By Terry Morrone

It’s been 10 years since our progress towards fascism and constant war was given a big boost by the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. My friends and relatives call me a conspiracy theorist, and sometimes a paranoid. I present evidence, and frequently get back in return retorts like:

They wouldn’t do that.

That’s too farfetched to believe.

How come Chomsky doesn’t believe in your grand theories?

I can’t believe that?

Why would the government do such a thing?

Building 7. Never heard of it.

You can’t be all right because you’re an extremist. The truth lies somewhere in between your position and the establishment consensus.

Here I’ll present samples of the evidence that I’ve come across in the last 10 years, but first I’ll discuss a theory of what really happened.

What happened on 9/11

A group of the most powerful men in the United States hatched a plan to gain popular support to invade Afghanistan and Iraq in order to get control of resources, especially oil, in the Middle East and central Asia. They were confident because of their success with the Oklahoma City bombing of 1995. This was a botched up job. Four bombs were supposed to completely destroy the Muir office building. But only 2 of them went off. Two exploded bombs were removed as reported by the local TV stations. (1) People were interviewed on TV and said that they were warned not to come to work that day. Others reported hearing 2 explosions. But the local TV reports never made it on to national TV. The Oklahoma City bombing made it clear that the mainstream media could be counted on to report the government’s version of an event no matter how ridiculous it was.

I’ll call our group of high level conspirators, “group A.” Group A hired a group of patsies to come to the United States and to make themselves as conspicuous as possible. An example of their behavior occurred when Mohammad Atta tried to borrow some money to turn a two engine plane into a crop duster. (2) He threatened a banker and demanded that he be allowed to buy an aerial photograph of Washington, DC that was in the banker’s office. Another patsy said at a flight school that he just wanted to learn how to fly and not to take off or land. (3) Their antics soon came to the attention of FBI agents, but their superior’s paid no attention to them. Real conspirators would not have called attention to themselves.

I don’t know for sure whether commercial airliners actually hit the towers. Marc Bernbach, an employee of Fox News, reported the one of the airliners had no windows. (4) Paul Smith, a helicopter pilot for one ABC was flying high enough on 9/11 to see if the planes had windows, but he died. In fact, quite a few key witnesses have died. (5) We now know that cell phone calls could not have been made from high flying airliners on 9/11 with the technology then available. (6) Air phone calls were possible. But several relatives of 9/11 victims claim that they received cell phone calls, citing known numbers on their Caller IDs. Thus all these calls were phony.

At any rate, the planes that hit the towers were remotely controlled. The so called hijackers did not have the skill to fly them. Possibly the planes never took off. If they took off, they might have landed and been replaced by military planes.

The towers had been prepared for demolition well before 9/11. After the planes hit they were brought down by explosives. As in other controlled demolitions, some of the beams were destroyed before the main series of explosions brought the buildings down. Many witnesses heard and felt these explosions.

A carefully prepared media blitz brainwashed most people into thinking that Moslem terrorists led by Osama Ben Laden were responsible.

Barbara Olsen calls her husband from Flight 77

Barbara Olsen was a conservative television commentator for Fox News. Her husband was Ted (Theodore) Olsen, the Solicitor General of the United States. American Airlines, Flight 77 is alleged to have hit the Pentagon. On September 11 Ted Olsen reported that he had received 2 cell phone calls from his wife that reported that the plane had been hijacked. He said she had called from a rest room.

After it became widely known that it was impossible to make cell phone calls from high flying planes, Ted changed his story. She had called using an Air Phone. Note that Air Phones are attached to the back of seats by a cord that’s not long enough to reach into a rest room. When asked about this, Ted said that Barbara hadn’t said the she was calling from a rest room. He had just assumed it because it was so quiet. (7)

Flight 77 was a Boeing 757. Later American Airlines admitted that their Boeing 757’s had no Air Phones. The FBI issued a report for the Moussaoui trial that stated that Barbara Olsen’s cell phone calls never happened. She’s the only one that reported that the hijackers were armed with box cutters. (8)

Flight Attendent CeeCee Lyles calls her husband from Flight 93  

Flight 93 allegedly crashed in Pennsylvania after the passengers stormed the cockpit. A recording of

CeeCee Lyles’s call is on the Internet (9). If you listen carefully at the end of the call a women probably whispers, “You did great.” Listen for yourself and decide. Her husband noted that his caller ID showed his wife’s cell phone number. (10) Thus the call came from the ground and someone forced CeeCee Lyles to make it. Later on she was probably killed.

William Rodriguez witnesses explosions before and after the planes hit the towers

Rodriguez was a janitor in the North Tower. On 9/11/01 he and a group of coworkers were on the second basement level when they felt an explosion coming from below. A few seconds later they felt an explosion coming from above. The second explosion was due to a plane hitting the tower. One of his coworkers was badly burned by the first explosion. Rodriguez was a hero, rescuing many people from the towers. He was commended for his efforts by President Bush in the White House. He told the 9/11 commission about the explosions he had observed before and after the plane hit and he offered them a list of witnesses that could corroborate his story. They weren’t interested. His testimony never appeared in the 9/11 commission report. (11,12)

Barry Jennings hears explosions in WTC7 before the towers fall

Barry Jennings was the Emergency Coordinator/Deputy Director of the Emergency Services Department of the New York City Housing Authority. He was told to report to WTC7 (World Trade Center building 7) on 9/11. He went to the OEM (Office of Emergency Management) emergency command center on the 23rd floor. He arrived at the same time as Michael Hess, then New York City’s Corporation Council. The coffee in coffee cups was still warm. Someone called and told them to leave the building immediately. Jennings and Hess heard the second plane hit the South Tower and the power went off. They started down a staircase. When they got to the 6th floor an explosion destroyed the stairs beneath them. They went back up to the 8th floor and Jennings broke a window and called for help. They were trapped in the building, hearing explosions, before both towers collapsed. They were finally rescued around noon. As they walked through a completely wrecked lobby, they had to step over dead bodies.

The above account was told to a TV reporter on 9/11 by Jennings. He gave the same account in a 2008 interview to Dylan Avery, the filmmaker who made the Loose Change series of videos. Hess gave essentially the same account on 9/11 .(13,14)

As I stated above, it’s customary to weaken a building by destroying key beams with explosives before the final demolition. That evidently was going on in Building 7 starting just after the planes hit the towers. Building 7 was probably meant to come down at about the same time the towers collapsed, but something went wrong. To get it to collapse the conspirators had to perhaps rewire some of the explosives or add some new ones. The firemen were not allowed to put out the fires while the work was going on. At 5:20 PM the building was ready for final demolition, but by this time many people were watching and they saw what was obviously a controlled demolition.

Hess changed his account in a BBC documentary, saying that what he thought were explosions in WTC7 on 9/11 were just falling debris from the towers hitting the building. He is still alive. A fearful Jennings asked Dylan Avery not to include his interview in “Loose Change Final Cut,” and changed his story in a BBC interview. (His remarks might have been distorted by the BBC.) After the BBC interview Avery posted his Jennings interview on the internet.  Jennings died at age 53 on August 19, 2008 under mysterious circumstances. Avery hired a private detective to find the cause of Jennings’s death, but the detective, after a short time, said it was a police matter and refused to take the case. (15)

Mayor Guliani gets advanced warning that the towers would fall.

In an ABC television interview, Mayor Giuliani said that he had advanced warning that the towers would collapse. (16) The warning came from the OEM. He would later deny he had been warned. Giuliani had set up headquarters in 75 Barclay Street, only a few feet away from WTC7 emergency center. When asked in the TV interview if he had gone to the emergency center, he said he had gone to 75 Barclay instead, offering no explanation. The emergency center had bullet proof windows, its own oxygen supply, communication links, etc. It was not used, in favor of a building across the street with no such facilities. Could it be that Giuliani knew that WTC7 was coming down? Giuliani ordered that newsmen and the public were not to be allowed to take pictures of the crash site, saying it was a crime scene. Meanwhile the evidence of the character of the collapse was being carted away. Last but not least, why weren’t the firemen warned that the towers would fall?

Kevin McPadden hears a count down just before WTC7 collapses.

McFadden was a first responder and a former Air Force medic. On 9/11 he overheard a Red Cross official talking on a radio just before WTC7 collapsed. He heard a countdown, explosions, and the Red Cross Official yelling, “Run for your life.”(17) Others were told to keep away from the building because it was about to come down. (18)



The BBC and Fox News report that WTC7 collapsed before it happened.

A BBC reporter named Jane Standley reported on TV that WTC7 had collapsed 20 minutes before it happened. Her report got a lot of attention. She said that it was a simple mistake. But no steel frame building had ever collapsed because of fire before 9/11, so the collapse of WTC7 should have been a complete surprise. Richard Porter, the head of news at BBC World said, “We’re not part of a conspiracy. Nobody told us what to do or say on September 11th.” Fox News also reported that WTC7 had fallen before it happened. (19) As stated on a web site, (I can’t remember which), suppose 2 people had reported that President Kennedy was assassinated 20 minutes before it happened. Wouldn’t that be suspicious? If they said it was just a mistake, would you believe them? Could it be that the press release had been prepared ahead of time and released a little too soon? By not revealing where they got the collapse announcement, the BBC and Fox News became part of the conspiracy.

Scientists find a form of Thermite in the WTC dust.

In a paper published in a peer reviewed scientific journal, a group of scientists described their analysis of World Trade Center dust collected on and a few days after 9/11. (20)They used optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, X-ray energy dispersive spectroscopy, and differential scanning calorimetry. They concluded that the samples contained “active unreacted thermitic material, incorporating nanotechnology,” or a “highly energetic pyrotechnic or explosive material.” In simpler terms, they found a high tech form of thermite. Thermite consists of Aluminum and Iron Oxide. When ignited the Aluminum combines with the oxygen in the Iron Oxide to form Aluminum Oxide, molten Iron and lots of heat. If the Aluminum is in the form of very small particles the reaction is so fast that it’s an explosion. Very small particles are made using nano-technology. Thus the scientists found small amounts of an explosive in the WTC dust. They also found spheres of iron. They found that “the material ignites and reacts vigorously at a temperature of 430 degrees C… matching fairly closely an independent observation of a known super-thermite sample.” Buildings do not normally contain explosives. They were placed in the building in order to demolish it.

Molten metal found in the WTC debris

Molten metal was found in the wreckage of all 3 buildings that collapsed. (21) Jet fuel or office furnishings do not burn at a high enough temperature to melt steel. I suspect that the police were ordered to prevent photographing of the WTC debris was to prevent pictures of the molten metal and other incriminating evidence from becoming widely disseminated. The molten metal was produced by the explosive reactions and then was buried in the WTC dust. Dust is a good insulator. Even though tons of water was sprayed over the debris, molten metal was still being found weeks after 9/11.


Witnesses confirm that a plane did not hit the Pentagon

A group called the Citizen Investigation Team interviewed witnesses that saw a low flying plane approach the Pentagon and fly over it. (22) An explosion occurred when the plane was over the Pentagon. The official story is that the plane (AA Flight 77) flew south of a Citgo gas station, knocked over some light poles and hit the side of the Pentagon. The witnesses agree that the plane flew north of the Citgo station. One of the witnesses, a young man, recently died.  Perhaps he was killed as a warning to the others to keep quiet.

Resistance to the Evidence

The evidence that 9/11 was an inside job is overwhelming. Yet even people who are familiar with the evidence mostly reject it. David Ray Griffin thinks that the problem is our “nationalist faith” and the belief that The US is an “exceptional nation” whose leaders are basically good. (23) From my own experience, helping to gather signatures for a petition for an independent 9/11 investigation, I noticed that I had a better chance of getting a signature from a black person that a white. Blacks don’t share our illusions about the basic goodness of the US.

I’m reminded of Galileo’s efforts to get people to accept that moons rotated about the planet Jupiter. He got to people to look into his telescope and observe the moons, but they concluded that there must be something wrong with the telescope or some other trickery involved. At the time, the church taught that the earth was the center of the universe, and that everything in the heavens rotated around the earth. To admit that the teachings of the church were wrong was to become a heretic. Today to realize that the official conspiracy theory of 9/11 is false is to become a conspiracy theorist and a heretic. It’s time to change from faith to reason. We need more heretics.

Last Words

I’ve reviewed some of the evidence showing that the official version of the terrorist attack of 9/11 is false. Moslems had very little to do with the attack. I’ve left out enough to fill many books. I’ve said nothing, for example, about the phony NIST (National Institute of Science and Technology) reports that in trying to explain the collapse without including explosives claim that the laws of Physics did not apply on 9/11. I’ve said nothing about the Anthrax letters, an attempt to further demonize Moslems, that eventually failed, but not before the Patriot Act was passed. To get more information you can start with my earlier reports on 9/11. (24,25) I especially recommend the books of David Ray Griffin. Once you learn the truth, please spread the word. 9/11 is not a dead issue. It’s still out justification for massive military interventions all around the world and the demise of our Civil Liberties.


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