A modest proposal: update US Bill of Rights to 2012 NDAA ‘law’

Credit to the incisive Video Rebel - home here; my contribution is adding a few links and minor edits. Of course, Occupy’s endgame is not to surrender  the US Constitution, but to demand arrests of the criminal 1% attempting to destroy it. When education like Video Rebels causes critical mass among the 99% to recognize […]

Tonight I want to tell you, that I believe that net neutrality is the first amendment issue of our time

Senator Franken speaks about the importance in stopping the corporate takeover of the media. Several years ago, when I first heard about net neutrality, I thought it was a joke. Surely, something like this could never happen. Then, I remembered that I grew up in the time of Ma Bell and saw her demise (though […]

Jobs, jobs, jobs: A fireside chat

Jobs, jobs, jobs: A fireside chat By Will Shonbrun Estimates of jobs lost since the beginning of the recession in 2007 range between 8 to 11 million depending on the source. Whatever the actual number there is no doubt that the cause for the most massive unemployment since the Great Depression can de laid directly […]