President Obama travels to Israel as a convenient assassination target to ignite a US-desired war on Iran. Here are the objective facts:

The above documentation explains and proves all “reasons” for war on Iran are known to be lies as they are told.

To help place US lies on Iran in context, we know now from official US government reports that all “reasons” for war on Iraq were known to be lies as they were told.

Therefore: BEWARE AN ISRAEL ASSASSINATION ON PRESIDENT OBAMA that is blamed on Iran as a new “reason” for war. Reject US/Israel war-murders of Iranians when we already know who has lied, and who is currently lying for unlawful wars. Suspect a false flag attack as behind any assassination or attempt.

US military’s Oath of Enlistment is to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” US military is trained to refuse unlawful orders: there are no lawful orders in current US unlawful wars. US military officers are trained to arrest anyone who issues an unlawful order: unlawful war is the most important unlawful order to stop.

Therefore: US military is authorized NOW to arrest the criminal faction among US “leadership” in government, military, and media who lied to engage us in unlawful wars since 2001, and lie now for more unlawful war.

Honor demands our action to uphold the US Constitution, refuse unlawful Wars of Aggression, and arrest obvious War Criminals.

Millions of lives are at stake, including our own. Trillions of our dollars are being wasted that could revitalize our nation.

We have the rule of just law with us, all of our ancestors who upheld the US Constitution, and 99% of humanity today when informed of the facts.

What will you do about this?

Be proud of your choices.