John Kerry has spent most of his political career masquerading as a liberal, but recent events have continued to unmask him as another psychotic plutocrat with nothing but contempt for the Constitution, democracy, American citizens and the rule of law.


On August 1, 2013 Kerry made the claim that the Egyptian Army restored democracy to Egypt by overthrowing the democratically elected government of Mohammed Morsi. The army has gone on to kill scores of Morsi supporters and civilians, yet Kerry insists this does not represent a coup. According to the Guardian UK:

“In the strongest words of US support yet for the new leadership, Kerry said the Egyptian army had been “restoring democracy” when it toppled Morsi. “The military was asked to intervene by millions and millions of people, all of whom were afraid of a descent into chaos, into violence,” he told Pakistan’s GEO TV on Thursday. And the military did not take over, to the best of our judgment so – so far” (


Now look at Egypt and the bloodshed that runs the streets like Heinz Ketchup (


Kerry’s statement is just one more lie promoted by a corrupt establishment to legitimize its unlawful, imperialistic and criminal conduct. Kerry’s passion for democracy reminds one of the Bush regime’s argument that it invaded Iraq due to weapons of mass destruction and then of course changed tune, with an interview in the Boston Globe stating that Bush had a “Messianic vision for democracy in Iraq” (

The hypocrisy of US foreign policy is breathtaking.   Democracy is needed here in the US and if this was taken seriously, Kerry would be thrown into the ‘recycle bin’ of history along with his paymasters.

By law, the US would be required to cease aid to the Egyptian military in the event of a coup.  Yet as Chomsky states, America supports democracy when it is in its interests; when it is not, then democracy, be damned (ibid). Just like War is Peace, Ignorance is Strength, and Freedom is Slavery (Orwell’s 1984), a bloody coup has now been proclaimed as restoration of democracy.


Kerry, a faithful member of the inner corporate party, has demonstrated himself to be a master of Newspeak and Doublethink. This is the so called “war hero that threw his medals from Vietnam away due to ‘conscience”.  It is enough to make one sick. The Snowden affair has further unmasked Kerry as blindly defending a corrupt, corporate establishment of which he is a part — making John Kerry the quintessential essence of American fraud and hypocrisy. It also lends proof to the fact that there is no difference between a corporate democrat or a corporate republican save the fact corporate democrats still have credence in the minds of most of the public due brainwashing and the lack of a free press.


Kerry has had the audacity to call Snowden “a traitor to his country”, demanding his return to the US and respect for the rule of law. (

Yet calling Snowden a traitor for revealing the lies of NSA chiefs Keith Alexander and James Clapper and disclosing unconstitutional surveillance programs and unmasking secret courts, is another example of official Washington’s Newspeak and Doublethink meant to justify its corrupt, imperialist and unlawful deeds. Again, Chomsky is salient: corruption is good if it is in the US interests, bad if it is not.

Official Washington demagoguery defends its lies by calling them ‘legal interpretations’.  This is what the DOJ did when Eric Holder was caught lying about investigating journalists for potential prosecution in the James Rosen affair. “Legal interpretations” is more classic doublespeak designed to conceal more than it reveals.

Calling Snowden a traitor reveals Kerry’s contempt for the Constitution, American citizens, democracy and the rule of law, exposing him as another corrupt plutocrat. It is no small irony that Kerry has praised the Egyptian coup as the restoration of democracy while simultaneously calling Snowden a traitor for exposing unlawful acts by the US government. In both cases Kerry supports control of government by military and security interests, making him little more than a petty fascist and imperialist.

Kerry is one of a number of millionaires who believe being Senator, President or Secretary of State is their entitlement or birthright.  But Kerry is more pathetic than most, because he acquired his millions through marriage, making him little more than a gold digger, loafer and a kept man (

Kerry’s million dollar yacht


Perhaps Edward Snowden’s greatest gift to our republic is unmasking the myriad of corporate Democratic politicians who claimed to represent working people, civil liberties, and the rule of law, as little more than a gaggle of criminals serving their corporate masters with little regard for American citizens or the Constitution. This includes corporate democratic Senators such as Chuck Schumer Diane Feinstein, and corporate Congressmen such as Debbie Wassman Schultz, Steny Hoyer, Nancy Pelosi and Chris Van Hollen. The following link reveal the entirety of Congressman who voted against the Amash Amendment (HR 2397) to defund the NSA’s phone surveillance program back in late July (

It will be only a matter of time when the American people, if many have not already, see that corporate democrats are exactly that: corporate paid lapdogs for Wall Street, the military-drug industrial complex and the one percent. People soon will see they are delusional plutocrats who do the bidding of their masters with ‘mucho gusto’ while the blood runs hot due to their criminal acts.

Then, and perhaps then, people will begin to organize a real opposition to the capitalist economy and foreign policy so beholden to the military-drug complex and the one percent and not accept the ‘lesser ot two evils” as anything more than ‘two evils’.