You Are Here: Home » Business » Click on this link and go to the DFT website, where you can read short statements from each of the candidates.

Click on this link and go to the DFT website, where you can read short statements from each of the candidates.

picture of a Detroit school at the headlines

This picture is of Robert Bobb and his corporate cohorts shaking hands over privatization plans and text book deals.  Bobb is now gone, but in his wake the public school system is a shadow of its former self.  The corporate gunslinger might be gone but the scent of Keith Johnson, the sell-out union boss has not left the room.

An important election is taking place in Detroit for the president of the Detroit Federation of Teachers.

Daily Censored has written about Detroit Teachers and their union for some three or more years.  You can google “Detroit Teachers: Canary in the coal mine” ( and ( to see some historical information as to how Robert Bobb, the slick Elye Broad graduate, helped to destroy Detroit Public Schools with corporate democratic Governor at the time, Jennifer Granholm and the courageous resistance by teachers, students, unions, and By Any Means Necessary (BAMN).

Detroit now has a chance of opening a window to let the nefarious whiff of Broad and his charter school plans seep out.  Steve Conn is the progressive candidate in this race and you can click below to see more:

If your in Detroit, please join us this weekend!

  • This Friday 4 pm to 6 pm “Meet the EON/BAMN Candidates” party at Bert’s Market Place / Jazz Room, 2727 Russell Street 48207 in Eastern Market
  • This Sunday  3 pm to 5 pm   Special Program: “Unite Detroit’s school and city unions to defend public education AND public services!”   A report from Michael Mulholland, Secretary Treasurer of AFSCME local 207 (Detroit water workers) , on the success of their recent strike, and the lessons for DPS employees
Sunday’s meeting will be at   Calvin East Presbyterian Church Church in Detroit, MI, 6125 Cadieux Rd. 48224 on on the east side of Detroit (I-94 exit 223)

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Dr. Danny Weil is a public interest attorney who has practiced for more than twenty years and has been published in a case of first impression in California. He is no longer active as a lawyer but has written seven books on education, has taught second grade in South Central LA, PS 122, taught K-1 migrant children in Santa Maria, California and Guadalupe, California, taught in the California Youth Authority to first and second degree murderers and taught for seventeen years at Allan Hancock Junior College in Santa Maria, CA. in the philosophy department.Dr. Weil holds a BA in Political Economics and Philosophy, a multi-subject bilingual credential in education (he is fluent in Spanish) and has a PhD in Critical Thinking.He is a writer for the Truthout Intellectual Project.

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