afghanistan and Iraq.

Moreover, US leadership is actively engaged in war propaganda to expand their Wars of Aggression onto Iran; darkly including first-strike nuclear weapon rhetoric.

And US leadership now actively attacks American citizens:

Here is the US government claiming it can Constitutionally assassinate Americans upon the non-reviewable dictate of the leader; a psychopathic step to murder Americans who expose their crimes.

Here is NDAA 2012 where US government claims it can Constitutionally disappear Americans and then appoint a tribunal with death sentence authority (unless unlimited detention is their choice). Here is the 2006 Military Commissions Act that says the same. This is fascist terrorism to silence Americans from communicating 1% US War Crimes.

Here is US government claiming it can Constitutionally control-drown (waterboard) anyone they declare a “terrorist” as another terror-tactic to silence dissent.



My offer to speak to Americans from the 1%’s corporate media to argue for Truth and Reconciliation for the 1% money and War Criminals stands. I consider allowing surrender and peaceful retirement fair trade to end their crimes. They will not retain stolen and criminal assets; I will argue for comfortable pension.

Their other option is full criminal and civil prosecution for killing millions, harming billions, and looting trillions of our dollars. This path occupies their remaining years in courts and prison. This path is certain, given the 99%’s exponential path of education and eternal will for freedom.

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