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Screenings of “Precious Knowledge”

Thursday, November 8th 12pm, Ocean Campus Diego Rivera Theatre


Thursday, November 8th 7pm Mission Campus Auditorium rm. 109

1125 Valencia Street


                    Defend Diversity Departments, Defend CCSF Rally                                        Thursday, November 15th at 12pm. Meet at Ram Plaza on CCSF Ocean Campus.

The diversity departments are the best solution to student drop-outs and non-completion of college. So much research shows that once students discover in the academic environment a full acceptance and true understanding of their identity and culture, they can go on to take-up the challenges of any learning situation. Social-cognitive research shows that learning can only happen for human beings when their core of knowledge and experience has been motivated. These are the classes, these are the instructors who have proven this to be true!”
-Mary La Mattery

The Diversity Departments are the product of generations of hard and ongoing civil and human rights struggles. They must not be eliminated or compromised using the excuses of budgetary or accreditation challenges. Their autonomy as separate departments must be maintained.

These departments are a unique resource for the college and the wider Bay Area community, enriching students’ learning experiences immeasurably and drawing large numbers of students to the school who would otherwise pursue their educations elsewhere. These departments educate and empower our communities. We insist that college leaders now stand by them.

The consolidation of these departments would be a huge step backwards, bringing down their quality and paving the way for their elimination. Teachers would be fired, and communities of color would be pushed out of representation. But if students, faculty, and staff mobilize, we can save the Diversity Departments!

**The Diversity Departments are African American Studies, Asian Studies, Asian American Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies, Labor and Community Studies, LGBT Studies, Philippine Studies, and Women’s Studies

— Shanell Williams President City College of San Francisco Associated Students Council Ocean Campus 50 Phelan Avenue SU 213 San Francisco, CA 94112 415-239-3784