Bottom line is you are right it is very sad,  We need to stop hurting each other.

The banks are crying about possibly losing $20.5 billion dollars because the new consumer safety bill will reduce their profit from debit card transactions from $0.44 to $0.12 per transaction.  The Banks could probably cover that if they gave back half their bonuses.  Instead, they are trying to stick it to “us” every which way” they can.  We live in trying times.

NPR is very political right now, with the Tea Party/GOP threatening to cut off “public” funding.  To some degree I find the cutting of of public funds a bit amusing in that the “Morning Edition” appears [to me] to be scripted by the Heritage foundation.  One would think that the GOP would like to keep such a great propaganda tool alive.

I am not sure exactly what happened to MS Schiller.  She caught heat for firing Juan Miller for saying something I myself have felt.  I had to take BART into the city (SF) on 9/12.  I have to say that I was nervous about a couple of young Persians, wearing backpacks, waiting on the platform with me.  The BART tunnel under San Francisco Bay would be a prime terrorist target.  I had to argue with myself about how this was not the way I should be feeling, but it was not easy.  I still remember that situation vividly and how ridiculous it was… but.  There are worse things a reporter could have said.

If NPR made a better attempt at being neutral I might think she had a point.  As for criticizing the Tea Party, I honestly, personally cannot think of a any nice thing to say about them.  She should have been allowed to criticize them just as Juan should have been allowed to be candid in his remarks.  It seems to me that we are all so caught up in the minutiae that we miss the bigger point.  2% of the people control 90% of the wealth.  The U.S. economy is like a poker game that has gone on over long.  The people who have no chips are fighting each other for scraps while what really has to happen is that a good size portion of that 2%’s wealth needs to be redistributed around the table again, so we can all play.  It saddened me when Connie Chung lost her job for actually reporting the truth, too.