picture of Attorney General of the state of California, Kamala Harris

The New Republic reported that as early as:

“June 6, 2007, the California attorney general’s office was on the verge of suing Corinthian Colleges for intentionally and blatantly lying to prospective students about the company’s record of placing graduates into jobs. The AG’s complaint against the giant, publicly traded for-profit higher education company had been written, and a request prepared for a preliminary injunction to bar Corinthian from continuing to make false claims about its job placement rates. The press office was busy contacting reporters to let them know that there would be a news conference the next day announcing the suit.

The press conference was never held. At the eleventh hour, Attorney General Jerry Brown surprised the lawyers in his office by telling them he was stopping the lawsuit. A month and a half later, Brown (who is now California’s governor) announced that his office had reached a $6.5 million settlement with Corinthian, which has annual revenues of about $1.6 billion. The agreement required the school chain to provide $5.8 million in restitution to students who had been misled. It also forced the company to shut down nine of its campuses’ worst-performing programs. And it permanently enjoined Corinthian from continuing to deceive students about its job placement rates”.”

“The AG’s lawyers found that the schools had inflated the job placement rates for every single program it looked at by as much as 37 percentage points. For example, in its written disclosures to students, the West L.A. campus claimed that its diagnostic medical sonographer program had a job placement rate of 80 percent, when it fact it was just 43 percent, according to the AG. Similarly, the office found that the dental assistant’s program at the Alhambra campus had a placement rate of 53 percent, 20 percentage points lower than the rate the school was disclosing” (

Harris die the right thing: she sued them anyway!  (

The gift that keeps on taking: Corinthian Colleges

Every year, for-profit Corinthian Colleges (Everest, Heald, and Wyotech brands) recruits tens of thousands of vulnerable working people (vets, women, people of color, the underemployed), selling them a dream that in many cases won’t materialize-and in worst cases, ties them up in a lifetime of debt peonage.   In the process, Corinthian Colleges takes in hundreds of millions of tax dollars meant for the betterment of these people, for programs that are overpriced and undervalued.

Corinthian Colleges also uses some of these funds for an annual event, the lavish multi-day ParthenonThis year’s Parthenon will be held in Washington, DC, from August 6-9.

How ironic (and oppressively appropriate) that the event was held at George Washington’s plantation.  Or is it?  After all, Corinthian College is debt plantation and the slave quarters harbor the poor, unsuspecting students.
Here’s what one former employee told Dahn Shaulis about Parthenon (other anonymous sources have said there was much more debauchery):

“I attended 6 Parthenons while employed at cci. 1 in Las Vegas we all stayed at Cesar’s palace, 1 in New Orleans, 1 in south Beach Florida, 1 in Canada, and my last 1 in Washington DC.  They are extravagant events.

The first day there is a huge dinner and entertainment, in DC this took place at George Washington’s plantation, the following day there is always a short meeting about where the company is and going, it’s never more than a couple of hours, then you are free to sign up for one of the many events offered, there is free flowing alcohol at EVERY event.  Each attendee was given a Visa card for themselves and their guest to spend the following day $50 each.

The next day is usually that stupid game …if I remember it’s a family feud time thing,,with expensive prizes given to the winners, the final night is the Parthenon ball which is always formal, with a huge dinner dancing drinks. Each Parthenon there is a DVD made showing showing highlights of all the events.  I probably still have a couple laying around.  There is always one guest speaker at one of the day time events…guess they were supposed to motivate everyone. There are gifts in the room each night when you return for you and your guest.

The employee pays for nothing other than their guest’s airfare.  All meals, alcohol, hotel, transportation to Parthenon and all the events, spending money, gifts, and activities you can participate in are all taken care of including tips.

The location varies year to year.  One of the first years it took place in the Bahamas, a couple of years Mexico.  At one of the Parthenons I won two round trip tickets on American Airlines to anywhere in the continental United States.  I can honestly say hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent. You are even given custom luggage tags for all your bags.

In all my years with cci I must admit I loved going to Parthenon. You are treated like royalty. The one that took place in D.C for the awards night the room looked like it had been decorated by Hollywood professionals. It was that spectacular! I had never seen anything like it except for in movies.

Hope this helps, if you have another questions let me know.  Good luck

One more thing, after Parthenon is over, there are pictures posted on the company intranet site.”

If that is not enough look at what the Camden Kid has to say about Jerry Brown’s Corinthian College:

As “Camden Kid”, I, Dahn Shaulis, solicited responses from workers about Corinthian Colleges. I’ve bolded the words I thought were most important. All of the posts were eye opening.


Camden Kid (, @USinjustice,, Friday 02/28/14 17:16:40 UTC

Fear, Harassment, and the Culture of Silence


I am getting the impression that few people have the courage to come forward about Corinthian Colleges-either as workers, former workers, students, or former students. Apparently this company has created a culture of fear, harassment, and silence-along with fraudulent and criminal behavior. Am I wrong here? From what I gather, COCO has many of the characteristics of Enron; except they have the experience of knowing how to silence the government as well as workers (they even hired a lawyer who successfully prosecuted Enron). I doubt that this strategy will last more than a few more years. What do workers and students think?

Anonymous5609, Friday 02/28/14 17:51:39 UTC

Totally agree with you. They even fear people into what they write on social network sites. Jeannette makes all of her staff set their FB to private and they make us fear that if we talk to ANYONE about the business we will be in serious trouble. Although she can sit and talk about anyone and does so all the time but we are not allowed to. She won’t even let us talk to other workers unless it’s brief passing in the hall.

Anonymous5618, Friday 02/28/14 19:23:41 UTC

FEAR is the way of life at CCI. While they smile at you, they threaten you without saying a word. They promote the worthless or those who possess the greatest amount of brown nosing skills and corner the everyday employee who just wants to do their job. The climate of fear has always been a motivator at CCI.

Anonymous5620 (Culture of Silence), Friday 02/28/14 19:37:38 UTC

Camden…Giant Senn Delaney mood elevator and accountability ladder posters are tacked up everywhere on campus so that you can make sure you follow them. If you have any mood lower than high, well you are marched to a higher up to see what your problem is, and of course, it’s always YOUR problem. It’s like living in a bleeping cult. Here is a few words from the Senn Delaney site:…..Question: What is the transfer of competence process? Answer: The Transfer of Competence process is designed to transfer not only the facilitation skills but the capabilities for long-term reinforcement and application of your company’s culture-shaping process to internal facilitators who become certified in the Senn Delaney process. This cost-effective model enables companies with thousands of employees to reach a critical mass of people to ensure that the desired culture and those behaviors that will support the culture, structure and strategies (((become a way of life.)))….No surprise people aren’t talking…they’ve been programmed to believe everything is their fault, not that of the company. Such B.S.

Former Admissions Rep (Admissions), Friday 02/28/14 19:52:05 UTC

CCI is the biggest scam ever. They prey on low income, single parents and people with disability. Everyone is excepted as long as you have a social security number and qualify for financial aid. The school are only nationally accredited, so no credits transfer. It’s very sad; I’m ashamed that I even accepted a position with this company. We were told to tell the students that we are with them every step of the way, but as soon as they enrolled and financial aid cleared the receptionist wouldn’t allow the students to come back to see admissions. SMH. The culture is terrible, you have to ask to go to the bathroom, they ask why are you out of your seat, we were trained to just smile and dial. Get as many ppl as possible to enroll in a program that they have no chance of getting a job. The teachers are the worst. No real education, former Everest students, get into fight with students, etc..

Arrogant, self-righteousJerry Brown: the liberal’s best friend


Jerry Brown is the ‘wheelman’ for the grand heist of taxpayer’s monies and an enabler of grief and misery for students and communities all over the nation.

Jerry Brown has received more money from for-profit colleges than any politician in the US (

Yes, ‘Governor Moonbeam’, as he was once called when he was allied with Tom Hayden and Jane Fonda, is a corporate democrat and weasel of the worst kind.    Add to this his stint at KPFA progressive radio and you have a two faced charlatan like nobody’s business. Ah, the good old days!

Protecting the rackets has long been the job of politicians and Jerry Brown is no different than his contemporary reactionary republicans.  In fact, the corporate demos are worse for they give the sleight of hand – directing liberals to the faults of republicans while implementing the republican reactionary agenda.


Thank goodness for internet and investigative researchers like Dahn Shaulis.  An adjunct professor in Camden NJ, Shaulis has been at the forefront in the investigation into for-profit dungeons of despair known as ‘garage schools’ in Latin America.

Here is another important bit of news: how these colleges propagandize students and get away with it!


The ‘outfit’ called Cornithian Colleges

Corinthian Colleges and other for-profits continue to sell their overpriced schools, posing as people trying to help, using hopeful language and doublespeak.  They promote a “Fact Book” to sell this dream that turns to nightmare.  They con the most vulnerable with these websites, using the words “empower” and “imagine.”


The ‘Fact book’ would make the father of propaganda, Edward Bernays, proud.  It is another attempt at defrauding people and putting them into debt purgatory – all of this misery trades on Wall St.

The whole insidious syndicate of for-profit despair is incorrigible but is now part and parcel of financial capitalism.

Take a look at the scourge they spew!

The Imagine America Foundation has announced the release of the 2014 Fact Book to offer a data-supported look at the impressive accomplishments of the career college sector of higher education.

For close to two decades, the Imagine America Foundation has funded the research of numerous studies to show how career training-oriented colleges make valuable contributions to the American workforce and, in essence, help change people’s lives by empowering them with education – and finding them careers, not jobs. Prepared by leading industry analysts, the Fact Book contains research and analysis of important trends in the career college sector of higher education. The Fact Book presents a comprehensive look at the career college sector of higher education, as well as a comparison of public and private two-year and four-year institutions.

“The Fact Book presents a central clearinghouse of information that many professionals in our sector use every day in their schools, with employers and with other decision makers,” said Robert L. Martin, President/CEO of the Imagine America Foundation. “If you want to know the sector’s true impact on the community, on student outcomes and graduation, and on the future of our workforce, this publication is your essential guide.”

The Fact Book sheds light on exactly who career college students are and explains the unique opportunities career colleges create for these students to obtain an education and fill the needs dictated by the evolving global economy. Among the most interesting facts in this year’s book are the following data points:

  • Career College students graduate with the skills and credentials needed to enter some of the most in-demand careers in the nation – many from programs not offered at traditional colleges or universities. For example, 97,450 – or 77% of – medical assistants graduated from career colleges in 2012.
  • Career colleges serve more high-risk profile students than public or private not-for-profit institutions: 49% of career college students have 3-4 risk factors versus 18% at public institutions and 17% at private not-for-profit institutions.
  • Career colleges contribute to their communities by paying taxes; $3 billion total taxes paid by career college graduates annually.
  • In 2011-12, 43% of students who received awards from career colleges were minority students, up three percentage points from a year ago, and compared with only 25% at

Public institutions and 19% a private not-for-profit institutions.

  • Career colleges give their students options to accelerate their time to completion. It takes 26 months for a career college student to complete an Associate degree and 33 months at public institutions.

The Fact Book 2014 is made possible by contributions from supporters of the Imagine America Foundation’s 21st Century Workforce Fund.

Throughout the Fact Book, you’ll find even more achievements that are quite different from what you might have heard or read about this sector of higher education. For more information about the Fact Book, contact Robert L. Martin, President & CEO of the Imagine America Foundation at 571.267.3012 or bobm(at)imagine-america(dot)org.”

Nice, huh!  Corinthian, like the University of Phoenix to name a few in the cartel, steals your tax dollars and puts your kids to bed with chloroformed debt and Wall St. profits.

MSNBC and the sock-puppet corporate press or ‘board room’ bulletin for the one percent


So you thought MSNBC was ‘liberal’?  Think again.  The station is owned by GE (they paid no taxes in 2012 and actually got a $10 million dollar refund!

The ‘Reverand’ Al Sharpton, the sharpie and sociopath from NY, is one of MSNBC’s hired siblings. They helped crown the criminal Sharpton as the new ‘civil rights leader’.  The man should be in prison!

As I wrote in 2009 for Counterpunch, the rancid Sharpton, an opportunist and organ grinder for the reactionaries, should have actually gone to jail for his theft of taxes from the IRS.  Instead, he was told to ‘forget his minor discrepancy’ and was solicited to come on board with the corporations for a threesome with Newt Gingrich and Arne Duncan to sell the privatization of education (

The ‘civil rights leader’ is a fast go-getter but the station MSNBC is a slow go getter.  They refuse to provide news coverage of the criminal for-profit colleges and universities, much less cover the auctioning off of public education.  They are a fraud station set up to make you believe there are ‘two sides’ to the corporate coin when there is only one side.  Heads they win, tails you lose.

Dahn Shaulis wrote them and asked:

“I would like to speak to someone at NBC or MSNBC about for-profit colleges and their exploitation of veterans, women, people of color, and other working people.

I have previously emailed Lauren Skowronski, Diana Rocco, and Kathy Kelly-Brown about my concerns, and have not received a response. When I called Ms. Skowronski’s office today, the person I talked to said this email address would be more appropriate, but she didn’t give me a specific name to address my concerns to.

I think it’s notable that the NY Times has focused on for-profit colleges in to recent articles, including one article on the front page of the 2-20-2014 paper edition.

Thank you in advance for your reply,”

Dahn Shaulis, Ph.D. (e-mail).

Did Dahn ever get a reply?  No, of course not.



The American people must understand that there is no difference between corporate democrats and reactionary republicans except on issues of culture and identity politics.  As to the ‘free market’, they work for the same headmasters - the corporate criminal class.

Don’t allow this Trojan horse station, MSNBC, to fool you.  They conceal more than they reveal.  Their work is much like our ‘democracy’ – of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations’.

You can see more about the for-profit sludge by Googling ‘Dailycensored AND for-profit colleges’. You will find a gaggle of articles exposing these fo9r-profit drive by college’s fraud.  You can also ‘google’ Danny Weil AND Truthout for more.

This robbery of the public commons has gone on long enough.  Time to confront this criminal enterprise directly for the Obama administration supports them, Jerry Brown supports them and so does your corporate press.  These colleges have stolen millions and they keep on doing it!

Stop the corporate thievery!  Stop debt slavery! Fight for public education and universal access.  Jail the protagonists!


Organize and do not allow these criminal enterprises to continue!


Thanks, Dahn for your unrelenting work in this matter!