School is the first the first major formal organization the child encounters.  If we do not fight for public education the child will grow up without critical thinking or citizenship skills.  This is what the ruling class wants.

Do not be beguiled by Arne Duncan and the failed Obama administration.  They are simply a `pause`in the move towards fascism.  Obama is the `bridge`the ruling class needs to push their nightmarish plans for deracinating youth and destroying our freedoms.

We need to fight back!  Any understanding of education must confront the absurdity of capitalism!  Without understanding the capitalist system, education cannot be understood.  The fight is about capitalism, not just schools.  Be advised, for the ruling class knows exactly what they are doing and are planning for the authoritarian takeover of the US.

The fight is global, as readers know.  All over the western world education is being privatized.  This is the Pinochet movement, the shock doctrine.

Our time is now!  We must win!  We can win!  We will win!