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Kaplan University is a criminal enterprise that must be indicted under the RICCO Act

If you have read my article on Kaplan University: Blood Bank for the Washington Post you will see that the Post is being kept alive by the Kaplan subsidiary.

Yet Kaplan University is a criminal enterprise.  Not only should it be shut down but it should be prosecuted under the federal RICCO Act for criminal conspiracy, fraud, larceny, misrepresentation and more claims of criminal foul play.

In the next week I will be publishing a story about Kaplan University but specifically about CHI/Kaplan the the Surge Tech program that Kaplan ran for some ten years.  There, I will allege with proof and documentation that Kaplan stole Title IV monies kowingly and with intent and malice of forethought from students;  that they beguiled students into entering into a program that required an ‘externship’ that Kaplan knew they could not provide and that Kaplan took their Title IV monies and left them with little more than a nightmare and in debt.  Kaplan then gave students ‘leaves of absences’ to get around the federal law regarding enrollment so they would not have to drop students and violate the law against high default rates.  This would have meant no Title IV Monies.  Kaplan would then not be able to be the large rainmaker for the Washington Post, the stocks would plummet (WOP) and the paper no doubt fold.

The students that were predated by Kaplan were mostly women (poor or working class latina and black women) and close to 300 of them were dropped — flushed down the toilet —  from this CHI/Kplan Surge Tech program in Pennsylvania. 

Kaplan knew exactly what they were doing, how to get around the law to get their greedy hands on your tax money in the form of Title IV funds, and then leave close to three hundred (300 minority women) students in default of their loans — loans that cannot be disharged in bankruptcy, loans that you pay for through tax subsidies and loans that these students will owe for life.

The students not only owe monies for life, debt peonage, but now have their credit destroyed, cannot rent homes, get credit, or participate in economic life.  They are ruined by a criminal conspiracy operating under a business plan by Kaplan.  

I will divulge the specifics of the criminal behavior, names, dates, instances of fraud, how the Surge Tech program worked next week.  You will then see the “hell” that is Kaplan University and understand the vampiric economic practices it engages in to break students legs, go through their pockets and like parasites looking for a host, search out their arteries.

In the interim, take a look at how Kaplan, Blood Bank for Donald Graham, President of the Washington Post (WOP), a publicly traded corporation works. 

Kaplan now has plans for partnering with the Caifornia Junior Colleges, threatening to swallow up the public sector in their criminal enterprise.

That is unless we stop them.  If you have any information on the CHI/Kaplan program or any other information, please let me know.  My ee-mail is posted at this website.  Everything remains confidential as it has for this upcoming article.  No names are revealed.  But without a Wikileaks on Kaplan we cannot shut it down and prosecute it.  That is why we need you, your anonymity will always remain but documentation is what is needed.

Please help, Kaplan is crawling out of its coffin 24/7 and vampiring mostly poor, working class and minority students.  They need your help.,0,7297093.story

South Florida

Kaplan College suspends admissions at Pembroke Pines campus following federal investigation

By Scott Travis, Sun Sentinel

, August 5, 2010

Kaplan College in Pembroke Pines suspends enrollment following federal investigation

In an unprecedented move for the for-profit higher education industry, Kaplan College in Pembroke Pines has stopped enrolling new students after federal investigators uncovered incidents of high pressure and potentially fraudulent and misleading sales tactics.

A second Kaplan campus in Riverside, Calif., also put new admissions on hold, pending the results of an internal investigation.

Among the incidents uncovered at the Pembroke Pines location, an admissions officer falsely told an applicant that the school had the same accreditation as Harvard and the University of Florida. The officer wouldn’t let the applicant speak to a financial aid representative until she signed an enrollment contract. And he told her not to worry about repaying student loans because “tomorrow’s never promised.”

Enrollment in for-profit colleges has grown from about 365,000 to almost 1.8 million in the last few years, federal officials said. In 2009, students at for-profit colleges received more than $4 billion in Pell Grants and more than $20 billion in federal loans provided by the U.S. Department of Education.

During its investigation, agents for the Government Accountability Office posed as applicants at 15 randomly selected for-profit colleges. Using a hidden camera, agents also found potentially fraudulent practices at an unspecified MedVance location in Florida and one school each in Washington, D.C., and California.

“I continue to be amazed by the questionable, and sometimes outright illegal, practices occurring within the for-profit sector,” said Sen. Tom Harkin, D- Iowa, chairman of the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, which heard the report Wednesday. “Critics say that it is only a few bad apples, but we need to take a hard look at the entire orchard.”

Kaplan Inc., which is owned by the Washington Post Co., has about 50,000 students in its colleges, universities and online programs.

Kaplan officials said they found the disclosures “sickening.” “They violate in every way the principles on which Kaplan is run,” said a joint statement from Donald E. Graham, chairman and chief executive of The Washington Post Co., and Andrew S. Rosen, chairman and chief executive of Kaplan Inc. “We will do everything in our power to eliminate such conduct from Kaplan’s education institutions.”

Officials said they will take “all necessary actions — including termination — with respect to any employee found to be in violation of our clearly outlined standards and the code of conduct.”

In addition to the Pembroke Pines campus, the company has student locations in Plantation, Delray Beach and Jacksonville, although most Florida students take classes online. The company also has a large administrative office in Fort Lauderdale.

The Pembroke Pines campus opened in January 2010 and has about 160 students, company officials said. It offers degrees and certificates in such areas as medical practice management, criminal justice and information technology. Current students at Kaplan schools will not be affected, company officials said.

Officials from MedVance, which is based in Baltimore, could not be reached for comment. The company specializes in training for careers in health-related professions.They have locations in West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Stuart.

The Governmental Accountability Office reported all 15 schools investigated had instances of questionable sales practices, which some say is an indication of widespread problems within the for-profit sector.

“So many publicly traded companies have incredible unrealistic growth expectations,” said David Hawkins, director of Public Policy and Research for the National Association for College Admission Counseling. “Wall Street expects quarter after quarter of growth, so the schools feel pressure to shove in enrollment, and you get an untenable situation.”

Federal law prohibits admissions officers from being paid solely by the number of students they enroll, but the law does allow it to be a factor. And experts say it’s a huge factor at many of these schools.

“The admissions officers are nothing but paid recruiters,” said John W. Andrews, a Tampa lawyer who has represented some former employees who have sued Kaplan.

The Senate committee said it plans to request extensive documents from 30 companies operating for-profit schools.

The federal investigators have referred the four cases of potential fraud to the Department of Education’s inspector general. The Florida Department of Education also has contacted Kaplan and MedVance, but wouldn’t say whether it’s taking any action, said Sam Ferguson, executive director of the Commission for Independent Education.

Hawkins said he thinks the investigation will lead to reforms in the industry.

The findings concerned Kathy Mizereck, executive director of Florida Association of Postsecondary Schools & Colleges., which advocates for Florida’s for-profit schools. She said she doesn’t think these problems exist at all for-profit schools.

“Whether or not someone feels too much pressure to enroll a student probably depends on the individual,” she said. “But there are lines that people should not be crossing. This is a reminder that we need to stay on the right side of the lines.”
See the GAO reoprt and video at:

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About The Author

Dr. Danny Weil is a public interest attorney who has practiced for more than twenty years and has been published in a case of first impression in California. He is no longer active as a lawyer but has written seven books on education, has taught second grade in South Central LA, PS 122, taught K-1 migrant children in Santa Maria, California and Guadalupe, California, taught in the California Youth Authority to first and second degree murderers and taught for seventeen years at Allan Hancock Junior College in Santa Maria, CA. in the philosophy department. Dr. Weil holds a BA in Political Economics and Philosophy, a multi-subject bilingual credential in education (he is fluent in Spanish) and has a PhD in Critical Thinking. He is a writer for the Truthout Intellectual Project.

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  • Jord Dorwell

    The bottom line is always the same. You can’t “partner” business and government without it ending up as a scam for ripping off tax-payers.

  • weilunion

    Thank you, Jord for the public private partnership is neo-liberal capitalism. The fiduciary responsibility of the corporation and its CEO’s is to the shareholders, not the so-called beneficiaries of the ‘partneship’. Government by itself, without the market, does not have this fiduciary responsibility. The fiduciary responsibility is to the people.

    So when the government is used as a public trough for the ‘partnership’ — it is public money being siphoned off to be given to the privatizers so they can create more opportunity and wealth for their fiduciary responsibility — profit. And only profit.

    In the case of Kaplan, it is racketeering that I will show and prove next week. For you will not read it in the Washington Post.


  • weilunion

    I am posting to e-mails I received but without names:

    Here they go:

    First: Kaplan is a blood bath

    I know my friend Angelique emailed you monday. I am also a victim to the Kaplan monster and I have a lot of information and proof to back my self up and I wanted to thank you for your article. I am taken them down with or without any help.

    Thanks Again,

    The second e-mail:

    I recently found your article, “Kaplan University: Blood Bank for the
    Washington Post” from 27 July 2010. I am a former student of Kaplan and
    am in contact with an attorney who is in the process of pursuing a class
    action lawsuit against the facility. I cannot even begin to describe
    what I experienced there as it was more like an episode of “The Twilight
    Zone” rather than an educational experience.

    I wanted to pass on some recent articles about Kaplan that tied in
    nicely with some of the things you wrote about in the above article
    (great job BTW!). If you are interested in what my experience was, I
    just recently finished a summary to my ……… that I could share
    with you. The main points are included in the letter, but there was so
    much that happened in the 10 months that I was enrolled that it is
    impossible to compile without writing a novel. My experience included
    everything from financial aid fraud, plagiarism, professors lacking
    basic writing skills, students that should not be in a college
    environment, deception in each department, quizzes that could be taken
    over and over until achieving 100%, grading leniently (this is an
    understatement), and so much more.

  • Misty

    There is a class action law suit in the process The attorney is listed on this page. Including a lot of current info on the fraud of Kaplan.


  • weilunion

    Thank, Mist and students or former students should be apprised they have legal rights against Kaplan, the issue is finding an attorney not just out to make a buck, one with a very large office for Kaplan will and has spent millions defending suits (Washington Post money) and assuring the attorney does not sign a settlement agreement that promises not to disclose the facts of the case, which is what often happens.

    We need attorneys who can not only afford students redress, but disclose the facts of the case and not hide them from the public for quick buck!

  • Sylvia

    Kaplan has a new trick up its sleeve for keeping the money rolling. They now require their instructors to perform “outreach” and call and harass students who have chosen not to participate in the instructor’s online class. I used to teach for Kaplan back when the quality and education of the students seemed to be a priority. Now it is required that instructors call students at home and at work every single week and to bully students into completing a class. The reason? A student told me that if students don’t finish the block of classes that they are enrolled in, then they can’t register for the next round of classes. If they can’t register, then Kaplan loses that student’s student loan money for that next term. In other words, instructors have to do whatever it takes to get students to submit anything that is halfway passable to justify pushing them through the class. This keeps the student loan gravy train rolling.

    Kaplan has changed over the past five years. Department chairs actually cared about quality and student learning. Now they care about the number of students who pass a class. They can’t bully instructors into passing a student who does not submit ANYTHING, so now, instructors have to call, call, and call students. It does not matter if a student chooses not to complete, tells you about a medical problem, etc. Instructors must bully those students into finishing the class so that Kaplan can register them for the next ones. I have a master’s degree and a lot of experience in my field, but I quit when I was told that I had to harass students at home and work. I don’t think a teacher should EVER impose upon a student’s privacy. Calling them at work or during dinner with their families is offensive and intrusive. These are grown people, and if they have a personal circumstance that makes participating in class impossible at the time, so be it. But forcing them to submit poor quality work so we can get a pass out of that student is unethical. Now I realize this was just a continuation of the bullying that has been aimed at poor and minority students, from admissions to financial aid to the instructors themselves! Shameful!

  • weilunion

    Much thanks, Sylvia. Readers now can see the myriad scams pulled on students and how this criminal syndicate steals taxpayer monies.

    For-profit means against people. Simply said, for one cannot derive profits without human carnage. Kaplan is a diploma mill and regulating them is not the answer.

    They rank right up there with Pay-Day loan or Check Cashing scams. They need to be targeted and made illegal.

    Yes, ‘outreach’ they call it when it is simply deranged bullying for body counts. This operation is little different than say, Blackwater or any other corporation. They make up their own language to mask their ruthless investor interests, The Washington Post.

    this is not a school, it is a factory for profit buliding. Education doesn’t take place at Kaplan, mugging does and this thuggery then turns into buggery.

    Again, thanks for letting us know the snake oil plan, Sylvia.

    Students: stay away from Kaplan University, Corinthian, Strayer, DeVry etc. They are laundry matts of despair where the only thing learned comes after you get involved — how you’ve been mugged.

  • Assaulted professor

    Someone needs to check out the Kaplan Campus in Arlington. Things are not right there on so many levels. I had to quit my job because I was assualted by a student - something that hasn’t happened to me in 20 years of teaching. The students’ interests are not put first - money is. I worry for those students who cannot walk away and get another job, like I can. The four months I was there was a nightmare - details don’t matter, except to say that a student on prescription medication was allowed to SHOVE me and nothing was done. I couldn’t even get a response from my DOE. Filling seats for money is not school - learning is.

  • Danny Weil
  • Kim

    I am currently a Kaplan student and I would like to join anyone and everyone on a class action lawsuit against Kaplan University. I am a online student in the Medical Assistant program and I am currently suppose to be starting my externship but that is another story…my problem with Kaplan is the fact that they are trying to get me to pay a $900.00 “one time fee” for the MA program….well needless to say my advisor didn’t tell me anything about this til about the begining of this year! I have talked to financial aid and student accounts and I was told that financial aid doesn’t cover this fee…which is bullshit because on their program catalog it states right there that this fee can be picked up by financial aid!!! So I want to know why mine wasn’t!! I have spoken to many other students in the same program as me and they all have said that they didn’t know anything about that fee or that their financial aid picked it up….I’m not going to pay this..I feel that I am being bullied by student accounts everyday I get phone calls about this and I am sick of this!!! My husband is also a student at Kaplan and is a Army veteran that decided to use his GI Bill for a college education and now he is at the end of his term and they won’t let him move on to getting bachelors because his 2 last classes wasn’t covered under financial aid because it was less than 6 credits…no one didn’t tell him this til after the fact, after he had started the classes…you don’t get to pick your classes to take, they are choosen for you and there isn’t any changes…you have to take those classes!! So needless to say Student accounts are hounding him as well for $700.00!!! Now that I know what I know now about this school…I would have NEVER EVER signed up!!! Someone please contact me in regards to the lawsuit @ [email protected]…..Thanks


    • Marge

      I know what you are talking about. I am no in my last semester, as was hit with a $2000 bill for 2009 that they said was not covered by financial aid. How can that be if we are now closing 2010, you mean to tell me that 14 months after the fact you realize that my financial aid did not cover everything, but yet they managed to send me 3 checks because my financial aid was above what my classes, this year (all 3 are less than $2000.) If you are considering a class action, please count me in.

  • Danny Weil

    Kim, I sent your name to Shannon, another victim. she is organizing action groups. She will write you! If she does not, write me at [email protected]

    We must fight! See a big article on the whole stinking mess at on Wednesday this week!


  • http://[email protected] Shannon Croteau

    First of all this is nicely written article and I think it should pertain to everyone across the nation, a federal act.

    I have a Yahoo Group that is getting people to join everyday and it can be found in Yahoo groups: [email protected] and I invite anybody who has been a victim of Kaplan and is willing to work as one voice instead of many.
    I want to add something here and if you feel this discribes you or someone you know or both please join the group:

    What About the Victims?

    I am glad that these articles are coming out about these “illegal, fraudulent, for profit schools” but when is the “lip service” going to stop and someone is going to help us; we are the casualties of Kaplan University. Why are all the Attorneys scared of the “Big Bad Kaplan Monster”? I have shared my story along with my newly found friends (unfortunately because of being victimized by Kaplan) to lawyers, law makers, investigative reporters and NOTHING is being done. I sit here with my storage bin full of proof for the “needle in a haystack” that cares that our families and bills are suffering because we believed what we were told by this proverbial snake in the grass, Kaplan, which bit us while we were down. I have had it; we have been prisoners from day one under moral duress and civil conspiracy with the “school” and the lenders (that is another story; it does involve Kaplan and their illegal dealings). There are so many dimensions to everybody’s story, but the common denominator is we were all duped by this illegal institution to trust them and believe that they were professionals and to me they were not professionals. There is an ex employee on one of the complaint boards that was upset because she was fired for her child being sick for too long; the part I am getting to is she was the Manager of the financial aid department and only held a high school diploma. Is that a professional in a financial aid office? Kaplan needs to be held liable and pay the bill as punishment. Why are there double standards for Kaplan and the common criminal? We jail all individuals that break the law; so why are we not punishing Kaplan and its employees that are still pulling a salary, along with the employees of the Washington Post, on my loans that I have to pay and I can’t. Last time I checked that was embezzlement or straight out stealing. The first time I have heard Mr. Arne Dunkin admit “Far too many for-profit schools are saddling students with debt they cannot afford in exchange for degrees and certificates they cannot use. This is a disservice to students and taxpayers, and undermines the valuable work being done by the for-profit education industry as a whole” ok Mr. Arne Dunkin what action are you going to take to fix this? How do they sleep at night? I am guessing very well because unlike the victims they do not have to wonder if they will be homeless tomorrow, will be able to feed their families, have their vehicle repossessed, have irreversible credit damage, and so on. Many of us do not get a good night’s sleep and others cry themselves to sleep only to wake up and find out it was not a nightmare it is your living nightmare. Does anyone care about this? It is time that as victims we are heard by all of those people in power to punish Kaplan, like Mr.Dunkin & Mr. Harkin and all his friends. I am not going away I will write to everyone over and over until I get justice for all of us who have been victimized by the Monster Called Kaplan University.

  • weilunion

    From a source

    Kaplan is is a two-headed monster. The applicants and students are abused AND the employees are as well. This is a lose:lose situation. I am quite certain that the Wash Post knew of these things, but as you point out, it is the paper’s bloodline in these shifting economic times….it was so much easier to look away from the truth and stay focussed instead on the bottom line instead of diversifying and looking for other new ways to generate revenue.

    Kaplan employees are routinely threatened, intimidated, and coerced into carrying out the directives of the greedy management overlords. They are treated like galley slaves. When naive employees try to fix the system or operations or improve the culture, they disappear. They are whisked off in a perp walk and used as an example to the remaining workers as to what will happen to them if they are not very careful….The gigantic irony of the GAO report is that the workers had no choice but to perform as they did and yet now management skates away free as a bird with their bloated salaries and pretends they knew nothing about the strong armed tactics used to get advisors to meet enrollment goals. The hypocrisy is nauseating!!

    I contacted the Schavitz law firm in Deerfield Beach, FL that was successful last year in the unpaid OT class action suit. They must have agreed as part of the settlement to not take any more Kaplan work because even though they were phenomenally successful, they are not taking on any more Kaplan cases. Everyone I know got $2000 from that settlement. Considering there are thousands of employees this was a tidy sum.

    Given all the negative publicity you would think Kaplan would learn how to stop their tactics. The management structure, so bloated with Directors, Associate Directors, VPs, Executive Directors, is throughly corrupt and evil. They treat their own employees EXACTLY as they do applicants and students — they abuse, demean them, humiliate them and threaten them routinely. Students at Concord Law School at Kaplan U. frequently wait 5 months or more for their FA disbursements that they should have on day #! For some, this means dropping out. The response from management? “This is law school. If they can’t afford books they shouldn’t be going to law school” Now that is true compassion. I guess only elite or financially comfortable folk should consider a law degree. Let’s see — what could Kaplan being doing with that $$???Maybe using it for investments.

    If employees complain on behalf of he plight of students they are spoke to in condescending tones as if they were little children and told that the role of the advisor is to lower expectations and hey are shot down big time. Mgmnt always offers some lame excuse for why FA is such a mess and makes it nearly impossible for advisors to get help for those students. It is sickening. Bottom line — this corporation does not care in the least about either the audience they serve or their employees. It is like an abusive marriage where people become so beaten down after a time that they are afraid to leave and feel they cannot make it on their own. There is a dramatically disproportionate number of minority employees at Kaplan, which I always wondered about…I just recently realized why. They feel this group of people is not going to struggle as much as their Caucasian counterparts when the yoke with barbed wire is placed on their necks. Kaplan Mgmnt rules with an iron fist.

    I will not give up until this is exposed completely. It is a shame because their behavior has set back the perception of online education as being legitimate and will make it unlikely, in the case of Concord Law School, that the ABA will now consider approving online law school for years and years to come.

    P.S. I too have a group of former students, most of whom has to drop out because of FA fiascos, who would like to do a class action suit. It breaks my heart to have been part of such a fraudulent group.

  • V



    Everyone, please remember -


    So, continue to RESIST the Kaplan ***RACIST*** FRAUD MONSTER at every turn!!!

    By the way, I also go by the handle “LeadrOfTheResistance,” and I’ve “pioneered” what I like to dub as “the YouTube Attack!!” ;-P

    Check out my vids on youtube everyone, when the opportunity arises. AND MAKE SURE TO POST YOUR KAPLAN HORROR STORY!!!

    I’m STUNNINGLY AGGRESSIVE against Krapass Kraplan as Danny is, but of course, I’m also STUNNINGLY PROFANE to boot… Oh well, I guess you can’t win ‘em all…!! ;-P

    Lastly, (and I need EVERYONE’S help on this) *I* am THE GUY responsible for adding and updating ALL of Kraplan’s WIKIPEDIA articles while MAKING ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN TO ADD and update the information on THE FALSE CLAIMS LAWSUITS AGAINST KRAPLAN in addition to the GREAT NEWS that the U.S. DEPT. OF JUSTICE IS BACKING THESE WHISTLEBLOWER LAWSUITS!!!

    I have just added the new sections today to find them deleted within a few hours.

    Not one to be deterred, I simply re-authored the entire article and reposted.


    Ever the gentleman,
    LeadrOfTheResistance (but you may call me ‘V.’)

  • V

    By the way, Danny, your “Kaplan is a Vampiric Blood Bank” article was nothing short of ***AWESOME!!!***

    I make absolutely certain to reference it EARLY and OFTEN whenever the “Kraplan” name comes up in conversation! :-)


    P.S. I believe you made a foray into one of my vids on youtube to make this article known to me — AND I ***THANK YOU*** FOR IT BIG TIME, my friend!! :-)

    P.P.S. I’ve been conducting my “anti-Kraplan” attack online and in the hallls of justice for over a year-and-a-half now — WITH NO SIGNS OF RUNNING OUT OF STEAM ANYTIME SOON!!


    • Tim

      Hello V.

      I have a blog entitled Kraplan Higher Ed where I ding them constantly. I have ALL of Danny’s Kaplan articles listed along with the names and emails of all the HELP committee Senators and the Senior Staff at the Dept of Ed. Someone from there finally wrote me back and said they were investigating the CHI Broomall school. I am GLAD to hear it.

      Keep up the good work and remember don’t let Kraplan Krap on U.

  • weilunion

    Hi ‘V’ and thank you for the comments. My goal was to put people together and find some justice system, there seems to be none, and an attorney to hold these people account.

    I also wanted the public to see how they are being morally and culturally and economically disembowled by the forces of ‘capital’, in this case masquerading as a newspaper.

    There is a womn, her name is Shannon and I do know that on many of the comment sections she does give her Yahoo Website that she organized to help organize you!!!!!!!

    See if you can find it.

    You can also see at:

    for a more detailed article by me.

    Try to get some jutsice and organize ‘V’ sounds like you already are. If I can help, write me at [email protected]

    My best


  • V

    Thanks for the quick getback Tim and Danny!! I appreciate it.

    So far so good. The Wikipedia sections I authored appear to be sticking now!! :-)

    They are titled: “False Claims Act Lawsuit” and “U.S. Department of Justice Backs Fraud Lawsuits Against Kaplan” respectively.

    You can find these sections under each Wikipedia listing for Kaplan including “Kaplan, Inc.,” “Kaplan University,” and “Kaplan College.”

    This is what GETTING THE TRUTH OUT THERE is all about!!

    Enjoy!! :-)

    Ever the gentleman,

  • weilunion
    • Tim

      Hi Danny:

      I have posted the above message on my blog and told Twitter followers to contact you with their for-profit horror stories. Hope you receive many messages!

  • V

    Hi Gents!

    We’re doing FAR MORE than just making “some progress” guys!! So keep your chins up!!!!!



    [ I ***KNOW* this by the way their criminal attorneys have complained to youtube to shutter my commentary there -- AND on wikipedia, too!! Fortunately, to no bona fide avail -- FOR THEM, that is!! :-) ]

    Here’s an update on my retort to one of the Wikipedia editors who flagged my edits for providing “undue weight” to the Kraplan articles — I think you’ll really ENJOY it!! —>

    …No so-called “undue weight” whatsoever, ol’ chap.

    With regard to the sections *I* authored on Kaplan:



    *****BY THEIR DEEDS, YOU SHALL KNOW THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*****

    Prospective students frequently tend to reference online sources in attempting to make an INFORMED decision in charting their higher education pathways in life.

    THE TRUTH IS ***OWED*** to these prospective students with regard to the RECORD that this institution has EARNED FOR ITSELF in the courts with regard to these NUMEROUS FRAUD COMPLAINTS!!!

    Once again,



    If *I* were in the place of these prospective students, *I* would want to be informed of an institution’s INFRACTIONS AGAINST THE LAW *PRIOR* to plunking down my hard earned cash!!!

    Again, I repeat, THE TRUTH IS ***OWED*** to these prospective students!!!!!!!!!!!!




    Accordingly, I apologize for precisely nothing.

    Ever the gentleman,

  • weilunion

    I got this a few days ago! Conatact her!


    Danny, would you please contact me regarding your articles on Kaplan University?


    Rene D. Harrod
    Office of the Attorney General
    Economic Crimes Division
    110 Southeast 6th Street
    Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33301
    Telephone: 954.712.4600
    Facsimile: 954.712.4658
    [email protected]

  • TIm

    If I was ripped off, I would encourage all of you to contact the accreditation agency that provides accreditation to Kaplan. The accreditation agency needs to be aware of these complaints and they are allowing Kaplan to get away with this. If Kaplan is not regionally accredited they cannot accept financial aid and they would be forced out of business. CALL the accreditors!!!!

  • TIm

    Kaplan University’s accreditation agency is
    I would encourage you to call them with your complaints
    1-888-413-3669 Ext. 5553 or Ext. 6964. You trusted the accreditation agency that provides accreditation for Kaplan and Kaplan is ripping you off and the accreditation agency continues to provide accreditation for Kaplan. Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mary

    I took 3 semesters in the criminal justice program at Kaplan and was charged the entire amount (per my credit report) as if I finished the program. How is this possible? Why am I paying for classes I did not take, books I did not receive and a degree I never came close to?

  • weilunion

    Contact Shannon who left a message at this site, Mary. They are a criminal enterprise and theys teal, using units as chips they cash into the cage in Vegas for money. They care not about education. Shannon has started a group, please contact her!


  • Trish

    Ok guys, here is my Kaplan horrid story! I know this sounds kinda silly and I have to say it is so don’t judge!

    I went to a high school back in 2006 that was suppose to offer an exam that you had to practice at home, come study all day with them and then take a test. This school was suppose to be accredited and licensed by the California department of Education. Well there are alot of accredidations out there and there is only one in Cali that is accepted by ALL schools. So I began looking for an online school that I could attend in July of 2008. It brought me to Kaplan University’s school of Criminal Justice. I then called and began to love the school as it was all FOR SHOW!!! They asked if I had graduated from h.s I had said “YES”. They asked from where. I explained the name of the school and asked if they needed my diploma or for me to get transcripts mailed. The admissions advisor then informed me that there is a database that they can put student info in and it will come back with date of graduation and what school. I never heard a thing about it after that. I then look about a month ago in my missing docs page on my online website and find that it says I need to send my diploma to them.. Mind you this is November 2010 at this time and I enrolled Oct. 2008. I have been attending this school for 2 years until they asked for it. I had been done with the whole scene of Kaplan and went to another school to transfer and pursue my degree. I was informed by admissions of the other school that my school was not accredited. So I began my research. I call EVERYONE!!! The only recognized accredidation in Cali and they have no clue who they are.I then notice the “high school diploma” has a CDS on it. Which in california it is a way for the California dept. of education to recognize what EXACT school it is. I call them, They look up the number and have NOOOOOO record. I look up online only to find out the school was a scam and a diploma mill. So you are going to tell me that I have been at Kaplan University for 2 Freaking years w/ out a High school diploma?? I call academic advising and the advisor says to me “well we must have accepted the diploma and yours h.s accrediation back at the time of your acceptane. And you signed a form stating you had it. I said you are correct I have what I thought was a “legit” Diploma. But it is YOUR responsibility to ensure that all my information is correct and accurate. You are suppose to make sure that when admitting students for a school that they DO have their HS Diploma and that it is a legitimate school. And if you would listen correctly to what I am saying this school was a FRAUD SCHOOL AND WAS NEVER ACCREDITED NOR WAS IT LICENSED TO OPERATE!!! So the academic advisor just told me that they accept diploma’s that could be hand made for all they know. It shows they are only out there for money, letting me enroll in a University w/ out my diploma. But the truth of the matter is, The academic advisor just admitted as well they accept fraud schools, and that they clearly don’t check your info. He kept repeating to me that they must have accepted it. He then put me on a hold and comes back needless to say that he is UNABLE to send me ALL my admission paper work and that he will have to ask his manager about sending it and will get back to me next week. NEXT WEEK, why?? so you have enough time to forge a document. So then I say to him, I NEED to know the answer tonight if you accepted this FRAUD school’s diploma when I enrolled for there NON EXISTANT accredidation because my lawyer needs the INFO.. He says to me, I will be back with you by tuesday and let you know what my manger says and let him know there is legal action involved, then he says, but I’m assuming with the other school right, NOT KAPLAN and I said SOOO far no, but you better bet your butt there will be a lawsuit. To let me go to a school and pay 35k for a education. Blind to the fact that I do not have a HIGH SCHOOL diploma. They made sure they got their money before asking for it didnt they. Who knows if there is even such a database with the graduate info.If that is the case ANYONE can get/make a diploma. As demoralizing as my experience is I will put it out there for the world to know. I have paid into a school for 2 years (financial aid) which I will have to pay back over 35k and in the end, if I were to graduate you are to tell me that when I go for my law enforcement position and they ask for HS transcripts and the school is closed and NO LONGER in existance, that I will be able to get a job. HAHA you have to be kidding!!! How does that sound for there for the STUDENTS BEST INTEREST?????????????????????????????????

  • Kate Neilsen

    I hope that it is not too late to help! I too have been, how shall I say it. ….SCREWED by Kaplan. I kept all of my e-mails leading up to my dismissal from Kaplan as I wouldn’t sign their promissory note to indebt myself for life or even if I died my husband would still be indebted. Please contact me for I will be more than willing to give you ALL of the pertinent e-mails I received AND all that I sent! Thank you, Kate Neilsen

  • D

    I too have my own KU financial aid department horror story. I am currently (ish) enrolled and have had nothing but issues. From being signed up for a degree they don’t even offer and told to ” deal with it”, to being bounced around from one advisor to the other giving different information, no departments takign responsibility for a mess up that is currently ruining my 4.0 GPA because i am locked out of class for a 3rd time this semester and will now not be able to finish 1/3 of the terms work. Mostly Kaplan is trying to force me to pay funds that they readily admit I do not owe ( financial aid has documented that the funds are covered but because they haven’t received them they’re trying to make me pay out of pocket and then still keep the funds when they do show up. ) and that the issue is not my fault but a mess up in communication in their departments (their own ombudsman’s words). What’s better, I have ALL of it in writing. My first degree was a double majors in law at a traditional university, and I never had this type of problems, so now all I want is to transfer and finish somewhere else. But they won’t ever give me my transcripts until I pay off their “owed” money (I have been told this is also illegal).

  • William Somerfield

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  • misc

    The kaplan schools in tx should also be investigated as a former student in time i was there my program had five diff directors was investigated on allegations of false documention but managed to cover it up also was accused of grade changing after honest instructors posted honest failing grades. kaplan is in it fror the money but this school instead of tricking you in they accept almost anybody in then did whatever they could to make sure students at least made it 3/4 of the way through and didnt have to give loans back before finally failing those that should failed out in the begining or finding unheard reasons to kick students out. kaplan record keeping is a joke and has caused an enormous amount of issues from lost paperwork to undocumented attendance causing issues w/ having the hours required to complete the program and be allowed to test for medical licensure in different fields. And the turnover rate for instructors and small amount of faculty is ridiculous! this should be stopped!

  • Eugenia Mckneely

    Hello, this is a really well written article and I will be sure to bookmark it and come back to read more of your useful info… Thanks

  • DStevenson

    Ok, add me too. How about Kaplan posting $23,000.00+ credit to my account that took almost a month for them to identify what the heck it was, all the while asking me to investigate it?! I then lost all confidence in their “Criminal Justice” program after making numerous calls regarding their grave error, left me feeling more like a conspirator than a victim. In 2006, I decided to tell them that I had no confidence in the school, POOF…suddenly the credit is deleted. This became “too Fisshhyyy for me to stay”!!!!
    Then… But Now…With no recource… once convinced that I’d earn this degree and work in Law Enforcement/Street/MANAGEMENT ( WELL at my age-now, too old to join any Public Service Law Enforcement agency anywhere) as they attempted to snake oil me into believing their was NO AGE LIMIT in becoming a Police…live and learn right?!
    And…Left, with an increasing bad debt once 9K …now $18,000 - defaulted student loan for 5 classes? Citibank (Gov. Welfare recipient) would not communicate with me, I had to chase them down and then my on line account went dead “no notice”…in hiding their faults sold/sent/hid/redeemed payment, of my Kaplan loans from Cal State Student Loan Commission & EdFund and now ECMC is the receiver after Government found EdFund…wild parties, unthinkable-bonuses too blatantly egregious in their robber barron activities.
    I need guidance as to what to do about this.

    • D

      talk to Rene, Wei lists her email above.

  • DPierce

    I am a victim of Kaplan and living a nightmare! Small in comparison to some of you. I signed with them in Dec 2009 they sold me in a bad time in my life. Economy = my Business Gone and desperate to find my way to a new career.
    Well after not being able to log in for class instructor literally reading from a manual in accounting class I withdrew.
    I had no idea to classes would cost me 3,000. But figured it out with the mini semester they use up all your financial aid yes 9 classes =9,000!
    I am now enrolled in a legitimate community college only problem after two months of request after request I can’t get them to send my “official transcript” to school. My account shows 0 balance, and now I am being registered as non degree seeking = no financial aid.
    I am at a loss as to why they wouldn’t send my transcript?

  • PRule

    I withdrew from Kaplan after they lied to me about the clinical externship I would have to perform unpaid and could not be done at my place of employment. They are now charging me $383 for “lab fees” and refuse to transfer my credits/transcripts to my new college. How can you have lab fees if you are an online student? All I want is the $383 wiped out and my official transcripts sent and I will leave quietly. Anybody have any suggestions?

  • Christopher

    The following is what I am going through now for Kaplan University…and Ideas of help…They need to be blown out the water!

    You stated that my EFC (expected family contribution) increased in 2008-2009…but…I was not even working at the time…the year after that I was on unemployment…it’s all in my taxes…I do not understand how you are even getting these numbers. I looked back at the documents and I also have them dated correctly.…I was not the one who submitted them in late back then. My question as well is why did fafsa and you approve that pell grant if there wasn’t an issue then?…Meaning…IT WAS APPROVED…NO ISSUE WAS BROUGHT UP BACK THEN AS WELL! Plus in the documents is still shows approved, with the dates! Why with my taxes this year while I am working am I eligible for pell grants…but back then when I was not working you claim my EFC went up…what are you talking about…they did more than 1 audit through the time I have been here with you. I also had a finance judgment done last year because they raised my EFC and found it a mistake and they yet rewarded me with a pell grant….Look I am sorry I may pay this balance off…but I am still contacting a litigation firm and in the process with dealing with a business lawyer now…I am sure you will get the details here soon enough…I disagree with you…I had never heard of getting approved for a pell grant 3 years ago and then this year it gets taken away from me. I am sorry as well…whatever happens…happens…I am going to fight this. I will pay for a lawyer either way…I still have all my documents and with the proper dates…whatever your people did is your issue to solve…
    Please check the attachments for the proper dates…like I said the document was on time and approved!…QUIT WITH THE GAMES! I have 2 of these documents in the attachments… the document 2 was dated on 4/17/09 and the document 1 was dated on 6/11/2009 The document 1 was approved on 6/12/2009… I am not paying until I speak to a litigation firm and I’ll wait to see what they say about the matter. I was approved back then and that is what matters the most!…You do not sell someone a house and 3 years later say “oh I am sorry you are denied credit to live here”.

  • Tomas Fagnan

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  • Marybabes89

    I am attending Kaplan right now. Have been for a year. everything was fine until recently ,Kaplan told me last term that there were not able to process my pell grant and that they were having issues with it. Kept telling me it was not their fault, I spoke with other students and they were not having any issues. I am scared as I hear they wont transfer your credits to another college. I want out but I keep going .. Help me please


  • Reneewend

     you would do better leaving and counting your time there as a loss!  Just move on!  Community College is the ticket.  They offer the technical classes, for a heck of a lot less and the credits transfer! Before I received my degrees I made a mistake of making and unfortunate educational mistake, by enrolling in, that farce, of a school.  The Paralegal program, that was a jock, by the way even though it was run by lawyers in Pittsburgh:)   What do I have to show for ONE YEAR OF THAT SCHOOL, but a 20, 000 bill!  All my education in real schools, community college and a four year institution (were I got my Bachelors of Science), did not amount to the cost of Kaplin!  

  • Lady Gigi Frost

    What I’m about to tell you blows my mind and maybe yours too - this is what happen to me with Kaplan today..Oh Please let me vent for a moment - So, my college sent me a bill for 6,900 for payment to get me through school till March 2012, with a repayment of $880 a month. So I called them up to inquire. I explained this was never a pre-agreed arrangement. They know this - James at the finical aid office told me he know. So, you think you can send me a bill - when I’m working on getting my own funding - You (meaning the college Kaplan ) with no notice to me and decide “Hay, you now owe us, even though you do not want it - we (Kaplan University) decided you (that would be me) do want it” -(Kaplan University) can not send me to collections or put anything on my credit just because you feel like it and you can’t make or tell me to pay you when it was not greed upon in a legal written contract before hand.

    What the school institution is going is a seriously illegal practice and I’m going to make a example out of this school for doing such. So James put me on hold to see if there was anything in writing of course not he said.James informed me that Kaplan University decided the following - I had 6 credits for the currant class and just enough fund from the government to cover this cost. But Kaplan decided that $6222.00 would be lent to me with a repayment of $800 a month. This would cover me thru March 13 2012 even though with the funds I had already covered this class in Latent Prints they decided to toss in there own money and spread it out of the next three classes and If I fail to pay and even if I make a payment below the $800. Kaplan could block me from my class I’m currently in and then kick me out of school. Remember I already had fund from the government to cover this class. Plus, if I do not make the payment a $100.00 a month fee will be applied on top of interest..REMEMBER THIS WAS NOT A contractual agreement: “In law, a contract is a legally binding agreement between two or more parties which, if it contains the elements of a valid legal agreement, is enforceable by law or by binding arbitration. A legally enforceable contract is an exchange of promises with specific legal remedies for breach”

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  • Shaliesmom

    I am actually in tears!

    The way I started attending Kaplan was foolish on my part. They are like car sales men.I was online playing some games. I did not have anymore credits so it says fill out this form and you will get X amount of credits. Kaplan then calls me. They asked me if I was interested in going backt o school I said yes in the future. She told me what kind of degree would I like to have. I told her i wanted to do Medical codingan d billing. I stated to her that i wanted to workfr omm y own office. She said well at the timew edo  not have medical coding and billing. She insisted that medical transcriptionwi th an imphasis on billing is right at the same thing. Look at it like this. Transcription in growing. Medical coding and billing will soon be all paperless. Transcription is going to stay. She told me that the dean or what ever would give me a 1000 credit toward my last semester. She never stated that it would only be good if I stayed in that area of study. Well the sells man got me. She told me I had to take two classes. That way financial aid would cover me. They helped me with financial aid and everything. They never sent me a vouvher for the 1000 dollars off. I took it as It was an agreement. I am not very smart at these thingsI was very green at the time. I still am. Well Transcripion course cam about a year and a half later with no problems. This is the time were they decided that there was no latehome work unless some one was dying and you could prove it. If you had the flue and could not afford to go to the doctor they would not take your word on it.It was supposed to be a school were I could do it on my time. Yes there was a schedule. After they had did the whole no late home workthing people I believe started failing classes.They make it hard for you. My husband and I seperated and He took everything. I had to move to another town and during this time I was late onhomework.They would not let me make it up. I failed my transcription class. I did not like one thing about it. I hated it. It was no were close to coding and billing.They sold me a speach and now are liars in my mind. I decided to leave the school. I hated them for this. I was sold crap. I thenwas contactedand contacted. I was sold again on medical office mangment. At this time they said there had been a change and the govenrment decided I had to take three classes at once.this messed everything up. Financial aid was paying everything just fine. I even had a credit of 700 that they sent back.  Well there I was taking three classes. I failed one and I then took three more classes which left me at the end with only one class to take. I was contacted and told that I was going to have to pay the class out of pocket.In my living situation I could not afford it. I asked them about a loan and they said I need to apply to two lenders. I did this sent them the denial letters.I was then contacted by Cateria Powell. She told me that all I need to do was go back and fix a paper she stated many time there is no right way or wrong way to do this. I told her I had one class left to take over and over. She said not to worry because if I fixx that paper then I would be fine. I fixed it and she told me that my expence aplication she aproved it.She said since it was now based on yearly enrollment instead of quarter I was approved for 1994 for the march term and 1994 for the augst term. I thought great. I told her I appreciate it so much because I was going to take a leave of absenceIf I could not get the help. SHe stated it was fine. I told her that I sent over the documents fo ther student loan throughkaplan she said I no longer needed it. Kaplan was sent money that I was approved for.Fter sending me all the money  they decide that right before I graduate they were going to do a graduate audit.This is were they decide that I was not taking enough credits and refunded my fed loan. Which left me with more than what the class was for in the first place. I told Cateria that I could not afford it and she helped me which I thought. Has she not been trained did she do it to keep me in school? Here is my ledger card.
    8/30/2011  Course: Medical Office Mgmt Externs  $1,113.00  $0.00  $1,213.00  9/1/2011  Technology Fees  $0.00  $100.00  $1,113.00  9/1/2011  Technology Fees  $100.00  $0.00  $1,213.00  9/12/2011  Pell Grant 2011-12  $0.00  $367.00  $846.00  9/13/2011  Direct Sub 2011-12  $0.00  $747.00  $99.00  9/13/2011  Direct Unsub 2011-12  $0.00  $1,546.00  ($1,447.00)  9/14/2011  Stipend - DLSU 2011-12  $0.00  ($324.00)  ($1,123.00)  9/15/2011  Direct Unsub 2011-12  $0.00  $125.00  ($1,248.00)  9/16/2011  Direct Unsub 2011-12  $0.00  $125.00  ($1,373.00)  9/19/2011  Stipend - DLUN 2011-12  $0.00  ($1,030.00)  ($343.00)  9/19/2011  Stipend - DLUN 2010-11  $0.00  ($343.00)  $0.00  9/27/2011  Direct Sub 2011-12  $0.00  $747.00  ($747.00)  9/27/2011  Direct Unsub 2011-12  $0.00  $1,545.00  ($2,292.00)  10/7/2011  Stipend - DLSU 2010-11  $0.00  ($2.00)  ($2,290.00)  10/7/2011  Stipend - DLUN 2010-11  $0.00  ($620.00)  ($1,670.00)  10/7/2011  Stipend - DLUN 2011-12  $0.00  ($125.00)  ($1,545.00)  10/7/2011  Stipend - DLUN 2011-12  $0.00  ($1,545.00)  $0.00  10/14/2011  Direct Sub 2011-12  $0.00  $498.00  ($498.00)  10/20/2011  Direct Sub 2011-12  $0.00  $498.00  ($996.00)  10/21/2011  Refund - DLUN 2010-11  $0.00  ($1,322.00)  $326.00  10/21/2011  Refund - DLSU 2011-12  $0.00  ($747.00)  $1,073.00  10/21/2011  Refund - DLSU 2011-12  $0.00  ($747.00)  $1,820.00     Total Tuition and Fees  $16,111.00  $14,291.00  $1,820.00

    FIRST ONE. charges  second row payment 3rd row balance

    • Cgrenicko

      When they posted the “Refund - DLSU” to your account, and you asked them what the amounts were from. Did they advise you that your Subsidized loans were over paid?

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