All charges have been dropped against all the activists who were arrested while defending Catherine Ferguson Academy, the unique school for pregnant and parenting young women in Detroit.

“The defenders of Catherine Ferguson Academy have shown the nation that if you fight you can win. These young women and their teacher never gave up, and were preparing another occupation on the last day of school, even though they were facing charges from the previous occupation. Their determination and courage is a model for the leadership we need to reverse the attacks on public education,” said Joyce Schon, attorney for the CFA defendants. “The young women are now turning their attention to defending the successful programs and collaborative atmosphere of Catherine Ferguson under its new charter management. BAMN urges all those who want to preserve public education to use the same methods that won our total victory at Catherine Ferguson.”

“The decision by the prosecutor to drop all charges is a testament to the strength of our movement. There isn’t a jury in America that would find these brave young women guilty at trial,” added Shanta Driver, BAMN National Chairperson. “The students, teacher and other supporters who sat down, as well as those who surrounded the school to protect the occupation, are our heroes – their determination saved not only CFA, but also the Detroit Day School for the Deaf, the Moses Fields programs for autistic children, Carleton Elementary, and many other schools that were taken off the closing list due to the CFA occupation and the fear of authorities that occupations would spread.”

For more information, contact BAMN attorneys Joyce Schon 313-434-7075 or Monica Smith 313-585-3637.
Donna Stern

BAMN National Coordinator