Politicians will call it “Education”, but it only is a conditioning of the human mind, to stop it thinking for itself.

Before anything, I need to explain that I have nothing personal against Barack Obama. I know he is only the “spokesman” for the elite that runs the world and not the “Commander-in-Chief” he wants and “has”to play.

It is two days now since the President of the United States of America, announced the death of many more young and innocent American soldiers, but in these two days, I have not heard a politician, a Peace or Human Rights organisation, a journalist or political analyst, etc, comment on this tragic human catastrophe ahead of us.

Yes, there have been comments from what the Press calls “friends” or “enemies” of the President, both among Democrats or Republicans, who expressed various degrees of scepticism, but all related to the size of the troop escalation or the planned date for the start of withdrawal.

I shall try not to be too long, taking only some of the points alluded by the President in his ominous speech.

1) Obama, when referring to “more troops now for quicker pullout later”, omitted to mention the thousands of soldiers who will “never” pullout, as by the time this happens, they’ll be long dead, having left behind millions of bereaved parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, children and grieving friends.

2) Call for more troops from other countries. This only means “I want people from the whole world to die with us, so that Banks and weapon manufacturers in other countries can also profit.

3) Obama said the reason for the war is that it is in Afghanistan that terrorist attacks are plotted. The President cleverly omitted saying that the Taliban are the “Freedom Fighters” created and trained by the USA. He also “forgot” to mention the Al Qaeda fighters who trained in the USA, the friendship or the business relationship between the Bush and bin Laden clans.

What to me is most shocking of all, is the fact that the entire world does not wonder how come, that, not only the USA’s but also the NATO Armed Forces, cannot defeat want could only be described as a “midget” Army, a group of people who don’t have military helicopters, air-fighters, warships, long-range missiles, etc, etc.

Even more absurd, the entire world does not wonder, how come Al Qaeda gets a constant supply of the grenades, bombs, rifles, etc, they use.

Blind patriots will tell me “we don’t arm them, it is all the fault of the Russians”. This concept is as false as the one uttered by people who don’t know Palestinians often use Israeli made weapons.

Nobody wonders how come that Customs officers or frontier Police can find a 50gr. packet of marihuana, but “don’t” see lorries with 600  rifles, 1,000 grenades, etc.

In short, nobody seems to realise that we have a war simply because we want to have a war.

On Tuesday, President Obama didn’t say “60 years ago my predecessor Dwight Eisenhower said the United States of America should achieve Full Spectrum Dominance, by land, sea and air” and this is what I, as every President of the USA, before and after me, must try to achieve.

What the President also didn’t say is that sending an extra 30,000 troops to Afghanistan, is absolutely necessary in order to keep the War Industry going and flourishing, with industrialists, oil and Press barons, Bankers, etc, keeping and increasing their capital.

What the President also didn’t say is that he needs the extra soldiers in Afghanistan because several new materials for military uniforms need to be tested, as well as newly developed weapons and bombs. To Obama, soldiers dying is only a collateral effect of tests that must be carried out, like the many people who die allowing themselves to become guinea pigs for new pharmaceutical products.

4) Barack Obama mentioned how costly the war is in times of recession, forgetting to say a few things: a) we caused the economic crisis so that millions of people become unemployed or poor, cannot pay their bills, etc and the only way out for them is to join the Armed Forces, where they would have a guaranteed salary until they die. B) that he, like all Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Ministers and all politicians, couldn’t care less about the crisis, as they would never be personally liable for their country’s debts. On the contrary, he, like some politicians, Defense Ministers, heads of the Armed Forces, etc, thanks to organising wars in the world and to so many soldiers and innocent civilians dying, become very rich.

5) The President said that the difference with Vietnam (which made almost 70,000 American soldiers dead and a handful of politicians, several weapon manufacturers and bankers very rich) was the fact that “we were viciously attacked from Afghanistan”, omitting to reveal to the listening “deaf” world, that we created the “enemy”, as well as the so called “attacks”, so that we could invade and occupy countries and so continue to have a militarised world with its frightened population.

Finally, the other detail that escapes the brainwashed population, is to see how Religion is creating all this mess. So many people believe that the invasion and occupation of, and the war with Afghanistan, is to help the Afghan people establish a Democratic country, totally oblivious that the USA arranged the assassination (presented as suicide) of the democratically elected Chilean President Salvador Allende, to put in power military dictator Augusto Pinochet, supporting and encouraging his tyrannical and savage Government for 18 years.
Had Afghanistan been a Christian country and Chile a Muslim country, Obama would have announced the sending of 30,000 more soldiers to the South American country and would be promoting winter sports in Afghanistan.  
Sad and tragic. How much I hope I was wrong !!!!!!!!!

Alberto Portugheis