What Do Mt. Clemens, MI and James Bond Have In Common? Both are victims of “trickle down”/supply side economics. Both are bankrupt. MGM was sold a couple of times. The hapless buyers thought that surely people would collect DVDs of the classics held in the MGM film library. The NPR reporter said, yesterday, that people are running out of room on the shelf for more DVDs. Huh?

The Tea Party, the Republicans, and the Media—NPR included, appear to be really out of touch. THEY are all saying we must sacrifice; We must cut all the discretionary spending of the government; We must cut Social Security; We must cut the deficit; We must extend ALL the Bush tax cuts. Huh?

No one is buying DVDs because no one has any money. Got it? Giving millionaires and billionaires tax breaks will not help this country. That is not the solution- that is the PROBLEM! There is not enough money to run the rest of the economy. Tax breaks for the rich will not help the economy. They don’t need another Porsche or Mercedes CK. They are not made here anyway. Income has to be redistributed.

This crap that the Deficit Commission came up with is criminal. Their suggestions cut what is left of the middle and lower classes to shreds. Extending the tax cuts to the folks earning beyond $250K/couple is but a final twist of the knife.

Mt. Clemens shut down their police department six years ago. They couldn’t afford it anymore. <http://www.nytimes.com/2010/11/20/us/20michigan.html> Fire departments, streetlights, and roads will be the next to go. General Motors won’t be able to come back if there is no one to buy the car. Got it?

Worried about not having enough kids graduating, who know how to read or operate a calculator? Try this one. The $1.5 million deficit facing Mt. Clemens does not include their Board of Education. They are $24 million in debt. Their schools will close.

MGM filed for bankruptcy. If they can scrape the money together, they can make one last James Bond. The only question is who will be able to scrape the $7 together to go see it. I went to see “Harry Potter” yesterday. It was opening day and there were only about 20 people in the whole place. Perhaps there will be more people today- it is Saturday.

In Mt Clemens it doesn’t matter what day it is. It is hard to figure out which is falling faster—incomes or property values, but both spell doom for this canary in the coal mine. Mt Clemens is also not the Lone Ranger…

Plunging property values across Michigan have greatly reduced the revenue collected by municipalities, and tax caps hinder governments’ abilities to demand more from businesses and residents. A proposal that would have allowed Mount Clemens to increase its tax rate was defeated this month by a little fewer than 500 votes.

Ms. Dempsey’s unusual request came several days after Hamtramck, a city adjacent to Detroit, asked the state for permission to file for bankruptcy, something no Michigan government had ever done before. The departing governor, Jennifer M. Granholm, said she hoped to find an alternative for Hamtramck, but warned that many communities were nearing insolvency.

“You’ve got a perfect storm hitting many of these communities,” Ms. Granholm told Michigan Radio, “and this is an issue that’s going to be very difficult over the next few years as the property taxes continue to decline, and communities all across the state are going to need some additional support if they’re going to provide the services that citizens expect.”

It is obvious that the Tea Party, The Republicans, and the Blue Dog Democrats are not going to get it. They do not understand three things. They haven’t figured out that it is necessary for the government to take care of the less fortunate. They haven’t figured out that not only do we need government services, we must pay for them too. They are right about one thing, we are not sustainable the way we are today. You didn’t go to the polls to vote so now you have to find another way to tell them. Try to be gentle.