Tom Vilsack Appointed as Secretary of Agriculture; Activists Call for a White House Farmer

President-elect Obama has appointed Tom Vilsack as Secretary of Agriculture. The Organic Consumers Association has presented six major reasons why Vilsack’s appointment is a “terrible idea,” siting his support of genetically engineered pharmaceutical crops, Biotechnology Industry Organization, Trans Ova (through the creation of the Iowa Values Fund), Iowa’s 2005 seed preemption bill, GMO agribusiness giant […]

President-elect Obama to name Michael Pollan Secretary of Agriculture?

There is an online movement for President-elect Obama to appoint Michael Pollan as the Secretary of Agriculture.  Pollan’s recent article Farmer in Chief has already caused a stir amongst the farming lobbyists. Obama supposedly paraphrased from this article accusing the U.S. food production system as being one of the contributing factors creating our current major […]

Tiny Little Compartmentalized Brilliant Minds

Our nation’s universities are turning out minds that are fragmented and overly specialized… perfect for avoiding any process of critical thinking or universal questioning. A “moral void” has been created in the “educated population” by the obsessive drive to produce the perfect “analytic.” I really agreed with the majority of what this article is saying, […]

"Let’s not build bridges and end up with an increased number of people sleeping under them."

Education, Arts, Human Services, Environmental Workers… Randy Shaw, of BeyondChron: San Francisco’s Alternative Online Daily, explains areas that really need support from Obama’s $750 billion stimulus package… “President-elect Obama’s $750 billion stimulus package is seeking to boost jobs by focusing on such “brick and mortar” infrastructure projects as roads, bridges, schools, and solar panels. But […]

Philosophy of Media and Technology

In my internet wondering I recently came across a college course called Philosophy of Media and Technology, taught by Dr. David L. Hildebrand at the University of Colorado Denver. An excerpt of his course description reads; “As we are constantly reminded, we live in an ever-accelerating “Information Age,” an era of rapidly shifting images and […]

Information and process…

Hello all! I have always felt the incessant need to question why things happen the way they do, to learn everything I can about the world around me, and to share what I learn with any one who cares to listen. I crave the process of learning, sharing information, and engaging with others as we […]