The word “war” has its origin as meaning “confusion.”

US Wars of Aggression were only possible from public confusion of the facts; especially the fact of war law:

  • After two world wars and all our families sacrifices, the US led the creation of two treaties that limit armed attack on another nation only if attacked by another nation’s government. The law is just that simple.
  • US armed attacks on Afghanistan, Iraq, all drone-targeted nations, and support for Israel armed attacks on Palestinians are therefore Orwellian unlawful. They are Wars of Aggression, the most egregious crime a nation can commit, and how Nazi leaders were prosecuted.
  • Importantly, all reasons for war with Afghanistan, Iraq, and possible war with Iran are all now proved as lies known to be false as they were/are told.

US public and military’s confusion over these facts is ending. The 99% is turning from these lies and crimes that kill millions, harm billions, and loot trillions of our dollars. Indeed, the US has killed 20-30 million in such wars since WW2, and has a long history of lie-began and treaty-violating wars that 1% criminal-complicit corporate media intentionally lie in omission.

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