I have been pondering what constant exposure to mainstream media may do to an individual’s brain. Will exposure to endless soundbites and predigested information literally change the way the brain is forming and therefore functioning? Could this shift how societies perceive reality?


Jason Bradford breaks down the brain science of this current reality in The Neurobiology of Mass Delusion.

“So when wondering why so many people just “don’t get it,” (oil depletion, overshoot etc.) whether they are your local politician or great aunt, realize there is a physiological mechanism that may preclude having a rational discussion on certain topics. The truth can only be pushed so far before rebellion occurs, hence the phrase, “To kill the messenger.” Before many folks can learn and incorporate the lessons of ecology, most could use the services of a good shrink. Someone to call them on their bull and get them to face their faulty, contradictory, and destructive thought patterns.

I fear that the world has neither enough shrinks nor enough time to wait for the long process of psychotherapy to work.”

Food for thought.