Virginia Foxx doles out campaign cash to Pope family crony

 North Carolina Republican Congresswoman Virginia Foxx is known to have associations with prominent right-wing reactionary figures such as Americans for Prosperity (AfP), the American Legislative Council (ALEC) and the Art Pope Family.   Of particular concern is Foxx’s tight relationship with the Pope family and whether this rapport has resulted in a violation of federal campaign […]

1% US banks gamble $5 million per US household, $532 trillion total

Reuters and provide prima facie evidence that the US 1% runs Wall Street as rigged-casino gambling to transfer wealth from the 99% to themselves. The amount of money fraudulently gambled is not millions of dollars, not billions, not even tens of trillions, but over five hundred trillion ($532,000,000,000,000). Look at Demonocracy’s images to get […]

Racial Wealth Gap Largest on Record as General Inequality Grows

By - Jesse Strecker The median wealth of white households is 20 times larger than that of Black households, and 18 times larger than that of Latino families, a report published by the Pew Research Center shows. This is the biggest difference that the Census has found in the 25 years that it has collected […]