What was once considered the Commons and therefore belonging to the People of San Francisco,  is now the personal fiefdom of one Robert Agrella, “Special Trustee With Extraordinary Powers”, over the administration of San Francisco City College.

Several weeks back a group of Students and Faculty and Staff went to the office of the president of that college to meet with him and the STWEP to address their grievances among them recent raises given to administrators of 19.25 % which followed on the heels of a 4% decrease in the salaries of Faculty. Also to be discussed was the non-transparency of the processes by which these manipulations by the dominant powers roughshodding the College were being maneuvered.

Well, first off, despite establishing a appointment to meet with these administrators, the Students, Faculty, and Staff were met by a body of police officers who refused them entrance into the building but said they would take any written requests and pass them along to the president and his co-conspirator, one Agrella the Hun, the STWEP, named for his obvious rape and plunder of CCSF for the purpose of privatizing the College in serving the interests of the 1%.

Since that day there has been a stonewalling of responding to the desires of concerned members of the Community and the College as well as the Union representing the Teachers. Legal actions are being set in motion.

Just wanted to share this Complaint below, a letter from a Teacher to the Administrators that pretty well lays out the legal grounds on which their objections are made.

My Commentary: I can’t help but feel that as Executive, Legislative, and Judicial dictates comes down upon the People of this country in the form of Unitary Executive Theory, the formalization into law of the evisceration of our Constitution, and the creation of the Citizens United Cartel by the SCOTUS, essentially the canonization of plutocratic rule, that local governments rationalize their usurpation of the rights of the People they serve, to do much the same.

And unless Americans are willing to take to the Streets in Dissent much as has been happening in many parts of the world, Spain, Greece, Chile, Egypt, etc. then these uncontested acts of tyranny will establish themselves in the minds of the younger generations growing up as what is and what was and what will always be the nature of their governance. Because the history of Fascism which was squelched by their great grandfathers and grandmothers in WWII will be no longer printed in their American History books as a lesson this country learned over seventy years ago.

__Bob of Occupy

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SUBJECT:  Complaint of Violations of SFCCD Board Policy

Chancellor Arthur Tyler,  Counsel Steve Bruckman, Special Trustee Robert Agrella:

Pursuant to SFCCD Board Policy BP 1.29, this letter constitutes a formal complaint about the lack of transparency and openness in the conduct of SFCCD business since the appointment of the Special Trustee.

Decisions by the Special Trustee have taken place in secrecy and with no oversight or review in contravention to Education Code 72121, CCR Section 58312 (e) and the SFCCD Policy Manual.  Specific examples and consequences of this are the failed Review and SalaryGate.

Education Code 72121 states:

              …all meetings of the governing board of any community college district shall be open to the public, and all actions authorized or required by law of the governing board shall be taken at the meetings…

California Code of Regulations Title 5, Division 6, Chapter 9, Subchapter 4, Section 58312, Paragraph (e) which authorizes the appointment of a Special Trustee states:

The exercise by the special trustee of such powers shall be subject to all legal requirements applicable to the district.


The Special Trustee for San Francisco Community College District is required to comply with Education Code 72121.  The Special Trustee is also required to comply with the SFCCD Policy Manual.



<!-[if !supportLists]->·         <!-[endif]->BP 1.02A states:

… it will be the purpose and practice of the Board to function as follows:

Conduct all business in open and public meetings, except in those matters as

 specified by the Brown Act and the Education Code that may be dealt with in

 Closed Sessions.

·         BP 1.05 states:

All meetings of the Board shall be open to the public, except as required or permitted by law, and shall otherwise comply with Brown Act provisions.

 ·         BP 1.10 states:

The Board shall provide opportunities for members of the public to participate in the business of the District at public meetings

BP 1.16 states:

The District’s duty is to serve the public, reaching its decisions in full view

of the public. The Board of Trustees and its committees, Citizens’ Bond

Oversight Committee, Academic Senate, College Advisory Council,

Planning and Budgeting Council, and the Local Hiring Oversight

Committee of the San Francisco Community College District exist to

conduct the people’s business. This Policy assures that deliberations are

conducted before the people and that District operations are open to the

people’s review.



The Special Trustee and Administration need to end its secret and opaque M.O.

More importantly the Special Trustee and Administration need to act in the interests of the community instead of the interests of friends in ACCJC.  Your fiduciary duty as trustee is to the people of the community who are your beneficiaries; not to the people in ACCJC.