How convenient it is that the justice department has decided the person who sent weapon’s grade anthrax to key Democratic offices, like Senator Patrick Leahey’s, is a dead person.  Yes, It is Obama’s justice Department, but the people in it were hired in the last nine years.   I think Obama’s Justice department is working under a bit of a handicap.  Unless, of course, Obama is actually happy with the Justice Department, declaring the “torture memos” as being within the law — that it coincides with his idea of Justice.  If that is the case, than we are operating under a handicap.

Since it was determined that the strain of anthrax that was mailed was identical to a strain held at Fort Detrick, it made perfect sense to me that the anthrax was mailed by the CIA.  I especially thought so when I considered who benefitted from the mailings—the GOP.  It didn’t even have to be the whole CIA,  It might just have been a few friends who were still loyal the Bushes.  I mean, who was the head of the CIA when Kennedys were shot.  Still, it looks really convenient that the person they blamed is already dead.

And yes, I am a bit of a conspiracy nut.  I even believe that the GOP and the CIA conspired with the Iranians to kidnap some pilots while Carter was president.  I believe they bargained for heroine and traded guns for drugs and turned around and used the huge profits to finance illegal operations in Nicaragua to keep the conservatives in power there.  I even ate dinner in the shell of a large aircraft that belonged to the CIA.  That shell had been a plane carrying arms that crashed in Costa Rica.  That plane is now a restaurant.  Yes, I am a bit of a nut.  When I am trying to figure out who did something, the first thing I try to determine is who stands to gain the most from the actions I am evaluating.  If you do not believe me, check out what happened in Iran the day Reagan was sworn in.  If that is not enough, check out what happened to Commander Oliver North who oversaw the Nicaraguan operation.  If you can’t find anything, let me help you out.  Nothing happened to Ollie North, even though he committed profound crimes against and “for” this country.  Oh, and does that sound familiar?  Too bad we just can’t get it right.

What is another thing we cannot seem to get right?  The answer is, the war in Afghanistan.  I just got this from and article in the Times:

The effort to train the Afghan Army has long been troubled, with soldiers and officers repeatedly falling short. And yet after nearly a decade of American and European mentorship and many billions of dollars of American taxpayer investment, American and Afghan officials have portrayed the Afghan Army as the force out front in this important offensive against the Taliban.

…in multiple firefights in which Times journalists were present, many Afghan soldiers did not aim — they pointed their American-issued M-16 rifles in the rough direction of the incoming small-arms fire and pulled their triggers without putting rifle sights to their eyes. Their rifle muzzles were often elevated several degrees high.

Shouts from the Marines were common. “What you shooting at, Hoss?” one yelled during a long battle on the second day, as an Afghan pulled the trigger repeatedly and nonchalantly at nothing that was visible to anyone else.

“They are a lot better than the Iraqis,” said the sergeant, who served a combat tour in Iraq. “They understand all of our formations, they understand how to move. They know how to flank and they can recognize the bad guys a lot better than we can.”

To me it looks like they are humoring us, learning our methods and “formations,” taking our money, and putting our troops at risk.  Read the whole article and you will find out how “out of control the situation really is.

At least the Netherlands got it right.  They were scheduled to get out this year and someone in the government wanted to extend the troops.  The arguments over that issue brought their government down.  The troops will come home.  I have been hearing a lot about the number of troops over there, but the French and the Germans are not all that happy about being there.  When the Dutch pull out 2,000 troops I expect the Germans and French to follow suit.  Then the number of foreign troops over there will look more like Bush’s comical “Coalition of the Willing.”  Oh well, just another convenient truth.