California mother arrested for leaving her daughter in a grocery store on Sunday

After appealing to the public, police arrested Chiengkham ‘Cindy’ Vilaysane, and are reportedly ‘100 per cent confident’ she is the mother of the toddler. Below are also some videos from ‘MailOnline’ telling us more about the news.

The child wandered away from Vilaysane while in the store, and at one point when another shopper brought her back to the mother, she reportedly said to the other shopper ‘just leave her’.

Vilaysane then continued her shopping, checked out at the cashier’s desk, and left without her daughter. The girl was found around 5pm at the Food-4-Less on Van Buren Boulevard in Riverdale, unharmed but alone.

It has been said that for Vilaysane to act in such a way, maybe she had a lot going through her mind like financial issues and stress from her ‘husband to be’ because she posted a number of lovely photos on Facebook of herself and her daughter some months back and then on March 2 she posted that she was ‘ready to leave whenever’ with her ‘husband to be’