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VOTE 'None of the Above' in 2012

written by kabuki7″
While the liberal and conservative constituencies in our country have legitimate differences in how the country should be governed, one thing all Americans can agree on is our current political system is broken, corrupted by money, and that it no longer serves the interests of citizens.
Our current system is a Kabuki show. Politicians prance and pontificate before elections, then go back to “doing business” with corporate financiers after elections are over.   Democrat or Republican, it does not matter.
A system where Congress writes rules governing its own behavior, such as exempting itself from insider trading rules is ludicrous.   Neither voting Deomcratic or Republican, or not voting will bring about the change needed in the political system.
To change the current system, it first needs to be de-legitimized. The way to de-legitimized the current illegitimate system is to promote a campaign to get the vote and write in ‘ none of the above’ for Congressional and Presidential elections in 2012.
If elected officials get elected without a majority of the vote, it will affect their legitimacy. Imagine a scenario where the President gets less votes than ‘none of the above’. This would be a major political blow.
If the Tea Partiers and Occupiers can come together and support the common goal of reforming the system of political campaign financing, lobbying, and Congressional oversight, then we can work out our other differences later.
Let’s all channel our mutual anger and frustration and kick start a get out the vote campaign to vote ‘none of the above’ in 2012.

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Dr. Danny Weil is a public interest attorney who has practiced for more than twenty years and has been published in a case of first impression in California. He is no longer active as a lawyer but has written seven books on education, has taught second grade in South Central LA, PS 122, taught K-1 migrant children in Santa Maria, California and Guadalupe, California, taught in the California Youth Authority to first and second degree murderers and taught for seventeen years at Allan Hancock Junior College in Santa Maria, CA. in the philosophy department. Dr. Weil holds a BA in Political Economics and Philosophy, a multi-subject bilingual credential in education (he is fluent in Spanish) and a PhD in Critical Thinking. Dr. Weil was one of 226 legal residents in Nicaragua, where he worked for the Ministry of Culture under the Sandanistas in1985. Dr. Weil is an expert in curriculum design for critical thinking at all levels of education, from K-adult. He is also an internationally recognized speaker on critical thinking and pedagogy, having written many books on the subject. Danny Weil is a writer for Project Censored and Daily Censored. He received the Project Censored "Most Censored" News Stories of 2009-10 award for his article: "Neoliberalism, Charter Schools and the Chicago Model / Obama and Duncan's Education Policy: Like Bush's, Only Worse," published by Counterpunch, August 24, 2009. Dr. Weil has published more than seven books on education in the past 20 years. You can also read much more about all aspects of the privatization of the educational means of production and the for-profit, predatory colleges in his writings found at,,, and Project where he has covered the issue of the privatization of education for years. He can be reached at [email protected] His new book, an encyclopedia on charter schools, entitled: "Charter School Movement: History, Politics, Policies, Economics and Effectiveness," 641 pages, was published in August of 2009 by Grey House Publishing, New York, and provides a scathing look at the privatization of education through charter schools. He is currently a member of the Truthout Public Intellectual Project. "The project is designed to provide a platform for the general public to think carefully about a range of social problems that affect their lives. It will also allow a generation of scholars to reflect on their own intellectual practices, discourses and understanding of what it might mean to embrace their role as public intellectuals" (

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  • Adam Stracener

    VOTE RON PAUL 2012!  Voting ‘none of the above’ gets us absolutely nowhere.  I believe in individual rights, as does Ron Paul, so vote however you like.  I do agree, however, that the government is jacked up and needs to be fixed.  I just think that voting RON PAUL is a better solution than ‘none of the above’.  


  • Susan Ohanian

     I totally agree that our current system is a Kabuki show. My bumper sticker reads:  Democrats/Republicans: Same Shit Different Piles.  We have one political party and it’s the Corporate Party.  I vote in every election but-always for fringe candidates-Dr. Spock, Ralph Nader, and further fringe. The last time I voted for a ‘major party’ candidate was when I marked the ballot for Jimmy Carter.  I guess that reveals my age.

    • Weilunion

      Well, Susan the last time for me was McGovern.  Guess I am showing both my age and cynicism!

    • Joan Bunney

      Heck, I was born in 1945 and I agree completely with you. The longer you’ve lived the more appaled you are at this horrific mess! This time I’m writing in Senator Bernie Sanders and Dennis Kucinich. PS Hope you don’t mind, I just posted your bumper sticker quote on my FB page, it’s fabulous!

  • Barnabas Lawrence

    This sad to say is but the only solution to the reality of where our political system has arrived. Long gone are the days when even good ol boys like Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond would view thier jobs in Washington as a position of trust toward the general public. Even when those guys and thier colleagues staunchly disagreed with the other party’s position or the President, they still worked things out and did not simply hide behind partisan political concerns or (eventhough not many folks are honest enough to say it these days) racist bigotry. This years Republican sideshow does provide me with an incredible nightly dosage of laughter, anger, and Daily Show-type entertainment, but does very little in promoting any viable alternative to the current administration. I personnally know perhaps a dozen or so individual political novices from my own immediate circle who could provide a more balanced candidancy than the straight clowns that are on display right now. We ought to be ashamed as a nation for the sorry example we are displaying for worldwide onlookers. “None of the above” in 2012 would send a powerful message both home and abroad! 

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