It is like I was watching a different game.    “… so when Williams ripped a forehand to Stosur’s backhand for an apparent winner to stave off another break, she could not contain her glee. “Come on!” she screamed.

But Stosur stuck out her racket and got a piece of the ball, and when she made contact, it brought into play the hindrance rule,” wrote Karen Crouse of the N Y Times.

The sound that I heard Serena make was anything but gleeful.  AND, what I saw was Samantha running down a point, like she had every other ball Serena hit.  “… she stuck out her racket,” really?  The sound I heard Serena make was that of arrogant derision that Samantha was even attempting to return her “winner.”

Serena makes an obvious mistake and instead of apologizing she turns her wrath on the umpire for enforcing the rules.  Later, Serena says, “I hit a winner, but I guess it didn’t count.”  Forget the  rule book, It’s just plain sense.   What Serena did was rude and crude and all the narcissistic apologists are doing is making it worse.  A young commentator said they should at least play the point over.  Now Serena’s words are appropriate, ” Come on!”

For the second time in three years, Williams’s menacing behavior toward an official at Arthur Ashe Stadium overshadowed her opponent’s brilliance. In 2009, Williams lashed out at a lineswoman who called her for a foot fault and lost her semifinal to the unseeded Kim Clijsters when she was given a point penalty on match point.

Serena should be required to learn some humility and how to manage her anger.

It is a good thing that we pay a lot in prize money because the weather and the fans suck.  If we don’t know how to win, we could at least learn how to lose.