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Traitors in America; Packs of Benedict Arnolds

Things change. Sometimes they change massively and what we once took for granted is no longer the same.

That’s happened here in America. Trusted, valued institutions and people are no longer trustworthy. Some of them have become outright traitors as the world experiences a bottom up revolution. The traitors are top down feudal lords fighting to hold on to their keeps and castles. Minus the feudal metaphor, they are, bottom line, engaging in treasonous actions and policies that harm the US and its middle class.  Benedict Arnold betrayed the US by accepting command of a fort at West Point, all the time  plotting with the British to hand the fort over to their control. Today’s traitors are, for power and money, betraying American values, the constitution, the middle class and selling out our rights and our resources.

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Here’s the beginning of a list of Traitors and how they betray America and Americans

The Five Supreme Court who produced the Citizens United Ruling.
This ruling has made it possible for super PACs to accept anonymous donations. This has opened the door for foreign nations to put money into US elections. It’s hard to imagine a more traitorous act than literally selling our electoral system to foreign nations.

Members of Congress Who Support CItizens United
These traitors are  happily accepting the direct and  indirect anonymous support that must be considered suspect of coming from international sources. Any legislator who accepts support, direct or indirect, or who even allows the situation Citizens United created, without passing cancelling legislation is guilty.

Transnational Fortune 1000 Corporations
it used to be that big US corporations were good for America. There might even have been some truth to the statement “what’s good for General Motors is good for the USA.”

Not anymore. The biggest corporations are offshoring their best jobs, their big profits and often, their headquarters. The USA’s best interests are no longer synonymous with these corporations best interests. Now, with Citizens United, even corporations with US headquarters, when they spend money  on US elections, are using funds and resources that are at least in part from outside the US. That’s intolerable. That’s treasonous.

The people who develop and execute these policies are the CEOs and top executives at the biggest companies.They make their obscene salaries by using corporate resources for stock buybacks instead of hiring workers or developing new products, services and markets.  They are traitors and often worse- criminals whose policies cause death and suffering.

Globalization and global trade deals and their supporters
WTO, NAFTA, CAFTA, soon TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership- perhaps the most onerous, dangerous of them all) have gutted too many USA manufacturing industries, costing milions of American workers their good jobs, particularly UNION jobs. This is destroying the middle class and local communities and neighborhoods. The traitors? Those would be the  transnational companies, numbering less than a few thousand, that profit, the legislators who ratify them and the presidents- all of them since and including Clinton- who have signed on to them.

There are surely some good billionaires, or at least benign billionaires. But too many, if not most are, because of their wealth and power, too dangerous to exist. They buy elections, corrupt and disrupt the democratic process- not the perversion of democracy that the Supreme court five perpetrated, that money is speech- that each person gets one vote. They corrupt congress and legislative bodies at all levels with lobbyists and projects like ALEC and the United States Chamber of Commerce which, you must realize, are just the tip of the iceberg. It is time to debillionairize the USA, by making it illegal to have so much wealth and power. It can be done. It should be done.

This PAC of Israel firsters puts the interests of Israel ahead of the interests of the USA. That would be enough of a reason to consider it treasonous. But AIPAC has put fear into the heart of almost every member of congress, so they follow AIPAC policy with lockstep precision.

The Mainstream Media, the Rightwing Media, even Some of  the Liberal Media, like NY Times and WaPo
It used to be that exit polls could be trusted. They were reliable. That changed with the onset of the use of electronic voting. Instead of challenging the trustworthiness of this assault on democracy, these media stopped doing exit polls. These media also serve the powers that be. They mock people who ask the right questions, fail to challenge surrogates who put out propaganda or outright lies, and fail to bring people whose voices address truth to power as guests on their shows. Of course, FOX news, a tool of the corporatists who are running the congress and funding the lobbyists who really decide policy on Capitol Hill, is truly a media enemy of the people of the USA and the middle class.

Top-Down Turncoats Fighting a Bottom Up Future
if it’s not already clear,  I’m harshly, blatantly saying that the most powerful people in America- most members of Congress, Presidents, Justices of the Supreme Court and most fortune 1000 corporate Executives are traitors. That’s a big claim but I believe it is a reality we must face if we are to extricate ourselves from this bad situation and move forward to a better world, which I believe is possible.

The good news is that there is a bottom-up revolution happening in the USA and throughout the world. People coming together, cooperating, acting interdependently are producing direct democracy. This new way of thinking and acting is really very old.It’s the way humans and their ancestors lived for a million years, in indigenous tribal culture, before civilization brought domination, control, slavery, hierarchy and centralization.

There is a future where civilization exists with equalization, decentralization, fairness and respect for all, including nature. We’re seeing the beginnings of this in Argentina, with the Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street. Certainly this is an emerging process and it is far from complete, full bloom. It is new journey for humanity and we are at the beginning of a long road, still learning how to walk, how to wield our power.

The top-down powers- particularly the most powerful people and groups mentioned above- will not take this laying down. They are doing all they can to buttress and consolidate their power, their positions, and to weaken the rest of us. We see it in their efforts to control or squelch the internet, to eliminate privacy, to monetize broadband wireless, which should be accessible by all, like roads, streets and public education- as an investment in our future.

Part of the challenge is the traitors described above have infected most Americans with boiled frog syndrome. Throw a frog into boiling water and it jumps out to save its life. But put a frog in cold water and gradually heat it to boiling and you get a cooked, dead frog. Americans have been simmering, losing more rights, losing good jobs, with threats of loss of the internet, loss of access to future opportunities. We have to help the hundreds of millions of Americans who are victims to wake up and start fighting for themselves. In China, censorship is used to prevent people from engaging in mass actions. In the US, the media is used to distract people and keep them asleep…gradually boiling. The alternative media and the Occupy Wall Street movement are the best hopes for the future of the American middle class.

Just to be totally clear, Barack Obama is also on this list. Just today, a leaked document about the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement shows that Obama is breaking his promises, selling out America, voters and constitutional rights in the worst trade agreement ever- and one designed to be the last.

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