by Jenny Miller

The other day I was hanging out with Timothy, a neighborhood kid, when our friend Emma came up, waving a newspaper.  “I can’t believe it!” she said, “they’re planning to put fluoride in our wonderful clean Sonoma County water supply.”  “So what’s wrong with that?” I asked.  Don’t you want all the little kids to have strong teeth?” “Fluoridation doesn’t improve anyone’s teeth,” she snapped.  “Why is it that children in Europe, where they’ve almost completely abolished the practice of fluoridation, have the same amount of dental decay that children in this country do, even though most of our water supply is fluoridated?  And it’s not even really fluoride,” she continued,“it’s fluorosilicic acid, an industrial waste product from the phosphate fertilizer industry.  It was killing all the animals and vegetation near the fertilizer plants, and making people sick, so they had to think of a profitable way to get rid of it.”

“Wait, just a minute” I interrupted. “Fluoridation has been around for a long time, probably before they even had phosphate fertilizer plants.” “Yes,” Emma replied, “Originally it was dreamed up by tycoons in the aluminum and nuclear industries, since they needed to a place to dump their toxic fluoride too. Before fluoride started being inserted into our water supply, it was used primarily as a rat poison.

The industrial leaders hired Freud’s nephew, a guy named Bernays, to convince the American people that hazardous waste is good for us. He was the same guy that convinced American women that smoking cigarettes was a both glamorous and liberating, by having debutantes in a women’s march all light up cigarettes when he gave the signal.  Even the Nazis learned their mass brainwashing techniques from Bernays.”

Just to humor her, I said “OK, maybe somebody is getting rich by selling us their industrial waste products, but isn’t that the American way?  If it keeps me from having to go to the dentist, I’m all for it.”  Emma glared at me.  “If you think fluoride is so great, you can go to a dentist who will paint it on your teeth.  Use it in your mouthwash!  Or in  your toothpaste!

The state of California will even pay to have kids’ teeth painted with fluoride, for those parents who’ve been brainwashed to think it’s good for them.  But first they should know it’s a drug, even the FDA says so.  Excess fluoride can cause the teeth to get mottled and disfigured.  Why should we all be drugged so that some parents can feel it’s ok to give their kids junk food, believing their kids’ teeth will be protected? I bet you didn’t know that Harvard University recently came out with a study that found that children in areas with fluoridated water had lower IQs than kids who live in non-fluoridated areas.  Other studies have said the same thing.  Do you really want Timothy to grow up with a lowered IQ?”

‘Emma,” I said, trying to remain calm.  “You’re starting to sound like that character in ‘Dr. Strangelove’ who said we’re all being poisoned by fluoride in the water supply. You can’t believe everything you read on the internet.”  Emma ignored me, and continued:  “What about people with kidney disease?  It’s especially toxic for them since they can’t easily excrete it. What about diabetics—a lot of them have impaired kidneys. Is anyone asking them if they want fluoridated water?  What about athletes or heavy laborers, who drink four times as much water as everyone else?  They’ll be getting four times as much of this drug.

Has anyone told Hispanic and Black people around here that they are genetically at much higher risk than other people for the toxic effects of fluoride? Studies have shown that the rate of dental disfigurment due to excess fluoride is twice as high in black children as  it is for white children in the same fluoridated areas.  No wonder civil rights leaders in Georgia have taken a unified stand against fluoridation.”

Emma continued, “The Board of Supes here in Sonoma County is saying the idea is to help low income children, but those kids are the ones that will be hurt the most by water fluoridation.  If it’s added to powdered baby formula, even the proponents admit that the amount of fluoride is way over the safe limit for infants.  Mothers who can’t breastfeed won’t even be able  to feed their kids without buying bottled water, that is if anyone in the Health Dept bothers to tell them it’s not safe, which is doubtful.  And how are they supposed to afford all that bottled water?  What about the pollution of adding millions of plastic bottles to the landfill?  What about the added poison to the environment that dumping this toxin in our water will cause?  Most of it leaks out in the sewage system, killing plants and aquatic life.  And speaking of harm to children, just one half tube of candy-flavored toothpaste has enough fluoride in it to KILL a small child.  It’s not just about mottled teeth and baby formula.  The amount of fluoride that’s used in municipal water supplies is also associated with damage to the thyroid, increased Alzheimers symptoms, bone cancer, auto-immune diseases.  Even the CDC puts it on a list of chemicals that cause an increase in neurotoxity.  And the two leading medical journals in  the U.S. say that fluoridating water results in an increase in bone fractures.

Even if you’re not worried about the fluoride, what about the lead?  Fluoride causes more lead to leak out of water pipes and plumbing, and also causes an increase in lead absorption in the human body.  And this weird fluorosilicic acid stuff they pass off as ‘fluoride’ also contains high levels of arsenic.  Do you really want to be drinking and bathing and washing dishes in water containing higher levels of arsenic for the rest of your life?” “I dunno” I replied.  “Maybe we should just let the experts decide.”  “Well,” Emma said, “fourteen Nobel prize-winning scientists have gone on record as opposing water fluoridation.  Don’t you think they might have good scientific reasons for their position?

When a top scientist at the EPA, William Marcus, disclosed that the reports showing the safety of fluoridation had been doctored to hide its harmful effects, he was immediately fired.  A judge later ordered him to be reinstated, since there was no basis for the firing other than his refusal to hide the facts.” “OK,  OK,” I said, “but you’re making it sound like a horrible poison. Next you’ll say that they use fluoride to make deadly nerve gases like Sarin.” Emma hesitated for a moment: “Since you brought it up, it is the  main ingredient in Sarin.””  “No, I can’t hear any more!” I yelled.  “I know,” she said, “the truth can sometimes really hurt, but here are some websites that will document everything I’ve been telling you,” she said, handing me a piece of paper.

As soon as she had left I crumpled up the paper and tossed it in a nearby trash can. “Timothy, don’t listen to her.  Why always focus on the negative?  It’s a beautiful day.  Let’s go fishing.”  “Fishing?” Timothy cried. “How do we know we can even eat the fish if this fluoridation plan goes through?”  Timothy fished the paper out of the trash can, and started studying it.  “Fluoridegate!  I started watching that on youtube last week before my Dad told me to stop rotting my brain and come and watch the Super Bowl.  I know you can’t trust anyone over twelve, but in that film there were a whole bunch of kids protesting fluoridation of the New York City water supply.  They said their fifth grade class made it a school project to research it, and they discovered it was really bad for them.  I’d like to see the rest of the movie.  Maybe you should check out these websites too,” he said, smoothing out the crumpled paper.

To see the movie, come to the Arlene Frances Center in Santa Rosa (99 6th St., RailroadSquare) on Sunday, March 24th for a showing of the film “Fluoridegate,” at 1 pm.  It will be followed by an organizational meeting for activists and the public with visiting leader Paul Connett Phd, director, of the Fluoride Action Network.  The following day, Monday, he will be giving a power point talk at the Glaser Center in Santa Rosa at 6 pm, followed by a town hall meeting on fluoridation, to which County officials will be invited.  For more details about the info in this article, check out the following websites:, (containing a listing of dozens of scientific articles documenting fluoride’s harmful health effects), (“The Fluoride Deception” video),or look in your local bookstore for “The Fluoride Deception” by Christopher Bryson.