Corporate registration of the Commonwealth of Australia exposed: The Security and Exchange Commission and US Patent Office have registered the Common Wealth in D.C.



Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, writing about the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), had these salient words to say, among other things:

“If the TPP is approved, the sovereignty of the United States and other member nations will be dissipated by trade tribunals that favor corporate power and force national laws to be subservient to corporate interests” (

They are right, of course.  In an article by Public Citizen written back in 2012 it was revealed through leaked documents that the TPP would, among other onerous provisions:

- Limit how U.S. federal and state officials could regulate foreign firms operating within U.S. boundaries, with requirements to provide them greater rights than domestic firms;

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- Extend the incentives for U.S. firms to offshore investment and jobs to lower-wage countries;

- Establish a two-track legal system that gives foreign firms new rights to skirt U.S. courts and laws, directly sue the U.S. government before foreign tribunals and demand compensation for financial, health, environmental, land use and other laws they claim undermine their TPP privileges; and

- Allow foreign firms to demand compensation for the costs of complying with U.S. financial or environmental regulations that apply equally to domestic and foreign firms (

The leak also reveals that:

- Australia has refused to submit to the jurisdiction of the “investor-state” private corporate enforcement foreign tribunal system;

- U.S. negotiators are alone in seeking to expand this extra-judicial enforcement system to allow the use of foreign tribunals to enforce contracts that foreign investors may have with a government for government procurement or to operate utilities contracts and even related to concessions for natural resources on federal lands;

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- Other countries are proposing safeguards for financial regulation and limits to the corporate tribunals that the U.S. has not supported (ibid).

However, as I wrote a

“The U.S. Security and Exchange Commission has the country of Canada registered as a corporation (

All alleged governments are now corporations, either listed with the SEC or Dunn and Bradstreet.  This is the world financial capitalist plan:  ‘los nuevo conquistadores’ hovering on the precipice of collapse and seeking crisis’ which reek of opportunity for the financial capitalists as countries merely disappear into the murky vortex of ominous corporate control.  Will the countries in question trade on the German/US New York Stock Exchange?” (

And now the following has emerged to substantiate the fact that corporate control of sovereign governments is already a reality.  The TPP comes after this fact.  Although Australia refused to submit to the jurisdiction of the investment state, they have in fact registered their country with the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the U.S. Patent Office in D.C.

Are there more countries now registering with the SEC?  What other skullduggery has taken place under our noses that sheds sovereignty and puts countries in the hands of the investor class?

In the following YouTube, Scott Bartle, an Australian resident, has a remarkable tale to tell of corporate sovereignty for Australia and the failure of the Common Wealth of Australia to answer basic questions about its own sovereignty.

What the FUQ: Frequently Unanswered Questions of the ‘Australian government’

Are corporate officials masquerading as Australian government officials?  Is the Australian Customs Department a corporate entity?  Is The Common Wealth of Australia really a government?  If so, then why is the Common Wealth of Australia registered as a trademark in the US patent office and the Common Wealth of Australia is registered with the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) in Washington D.C.?  Are Australians paying taxes to the Common Wealth of Australia, a registered corporation or to the Common Wealth of Australia, a country?

Listen at Youtube  to this startling story of one man’s attempt, Scott Bartle, to bring his car from the US through Australian customs, how the corporate thugs who run Australian customs pose as government officials under pretend laws, how Australia is really a corporation and how one man challenged Australian ‘pretend laws’ and exposed the corporate dominance of all of Australian government.

See the Youtube exposing this amazing story at:

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