Berkeley Unified School District staff recommends denying REALM charter a home

  Good News for Berkeley Residents: The staff recommendation of the Berkeley Board of Education is recommending the proposed REALM charter school be denied Readers might recall that the REALM charter school was proposed to the City of Berkeley and to the Berkeley School Board and then rapidly the petition was withdrawn.  You can read […]

Report on March and Rally to Defend Public Education and where we go from here in our struggles

Readers- As you know I have spent a great deal of time bringing you the news regarding the efforts of ‘By any Means Necessary’, or BAMN ( and their efforts to stop privatization city by city, but especially in Detroit.  I have done this for the purpose of letting readers know about the struggles against […]

Fighting the corporate sludge: High school students organize to protest privatization in D.C. while The Walton Family ponies up $25,000,000 for merit pay

You might remember ‘Jamal’ from my article on Detroit Public schools, “Corporate Barbarians at the Gate: Wal-Mart internships at Detroit Schools” ( Jamal is the high school student who fought against and continues to fight against the Wal-martization of schools, both in Detroit and now nationally. I gave him the anonymous name, Jamal in my article, so as not to put him in a position of probable reprisals from smarmy administrators, private Pinkertons and politicians looking to punish kids for standing up for their human rights.


Stop Bobb and Bing from Privatizing Public Education and Public Services Stop the School Closings—No More Charters If We Unite and Fight We Can Win! Detroit Mass Meeting to Organize and Spread the Campaign of Resistance Against Dismantling Detroit THURSDAY, MAR. 25, 5:30PM Gracious Savior Church, 19484 James Couzens Highway (at Hubbell), Detroit 48235 Get […]


As the privatization of education moves with unprecedented zeal, under the blind eyes of the nation’s corporate media, more and more one can begin to see the ideological threats to American students and American social culture.  As Texas wrangles with new textbooks that substitute John Calvin for Thomas Jefferson, many corporate charter chains are now […]

Dateline Rhode Island: Another avalanche against public school teachers: the right wing organizes through the Duncan Administration to privatize eductation

The public education deterioration metastasizes  Crime scene: this time Rhode Island It seems that the “turnover artists” (for they turnover schools to privatizers) are pillaging Rhode Island public schools as we knew they eventually would.  While Obama plays hacki sak with Republicans over a public option for health care, capitalism takes more and more victims […]

Rhode Island: The predators have landed

The public education deterioration metastasizes  Crime scene: Rhode Island It seems that the “turnover artists” (for they turnover schools to privatizers) are pillaging Rhode Island public schools as we knew they eventually would.  While Obama plays hacki sak with Republicans over a public option for health care on TV, capitalism takes more and more victims […]

Charter Schools segregate but more than this they also feed into societal dis-association, disunity and work to vitiate the values we need to build a coherent movement to challenge corporatocracy

This is why I posted the photo I did of a 1950’s class for my article on education. See the picture? All white. Pre-Brown v. Board of Education implementation.
Charter schools, as I and many others have argued for years, is not only a return to Plessy v. Ferguson and a repeal of Brown v. Board of Education, they and those who promote them (the oliarchic shadow government of Gates, Walton Family, Broad, et. al.) promise to destroy public education in entirety and this is the point: without a public we cannot grow the essential moral values such as solidarity, diversity appreciation, equitable opportunities and participatory democracy. Why? Simple, they are privatized enclaves of a “pull-out” society and thus they work to vitiate the above values not support them. They represent ‘hand to hand combat’ in an effort to get an education and not a very good one at that.

The “Quiet Revolution”: Charter Schools flex their muscles with the help of despicable reporting in the Los Angeles Times

Uncritically accepting that standardized tests have anything to do with learning and teaching is of course the underlying assumption behind the story about charter schools in the Los Angeles Times. Reporters, Landsberg, Smith and Blume accept the premise that students need high-stakes standardized testing one size fits all, in order to become an educated person in today’s society. Of course their definition of an ‘educated person’ is in keeping with calls to “compete with China” and beef up a failing capitalist system beholden to the trans-national corporations. But their bias doesn’t stop their.

Transforming education right in front of your eyes: Get ready for the charter school revolution and the Race to the Top

What I will describe has been an ideological undertaking hatched in the back rooms of Wall Street in an effort to back hand the public. Schooling has now been transformed into a business plan and an ominous one at that, if one is interested in safeguarding anything public. The whole plan goes under many names: Charter Management Organizations, Profile Schools, the Diverse Provider Strategy and more. It is an idiomatic and thus ideological undertaking now, a Machiavellian Race to the Top in an effort to convince an unsuspecting community that public schools, the teachers, the unions, along with the students who inhabit them are cretins, or philistines in need of remediation or rehabilitation.