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Are Authorities Poisoning North America With Narcotics?

A question I sometimes ask myself is, “where are all the illegal narcotics flooding neighborhoods coming from?” A 1994 book reveals government and police involvement in drug running in the 1980s and 1990s. Since, to my knowledge, the volume of drugs flooding the United States has not diminished; another question arises, “are US authorities running drugs in North American communities today?”

According to Carol Marshall’s “The Last Circle,” The Department of Justice was involved in a drug dealing operation out of an Indian Reservation near Fresno, (The Cabazon Indian Reservation in Indio, California) beginning in the early 1980s and continuing on to at least 1994 when her book was published. The drug running activities included former police officers and Intelligence officials, and members of the US government controlled it.

A group of intelligence men and ex-police officers operated what was known as ‘The Company.’  It was an incorporated body that owned freighter ships and a fleet of airplanes as well as properties.  Investigative journalist Marshall mentions ‘The Company’ had about 300 members of former military men and ex-police officers as well as $30 million in assets. Federal drug agents said that the group had imported billions of dollars worth of narcotics. ‘The Company” also had headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky, Mena, Arkansas, and Miami, Florida.

Law enforcement officers even formed a group called ‘Decency in Law Enforcement’ with the aim to try and counter the drug operations by the corrupt police and Intelligence officials. The ‘Decency in Law Enforcement’ police group went so far as to try to sue California’s Attorney General.

In Indo California, an organization different from “The Company” was also created on the Cabazon Indian Reservation by a Florida corporation which is well known for its prison industries, as well as providing security for some of the most high security sites in America, such as the Nevada nuclear test site and Lawrence Livermore Labs. It is also one of the worlds largest investigative firms. Deputy directors of the CIA have been on its board of directors. Part of what was going on at the reservation in Indio was the operation of an industrial park whose activities included illegal arms shipments and CIA drug trafficking, as well as biological and chemical warfare development.

The details of these stunning revelations are available to read on the Internet. A condensed form of the manuscript ‘The Last Circle’ is available on the Internet. You can read this version of Carol Marshall’s book: “The Last Circle”. 1994, by clicking on this link:

In Mexico, government involvement in drug smuggling is so out of hand the Huffington Post reports that prison officials and guards have been caught letting inmates out of prison, giving them weapons and prison vehicles, and sending them off across state lines to commit revenge attack massacres. Then the prisoners are returned to their cells. These killings, including one massacre of 17 people this year, were thought to be the result of disputes between rival drug cartels. The attacks included indiscriminate murders of civilians.

‘Mexican Prison Release Inmates To Carry Out Killings, Prosecutors Say’, by Mark Stevenson, ‘The Huffington Post’ 7/25/2010

There have been many stories in 2010 about the ravages of the drug trafficking in Mexico. Mexico is one of the most central pillars of the US Empire. Mexico is subordinate to the United States in many ways and is a transportation corridor for drugs entering the United State. Cocaine production as it is would not be possible without the chemicals US industry produces. The US ships these chemicals to countries where coca plants are grown, including Columbia and Peru. Cocaine production using coca leaf in South America needs US industry producing the chemicals the to make the narcotic.

The volume of narcotic drugs in US society has not decreased since the 1990s. If massive worldwide narcotic smuggling disappeared tomorrow, the economies of whole countries like Columbia or Peru would collapse. The U.S. government as a matter of policy manipulates the International drug trade. This has been shown in the USA secret war in Laos in the 1960s when the US was flooded with heroin from Asia. In the 1980s the Iran Contra Affair revealed CIA cocaine flights delivering weapons to destroy the lives of people in Nicaragua, and flights back to poison the US neighborhoods with cocaine. The scandal exposed that the CIA would protect trafficking across U.S. borders, contributing to the “crack epidemic.” The rise of Colombia’s Drag Cartels were closely linked to US efforts to dominate Latin America. This was investigated and exposed by Gary Webb’s 1996 “Dark Alliance” series of articles and a later book. Now in 2010 the growing of opium poppies and the transport of heroin is a factor in the US war in Afghanistan. Large amounts of narcotics find their way to other parts of the world, especially Europe and Russia.

The Global Research site ( gives us a glimpse of how the drug trade is expanding in Afghanistan, which is under US military occupation:

‘Official: US, NATO Now In Control of Narcotic Trade in Afghanistan’, January 3rd, 2011:

Given that US government involvement in (even orchestrating) drug smuggling was such a part of the 1960s, 1980s and 1990s, is there any reason to believe that these same forces have slowed down or stopped the International transportation and sales of narcotics? Are corrupt sheriffs deputies and intelligence agencies continuing to be involved in the drug trade in the United States as well as Mexico?

Bill Gibbons

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  • Dan Noel

    Allegations of law enforcement in drug trafficking are, alas, nothing new. Gibbons provides a short sample of abundant evidence pointing to some grand conspiracy by which Western authorities smuggle drugs with profits on the one hand, wage a war against consumers and dealers on the other, and frighten the whole public in the process.

    Accusations go as far as the contentions that:
    * Bill Clinton, as Arkansas governor, would have protected military planes as they unloaded major cocaine shipments;
    * Bush Senior and Cheney, during the Bush I presidency, would have routinely consumed drugs and engaged into sick sexual acts with non-consenting people;
    * the U.S. military bases in Colombia would somehow facilitate drug commerce while attempts would be made to blame the Venezuelan government for drug trafficking.

    The bottom line is that “we the people of the world” happen to live in a global Platonic theater of immense proportions. The information “we” receive from countless sources is nothing more than what these sources would like “us” to think. “We” would be well advised to take every piece of information with a grain of salt.

    And of course, the conspiracy of the century remains the 9/11 false flag. As “we” approach its 10th anniversary, it is indeed remarkable that our mysterious Platonic Masters, whoever they may be, are still enjoying its fruit: endless and exhausting wars, ever more intrusive security measures, widespread fear, neglect of pressing global problems…


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