The Berkeley Daily Planet reports that four generations of UC Berkeley law school, activists lawyers and community members joined forces at Boalt Hall to Protest John Yoo’s return to campus. The activists, organized by the National Lawyers Guild, World Can’t Wait and Code Pink, demanded that Yoo be prosecuted for writing memorandums that were used by the Bush Administration to justify torture. They also called for Yoo to be fired as a professor of law at UC Berkeley’s Boalt Hall School of Law. The Dean of the law school has defended Yoo’s actions as academic freedom. The National Lawyers Guild members asserted that Yoo should be held accountable for his actions that has led to the torture of thousands of U.S. prisoners. World Can’t Wait activists placed large photos of the infamous Abu Ghraib torture pictures at the demonstration on the Berkeley campus, while several protesters posed as hooded prisoners in chains, one of them taking on the pose of the iconic man on top of a box photo.

There is a picture with this article that depicts protesters with Orange anti-torture ribbons confronting Professor John Yoo on the first day of class.

You can read the article from World Can’t Wait, by clicking on this link:

-Bill Gibbons
“I’m a Truth Addict, aw shit, I got a head rush.” –Rage Against the Machine