Little Wonders: 3-minute music video

Meet the Robinsons is Disney’s 2007 animated film about a young visionary scientist/realist with the motto, “Keep moving forward.” This motivation comes from a combination of enthusiasm for truth with confidence from empirical knowledge of being on the right path.

This is Rob Thomas’ 3-minute music video to communicate this spirit of trusting Life as we keep moving forward as best we can imagine in good-faith effort. If it helps, do you want the alternative of stop moving forward, to surrender in the face of “emperor has no clothes” obvious War Crimes and economic looting of trillions of our dollars?

As a professional academic/realist doing my best to explain and document “emperor has no clothes” obvious US “leadership” crimes centering in war and money, I also turn to right-brain artistic expression to communicate humanity’s condition on this beautiful and captured planet, and our obvious solutions waiting for us (explore here).

Little Wonders (selected lyrics)

Let it go.

Let it roll right off your shoulder.

Don’t you know:

the hardest part is over.


Let it in!

Let your clarity define you.

In the end,

we will only just remember how it feels.


Our lives are made

in these small hours,

these little wonders,

these twists & turns of fate!

Time falls away,

but these small hours,

these small hours still remain.


Let it slide.

Let your troubles fall behind you.

Let it shine

until you feel it all around you.

And I don’t mind

if it’s me you need to turn to.

We’ll get by.

It’s the heart that really matters in the end.