Sweden, once known for its social democratic policies is now emerging as the new South Africa under apartheid.  The long hatred of anyone not white, which includes of course immigrants, has left the country with racial hatred, eurocentric policies and xenophobia.

This is not really new.  Sweden was the site of Nazi rule for a long time during the Second World War and the country has been known to have  a significant “settler’s mentality”.

Although the Swedes would like to think of themselves as ‘multicultural’, Sweden is viciously ramping up its segregation and racial policies of hatred.  This recent article by Allan Hall, from Mailonline published yesterday provides increasing evidence of Sweden’s sullied present and sordid policies of racism.

By Alan Hall


Black and white people were forced to travel on separate buses in an appalling ‘apartheid’-type incident in Sweden, it has emerged.

An inquiry has been launched after a bus driver put blacks, Asians and other non-whites on to one bus and all-Caucasians onto another in Stockholm.

‘It was a very unpleasant experience. It felt like we were on our way to the airport to be deported from Sweden,’ said Samer Chatila, who was not allowed on to the ‘white’ bus with his brother and friend.

Stockholm is a multicultural city, with 26 per cent of its population classed as hailing from a non-Swedish background

A spokesman for The People Travel Group said it had launched an inquiry into the incident

‘We felt insulted, offended and discriminated against,’ added Chatila.

‘I never thought this could happen in our Sweden.

‘When we challenged the driver, he said if we did not like the system we could get off the bus.’

The incidents, which happened over two days last week, concerned journeys to a local ferry terminal, where passengers caught boats to Aland.

The People Travel Group, which operates the buses, received several complaints.

On Thursday director Tomas Karlsson had the driver removed from the route and will have to appear before a disciplinary board on Monday to explain his actions.