The Assassination of Osama bin Laden: What Has Changed?

by John Reimann On the evening after US president Obama announced the killing of Osama bin Laden, the US TV channels were filled with scenes of (relatively small) crowds gathered at the White House and New York’s Times Square. They were waving American flags, chanting “USA! USA!” and singing the US national anthem. The newspapers […]

The Chernobyl Disaster – 25 Years Later

“I feel that at least several hundred scientists trained in the biomedical aspect of atomic energy – myself included – are candidates for Nuremberg-type trials for crimes against humanity for our gross negligence and irresponsibility. Now that we know the hazard of low-dose radiation, the crime is not experimentation – it’s murder.” Dr. John Gofman, […]

Radical Environmentalist George Monbiot Endorses Nuclear Power

George Monbiot, the prominent left writer and columnist for the London “Guardian” newspaper, has recently announced his support for nuclear power (“Guardian” newspaper, March 21, 2011). Considering the fact that he has written extensively on the issue of environmentalism and that he previously opposed nuclear power, his changed position merits serious consideration.   “Heat” In […]

Open Class Struggle in Wisconsin

While less than 10% of the private sector work force is in unions in the United States, these unions still represent a potentially massive force in US society, capable of mobilizing millions of workers and youth. This is in the process of being proven in Wisconsin, where the class struggle has broken out into the […]

Book Review: The Great American Stickup, by Robert Scheer

After the mid-term elections, President Obama made a further turn to the right in part in an attempt to placate the right wing populists. Many supporters, including critical supporters, of Obama were somewhat shocked at. They shouldn’t have been, and if they’d read Robert Scheer’s “The Great American Stickup” maybe they would have been better […]

“Quantitative Easing”: What Does It Mean?

The capitalist economists and the mass media called it a second round of “quantitative easing” or QE II, and most workers when hearing such a term would simply throw up their hands and turn to the next news item. That is, if the workers heard about it at all. They would figure they could never […]

US Elections

Tuesday’s election results should be seen in their historical context. The general political set-up in the US is as follows: The most powerful sector of the US capitalist class is finance capital (“Wall Street”). Other powerful sectors include the military/industrial complex with manufacturing a distance behind. Through political donations mainly at the national level, as […]

The Rise of the Tea Partiers: A Long Time in Coming

As is always the case during any time of crisis, a far-right, populist movement is developing in the United States. It calls itself the Tea Party, after the famous Boston Tea Party of 1773 – a protest of colonial settlers against British colonialism. Cultural and Political Traditions The cultural and political traditions of any society […]

Lessons of the Elections in Venezuela

The recent (Sept. 25) congressional elections in Venezuela once again put the regime of President Hugo Chavez in the world news. The outcome of the elections was mixed. While Chavez’s United Socialist party of Venezuela (PSUV) won 96 seats compared to 63 for the main opposition (MUD), the PSUV only won 48% of the popular […]

The Muslim Center at “Ground Zero”

As elections for state and local offices are approaching, American politics is hitting a new low. There are huge issues facing US society. These include the expanding US occupation of Afghanistan as well as the failed occupation in Iraq, the Gulf of Mexico/BP oil disaster and its long term consequences, the near bankruptcy of many […]