"Can Anyone Create A Job?" the NYT asks.


The NY Times is going to write a five part series on whether anyone can create a job. I have answered the question in 5 paragraphs…

When asking the question, “can anyone create jobs,” the answer is simple. Yes, you just hire someone and “poof,” there it is- a job. There is all this talk about creating an atmosphere where jobs are needed, by cutting back regulations or business taxes.  This is just smoke and mirrors by Republicans so that business can make more money at the expense to the environment or the worker. The only things that are needed to create a job is the need and the funds to do it. We currently have two needs. One is crumbling infrastructure and two, a large unemployed workforce. The funds are a bit trickier.

Almost NOBODY has any money, save 2% of our population. Right or wrong as to whether they should pay for the new jobs, It doesn’t matter right now. They ARE the only source that has the funds to do it.  So YES, tax them. There are highways and bridges throughout the country that must be fixed. The only way to do this is for the Feds to fix them. Give the money to the Republican governors and you can almost guarantee it won’t get done. A high speed rail, to connect this country, is needed. A national energy policy that incorporates renewable energy and linking the grid is another project.  Subsidizing private homeowners to install solar will work here too. I know, because I have done it myself.

The home solar idea is already in place. People have the need to reduce their electric bill. Let them put solar on their house and they will look for other ways to conserve, just as showing drivers of hybrid cars continuously how their driving affects their mileage, homeowners will do whatever it takes to minimize their energy needs.  This will create the solar energy industry- not by soaking a half billion into one company.  You need to have the market, FIRST.

YES, it is possible to create jobs. A pipeline was put in along the highway by my house. Those pipeline workers raised the incomes of the businesses around here and some of those businesses hired more workers. Highway projects last the whole season and they put people to work. Each job funds five more jobs. Once people are working, the economy reinforces itself.

There is one other thing to tackle and that is the WalMart stores. Before Walmart, there were individual stores- the money moved around, but it stayed in the community. We need to implement a business tax on retail outlets that keeps a large % of the profits in the communities from which they are derived.

I think that is enough to ponder at the moment



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