Pension theft: Marie Benedetto, a retired San Francisco math teacher, says CalPERS is increasing teachers’ insurance premium for long-term health care a whopping 85 percent

Long-term care rate hike stuns CALPERS teacher and public worker retirees and they should be stunned.  For the forces of reaction are not just cannibalizing our kids, but they are helping themselves to a hefty plate of senior pensions in their Donner Party dinner that includes all public pensions.  All over the nation, since 2010, as I have reported, teacher pension funds have been the big pinata for investment bankers, banks, politicians, and hedge funds all looking for a free ride in the ‘free market’ and all the other scallywags we call ‘job  creators’, investment specialists and undemocratic representatives.  They are in fact, job destroyers and when they can’t get their hands on jobs to destroy, they look, like the vampires they are, to suck the blood out of public worker pensions and leave workers decimated.  This is the slow incremental drip of austerity, American style.

In a recent article in the San Francisco Gate, online, reporter Victoria Colliver has written about how CALPERS is now being attacked by the demons of despair — the financial class and the ruling elites.  All this while Jerry Brown, capitalism’s ‘handshake’, sits back and makes budget decisions along with his cronies that promise to devastate the public sector and its members.  Brown is part of a long line of neo-liberal politicians who likes to quote Zen sayings while he slashes and burns California.  There was a time he posed as a liberal but that was before ‘neo’ liberalism to which he has taken a fond liking to.  He is little more than a huckster.

From charter schools to budget devastation, from cuts in welfare and childrens’ needs to slashing public pensions, Brown has proved to be the scourge of California, doing what Schwartznegger could never do under a republican administration.  Now he is after seniors and retirees, while he and his wife, founder of the Gap, attend parties with criminal Sandy Weill of Citigroup (remember Weill: he orchestred the destruction of Glass-Seagal, which seperated investment banks from ‘regular’ banks).

Yet Brown, no friend of working people, really is only a minor method actor in the destruction of the public commons.  Meanwhile, while ’the Governor’ and his wife enjoy lofty parties with ruling elites, working people actually die.

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