Readers might remember the horrific Jack Abramoff who, with his surly counterparts such as Ralph Reed, Grover Norquist and a host of crooked politicians, milked American Indians out of millions in consultant fees. Abramoff eventually went to prison but exited with a tell-tale book and a radio show. Doing time is nothing for these scoundrels who reap rewards for their sundry crimes. Abramoff had mammoth ambitions when he was a Washington D.C. kingpin on ‘K Street’.


As Susan Schmidt and James V. Grimaldi, reporters for the Washington Post stated back in December 29th, 2005. “Casino Jack”, as he was known, sought to build the biggest lobbying portfolio in D.C. He opened two restaurants close to the Capitol. He bought a fleet of casino boats. He produced two Hollywood movies. He leased four arena and stadium skyboxes and dreamed of owning a pro sports team. He was a generous patron in his Orthodox Jewish community, starting a boys’ religious school in Maryland. Lawmakers and their aides packed his restaurants and skyboxes and jetted off with him on golf trips to Scotland and the Pacific island of Saipan. (


What’s more, Casino Jack collected unprecedented sums of money- tens of millions of dollars — from casino-rich Indian tribes who fallaciously thought the felon was attempting to help them when in actuality he was using his perfidious charm to swindle them while literally laughing all the way to the bank. Abramoff also offered jobs and other favors to well-placed congressional staffers and executive branch officials. He pushed his own associates for government positions, from which they, too, could help him swindle more and more money while building his power hungry reputation (ibid).


Readers can read more about Abramoff’s political connections, his support for apartheid in South Africa in the 1980’s, his gun running to Zionist settlers and other such crimes. As one insidious example, Casino Jack was a member of the International Freedom Foundation that in the 1980’s had branches in Johannesburg, South Africa and London, England. The International Freedom Foundation was actually a front for intelligence operators who worked on psycho-political operations to prolong apartheid. People involved included United States Department of State Officials, United States Congressmen, and US Intelligence agents. The South African government secretly paid $1.5 million a year to the International Freedom Foundation, a nonprofit group that Abramoff operated out of a townhouse in the 1980s (


There was nothing that the despicable Abramoff would not do for money and the people he hurt all over the world through his corruption and fine taste for money and power were simply thrown under the bus at no expense to the crooked, arrogant thug. Front for Apartheid, an article from the despicable International Freedom Foundation appeared in Newsday, Sunday, July 16, 1995. The article was reported by Dele Olojede in South Africa and Timothy M. Phelps in Washington. The article says “jobs” for South African intelligence provided at least half of the total IFF revenue, and South African military intelligence would send fees from the “jobs” directly to the IFF Washington office. The article was a limited hangout that didn’t mention the South African Institute of International Affairs, The Royal Institute of International Affairs, or the Council on Foreign Relations.


The article has a picture of Secretary of State George Shultz shaking hands with Oliver Tambo, the late exiled leader of ANC, at the State Department in 1987. The article mentions that people like Henry Kissinger were invited to International Freedom Foundation seminars to deliver keynote speeches. Among those in attendance was former CIA director William Colby. Shultz, Kissinger and Colby were members of the Council on Foreign Relations. The article talks about Americans who were on the board of Directors of the IFF, and who worked for the IFF in South Africa. Nearly every man mentioned was a United States Intelligence agent at one time or another. You can see a list of the criminal members at (


Getting his start on College Campuses – The Abramoff way


What are important and salient issues for this article are not the misadventures of criminal Jack Abramoff, but how he got his start down the road of iniquitous double-dealing that led to his eventual arrest and conviction for felonious activity. For you see, a quarter of a century ago, Abramoff and anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist were fellow Young Turks of the so-called Reagan revolution. They organized Massachusetts college campuses in the 1980 election — Abramoff while he was an undergraduate at Brandeis and Norquist while at Harvard Business School — to help Ronald Reagan pull an upset in the state. They then moved to Washington, maneuvered to take over the College Republicans — at the time a sleepy establishment organization — and transformed it into a reactionary right-wing activist group.


They were then joined by oily Ralph Reed, the ambitious Georgian whose later Christian conversion would fuel his rise to national political prominence with the Christian Coalition that he helped gain prominence. Abramoff and his gang, which included Grover Norquist and Ralph Reed (neither of whom went to prison), busted the College Republicans’ budget with a 1982 national direct-mail fundraising campaign that ended up “a colossal flop,” according to Rich Bond, a former chairman of the Republican National Committee and then deputy director of the party’s national committee. Bond later told the Washington Post reporters that he eventually banished Norquist, Reed and Abramoff from GOP headquarters, telling Abramoff: “You can’t be trusted” ((


Getting a start on college campuses is a time honored trick for those seeking to get into the pockets of the well heeled power brokers who continue to run the US of CIA.  Many ‘Young Turks’ have used the college as a platform for gaining power with the ruling elites that control America. And this brings us to the substantive point of this article.


Now, Casino Jack Abramoff’s son, Alex Abramoff, has just announced as of yesterday, he is running for student body president of the Santa Monica College (once called a community college before the word was trundled up and thrown in the garbage due to its “collectivist” implications. The college has spent over $150,000 to develop a corporate logo to replace any semblance of public good or the public commons, as they privatize everything on campus from bookstores to cafeteria services. A recent Public Records Act request I made late last year show that the school newspaper, The Corsair, receives ad revenue from for-profit predatory colleges). Alex seems to be on the same path his father once was.

 Santa Monica College: Crime Scene for the Lumina Foundation

Readers might recall that Santa Monica College is the site of the April 2012 pepper spraying that took place under the tutelage of Dr. Chui Tsang who, himself a Lumina member, sought to implement a toll booth system for education at the college which would have set up a two-tiered tuition system giving priority to those with money, further privatizing the college. Tsang subsequently commissioned a report on the pepper spraying incident, led by the sycophantic attorney for the college, a report and its findings that worked to seek refuge for Tsang’s illegal violation of the Brown Act in denying public input into his sordid plans which led to the pepper spraying.


Certainly one cannot blame the sins of the father for the present actions of the son, in this case Alex Abramoff , but the irony of his running for student body president cannot go unnoticed in light of his father’s crimes. As the old quote goes, “As the tree is bent so bends the twig” or if you prefer, “The acorn does not fall far from the oak tree”. The game plan of taking over colleges through running for student body president seems to follow the insidious elder, Casino Jack. In fact, my sources tell me that Alex Abramoff has met privately with Dr. Chui Tsang at his private residence! Not once, but many times. Why?


Below you can read the mission statement that Alex Abramoff is running on with his merry band of students. Nowhere is mentioned the accrediting agency, ACCJC and its attack on all community colleges in California in an attempt to get them to adopt privatization plans, fire tenured teachers, do away with shared governance by retiring department chairs and thus create the Lumina controlled wet dream that is now haunting college campuses throughout the state of California. Nowhere is mentioned the pepper spraying incident or the attempt on the part of President Chui Tsang to implement the toll booth educational system. Nowhere is mentioned the rancid student learning outcomes (SLO’s) that are being pushed both by Obama and his educational Kitchen Cabinet made up of Bill Gates and the Lumina Foundation.


Now, with Casino Jack out of prison and in control of his own radio show run by reactionary right wing Clear Channel and Fox News (The Jack Abramoff show), one can expect he will come to the aid of his son with ceaseless airtime propaganda (


If this all sounds familiar it should. Corruption and power have now entered into what were once public institutions where students were once to be part of the governance of their institutions. Now, those like Alex Abramoff run for office with money and power in their naked eyes and with the full support of college officials.


Below you can see the illiterate and hollow mission statement from Alex Abramoff and his counterparts who seek power and control for their sycophantic plans to play into the hands of Lumina and Gates. Is this all planned, perhaps a conspiracy hatched by Papa Abramoff, Dr. Tsang and their political cohorts? Maybe; Casino Jack sure knows how to do pull it off as you read above. Add to this the Santa Monica College student newspaper, The Corsair, that is run by Tsang-sycophants who back the privatization of the college, the ACCJC plans, the SLO’s and the toll booth system of education and one can begin to see clearly the ginned up propaganda effort being constructed in broad daylight.


The mission statement of Alex Abramoff in his bid for student body president of Santa Monica College in California


Below is the mission statement put out by the Corsairs Connected, the slate that includes Abramoff. As you can see, the mission statement is full of spelling errors and is grammatically unsound. But hey, in the post-literate environment where reading and writing are being phased out in order to make room for on-line ‘earning’ and low-paying jobs, one should not be surprised. The whole thing is a whopping embarrassment for students who attend the college and work hard for an education. Anyone interested in ridding community colleges of special interests and political operatives should take heed and assure they do not vote for these candidates.


“We are STUDENTS, running for AS government positions. organizing and connecting so all can benefit. Mission The Corsairs Connected strive toward creating a strong campus community for all of us at SMC. We recognize the lack of involvement from the majority of the Associated Students, and we plan to change that by spreading the awareness of everything SMC! Through relationship building and positive idea sharing, we are focused on creating a more transparent veiw of the amazing educational and extra-carricular activities our school has to offer. Description We are Corasairs Connected: AS President: Alex Abramoff AS Vice President: Angie Nhung Vo Director of Publicity: Ryan M. Downer” (!/CorsairsConnected/info).




A cursory reading of the vapid and ill-penned mission statement indicates that neither Alex Abramoff nor his merry band of cohorts have the intelligence nor the education to be on any student body board. They should concentrate on learning how to make their thinking intelligible to those who might wish to vote for them, if this is even possible. But more than the uninspiring and watery mission statement, students should be very leery of electing any Abramoff to any seat on any government, be it student or otherwise. For as this article and a perusal of the sites offered reveals, this is how criminals and sloth sleek their way into the corridors of power under the facade of “community service”, when in fact it is self-aggrandizement and supremacy that motivates them — this and their shiftless and sycophantic yearning to cuddle in the laps of the likes of college president, Dr. Chui Tsang, himself an incorrigible scallywag in the service of corporate benefactors. The whole thing is one big disgrace that has a high probability of leading to another political scandal.

Buyers beware of Young Turks and political gunslingers.