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  • Obama Invented Pretext for Lawless Aggression

    When US enemies don’t exist, they’re invented. When rule of law principles are clear and unequivocal, they’re twisted to fit US policy. On August 30, […]

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    Nobel Peace Laureate Obama Plans War on Syria Based on Lies

    In awarding its 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, Committee members turned truth on its head, saying: Obama made “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation […]

  • Student loan debt, ‘financial forgiveness’ and the perils of ‘moral hazard’

    Can you imagine a country where education is not a human right but a commodity to be bought and sold using debt?  Yes, well America […]

  • The 50th Anniversary of the “I have a dream speech”: many are afraid to walk into the cauldron of controversy and engage on the issues these days

    From Occupy Bob/San Franciso Food for thought: We’ve all seen the recent series of photos of Syrians, mostly children, lying dead or dying, limbs contorting […]