Today at 4:30 there will be a meeting to bring together the students, teachers, community, and those members of the SEIU who may be responding to Nancy of Radical Women’s invitation yesterday:
CCSF Students, Teachers, Classifieds, and SF Community meeting at 4:30 Student Union. All invited including journalists
As someone who voted for Prop. A to keep CCSF, open and fully functional for the entire SF Community, it was strange to hear Nanette Asimov singing the death knell of City College yesterday in the Chronicle.
I spoke with several of the Teachers at City College and the general consensus is that was a “fear tactic” to get the faculty, teachers, students, and SF community in line_your typical draconian instrument of “shock doctrine” to exploit the Commons for the interests of the Private which essentially is the 1% we’ve been powerfully made aware of by the Occupy Movement.
Not enough coverage of the teachers’, students’, and classifieds’ interests have found their way to the Bay Area media outlets.
Why is that? As a taxpayer here in SF and along with 73% of my fellow San Franciscans, we deserve to hear why Prop A is not being used to fully fund our college as we voted in this last November election.
I received this list of demands (following) from the Teachers’ Coalition yesterday and find it so full of valuable information that hasn’t apparently reached the ears and minds of San Franciscans. I find that shocking. Why are the media putting out the side of the opposition, just obediently spewing fear and incomplete news for the those who would privatize our City College because how else can one see it than that a bunch of marauders with carpet bags have swooped down and started the process of stripping, dismantling, and wrecking our College despite our overwhelming approving Prop A?
__Bob Gorringe
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Proposal for the Mission statement

To preserve affordable and quality education for all at City College of San Francisco, we are fighting back against undemocratically imposed cuts to educational programs.


Proposal for our Demands

(Target: the Special Trustee, BOT, Chancellor, State Chancellor, U.S. Dept. of Education, the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges, and government officials who support the destruction of City College)


  • · Use Prop A funds as voters designated: To keep and restore classes, student services, and programs, and to prevent layoffs.
  • · Engage in good-faith bargaining with AFT, SEIU, and the DCC.
  • · Open the books to provide transparency in fiscal matters.
  • · Reverse unilaterally imposed pay/benefit cuts, workload speed-ups, and furlough days and actions that pit one group of workers against another.
  • · Maintain democratically elected department chair structure and protect diversity departments.
  • · Foster democratic participation of faculty, staff, and students in decision making.
  • · Implement an effective recruitment campaign to bolster enrollment and actively counter unfair and negative stories about City College.
  • · Return college control to voter-elected Board of Trustees. (delete)
  • · Stop the misuse of the accreditation process to impose austerity measures.
  • · Stop wasting money on ineffective overpaid consultants and administrators.
  • · Repudiate the double standard that is applied to public colleges verses for-profit colleges for accreditation. (Needs clarification)
  • · Abide by California law consistent with the California Master Plan for Education and AB 1725 (specify its theme or what it contains)
  • · Full funding for free and accessible public education to provide for the availability of lifetime learning


Demands to take to the broader coalition:

  • Fund public education: Use Prop A revenue now to restore lost classes, programs and student services; raise taxes on the 1% and corporations to fund CCSF; open the books.
  • Stop union busting: No pay cuts, furloughs or layoffs; sign a fair contract with AFT. Rehire laid off staff and faculty.
  • Keep the community in community colleges: Restore distinct diversity departments, childcare centers, art studios and support for at-risk students
  • Stop the corporate, top-down model for public colleges: Preserve shared governance by faculty, staff and students. No confidence in the chancellor and special trustee!
  • Stop the war on public education: End misuse of accreditation to impose austerity; free, quality education for all from pre-K to higher education for all, including immigrants

From: Reply-to: To: CC: Sent: 1/22/2013 3:34:47 P.M. Pacific Standard Time Subj: [Fight To Save CCSF Coalition] ACCJC’s plan to use Prop A funds in the ways they see fit

I want to report what John Rizzo told me today about what the ACCJC is panning to do with Prop A funds. I asked him to provide as much detail
as he could. Here’s what he said: “The accrediting agency told us to
fund” the following:
1. Retiree medical benefits. There is currently $200 Million in unfunded liability.
2. Computers and technology. (John didn’t have a dollar figure).
3. Reserve fund. He said it is supposed to be funded at 5% of the budget, which may be around $200 Million. Since 5% of $200 Million is $10 Million, that means an amount of $10 million for reserves. If $4 Million is in the current reserve fund, that means about a $6 Million gap.
4. Building maintenance. John didn’t have figures for this.
It seems to me these plans need to see the light of day. At a
minimum, the amount they have in mind for computers and technology
should be deleted, as well as the proposed allocation of Prop A funds
for the reserve. Given that Prop A and Prop 30 funds are on the way, it
doesn’t make sense to worry about the reserve funds. By deleting just
the reserve funds contribution, $6 Million would be freed to support the salaries of faculty and staff short term.