Some may think that question is absurd, but for the last few years, more and more people are waking up to the rampant corruption and starting to wonder. They have seen the damage that has resulted from the widespread fraud committed by the big banks in loan origination, securitization, servicing and foreclosure.

Many realize that the banksters’ crime spree is not over. Over 30 million Americans have lost their homes since January of 2007, and over 10 million Americans face foreclosure right now.

Most outrageously, the people who are paying attention have seen that those in government who are supposed to protect the public from rampant fraud and injustice have refused to do so, and instead, these government representatives have helped the big bankers steal trillions from the taxpayers.

Of course, few realize that the bankers used their government puppets to engineer this collapse and the collapse of commercial real estate in the late 1980s, and even fewer realize that the bankers gained more power and raided the treasury both times. That information, like the information that our votes are counted in secret, is kept from the public.

Last fall, the cartel which controls the “news” media finally admitted that the banksters have used falsified affidavits to take homes, but the media cartel has only given a couple of people a platform to talk about the bankers’ control of our government and way of life. Most of the talking heads continue to ignore the banksters’ crime spree, and instead, they pretend that the biggest problem facing us is foreign terrorists. There is more talk about the war on the middle class, but few are talking about the powerful institutions which are really behind it.

This weekend in Tampa, Florida a large number of well-known speakers are meeting to discuss this problem and ways to address it. Tickets are still available.

The speakers include people with extensive experience in government such as Judge Andrew Napolitano, former Congressman Tom Tancredo, former Governor Gary Johnson, and Sheriff Richard Mack; reform activists and organizers such as G. Edward Griffin, author of The Creature from Jekyll Island and founder of Freedom Force International, and Stewart Rhodes, founder of Oath Keepers; and people who are active in the media such as Joseph Farah, founder and editor of, and Judge Andrew Napolitano, host of Freedom Watch on Fox News.

Yes, I mentioned Judge Napolitano twice, but anyone who has actually read what the Framers had to say about the meaning of the Constitution for the United States of America and who points out how many of our current problems have been caused by the government’s Constitutional violations deserves to be mentioned twice. Hearing Judge Napolitano’s views on this issue is well worth the price of admission, but of course, the folks with the Save America Foundation which organized this 3 day event have many more interesting speakers lined up.

For more information, see the Save America Convention, and get your tickets now if you want to hear more about what forces are causing problems in the United States of America and hear ideas about how to address these problems. Each person who attends will receive a blueprint and battle plan dedicated to restoring our republic. I think that it will be very interesting weekend.