In their treacherously crafted letter to deceive the residents of San Francisco and readers of the SF Chronicle, Mayor Lee and Chancellor Brice have clearly highlighted their disdain for the truth and shown their allegiance to the financial powers that back their sell out of the College that serves the entire community of this City, for which oddly enough they were elected to protect.
Instead they are choosing to direct that yet “another” special trustee be appointed with super extraordinary powers to essentially dictatorially gut the People’s College.
Let’s examine together this manipulation of the truth though omission and distortion. This process of revealing pertinent information that I am going to deliver to you was nowhere to be found in their presentation to the People of our City. This dishonest approach is indicative of elected individuals who like two-headed vipers seduce and then inflict venomous poison into our body politic. In short, they see us as only necessary fools for their legitimacy in pretending to be representatives of the people who directed them to serve their interests, not the interests of the 1%.
Nowhere in their Tactic of Fear do they notify the Public that there is now a lawsuit, a 280 page legal document, being sent to the Department of Education in Washington DC. put together over a year’s time by the teachers’ unions, CFT and AFT that empirically proves among many other serious contentions charged against the ACCJC, that this agency has committed conflicts of interests, seriously violated their own standards_ as well as California laws and collective bargaining laws,  misrepresented recommendations as requirements, allowed Barbara Beno, the titular head of this mini dictatorship, to arbitrarily override the findings of her investigative team whose job it was to see if the College had met the requirements laid out earlier last year (which in practice the College succeeded in doing),and has shown to have a rate of sanctioning six times higher than any of the other accrediting agencies throughout the US. And that’s just a brief list of charges.
Let’s just take one example of conflict of interest. Barbara Beno’s husband, a Peter Crabtree, was part of the initial team of ACCJC investigators. Conflicts of interest clauses always state that they embrace even the appearances of a conflict of interest. Now what could be more conflicting than choosing one’s husband for that position.
And on top of that it was pointed out to us by City College’s highly respected in-house historian, that Peter Crabtree, in his capacity at his day job at Peralta College as its Dean of Vocational Instruction, was praised for his role in bringing in “big juicy grants” to the college at a time when state funding was in the decline. Let it also be pointed out that the ACCJC granted full accreditation back to Peralta, the same college Barbara Beno’s husband has been so instrumental in serving. Am I the only one who smells a foul odor emanating from the leaking crevices of this convoluted sphere of quid pro quo influence?
Was any of this pertinent information in the Brice-Lee Testament of Dire Consequences? Do you see how they craft their pre-ordained incompleteness of information in hoodwinking their constituencies into giving them the results their lobbyists paid for?
Is there any discussion in their deceitful report through the medium of the SF Chronicle about the previous special trustee, one Robert Agrella and the success they had with his dictatorial powers over the our elected Board of Trustees? No? Are you surprised?
Did they inform you that he failed in delivering the goal of putting the College in order so as to turn around the sanction against City College?
Did they inform you that at your taxpayer’s expense he was paid $1000 a day over an eight month tour of duty for his “services”?
Did they tell you that when the SF Board of Trustees was asked by him early on not to pressure him into any paperwork of accountability they all to the last one acquiesced?
Did they tell that at the last BoT meeting in June, a budget meeting (pretty important, wouldn’t you say?) that Robert Agrella’s contract was renewed? All trustees with the exception of the Student Trustee, Shannel Williams, the People’s Choice, deemed waiting just two weeks to see if he had even succeeded in the charge he was given, as being unworthy of consideration for a vote to delay.
Of course not! What they told you was “WE NEED ANOTHER ONE”.
Did the man who represents the residents of SF or the chancellor from Sacramento representing community and junior colleges fill you in on all the pertinent details so that you could be “best informed” in your decision making in going along with their decision to just hand it all over to them and they would handle it once and for all?
Absolutely not. They chose instead to frighten you into dampening your trousers and helplessly looking to patriarchal figures who would chase away the boogeyman. Much in the same way that the Cheney cabal did in taking us into a war that caused irrevocable damage to our reputation as a world leader of integrity and justice and put this economy on a path to depression and austerity whereby the needs of the People are subjugated to the interests of the 1% first.
And all tax monies become limited and tight and held back from the services that benefit the 99%. So why is City College in the financial straits it is in? Kind of self-explanatory, wouldn’t you say?
One more piece of this puzzle that might reveal a pattern of purposeful destruction of our Commons facilitated by the mayor, the chancellor of junior and community colleges, the majority of the SF trustees, and the henchmen behind them.
At the budget meeting of the BoT’s last month, even before all the votes were taken, I watched as City College chancellor, Thelma Scott-Skillman, royally made her exit from the room where the business of the College was taking place. Did she already know that the ACCJC was going to send the College into a tailspin by not revoking “Show Cause”? Would it be wrong to assume that one employed by the taxpayers of this city ought to have finished out the meeting as being an essential part of her job?
Was she part of the SCHEME to destroy City College and thus justify at least in Barbara Beno’s mind the revocation of “Show Cause”?
Was I one of the few who read what the former President of the Academic Senate said regarding Scott-Skillman of the chancellor’s responsibilities to Save City College?
And did the mayor and chancellor of junior and community colleges inform you in their Testament of Dire Consequences exactly what the Academic Senate President had exposed?
Let’s look together again at the ACCJC’s letter and just what chancellor Scott-Skillman’s did in serving our Commons, CCSF.
1) The ACCJC letter quotes the Show Cause Evaluation Report to say, “The Participatory Governance Council System and the relationship between it and the Collegial Governance System has not yet been defined.” The officers of the CCSF Academic Senate actively sought to complete these definitions and brought information about best practices from other community colleges to meetings with Interim Chancellor Scott-Skillman in April and again in May. Scott-Skillman told us that next steps should be taken “slowly” and declined to engage in further discussion.
2) Dr. Beno’s letter also says, “The Show Cause Visiting Team found that no operating principles or processes have been defined for the revised governance structure.” In fact, the Academic Senate revised the operating principles and practices for its committees in the Collegial Governance System. Parallel work has not yet been completed for the Participatory Governance Council-chaired by the Interim Chancellor.
3)In past years, program review reports were created for each CCSF center, but in spite of ACCJC’s direction for more financial oversight of the centers, those units were told not to submit program reviews this year.
4)Interim Chancellor Scott-Skillman laid off the internal auditor in January, 2013 without making provision to replace the financial oversight called for by Board Policy.
5)ACCJC called for CCSF to update the 2006 Education Master Plan. Our Research and Planning Office drafted an RFP to start work on it, but the Interim Chancellor’s office never forwarded that draft RFP to the Board of Trustees for approval.
And please note in your memory bank this fact. Scott-Skillman and Brice have a close professional relationship from the past. He put her in charge of opening up a college in the valley. Makes one wonder if this extraordinarily special trustee that Lee and Brice think we should have crammed down our throats might be coming from the same cesspool where retiring administrators go to cash in one last time in serving their masters.
So, “What we have here is a failure to communicate”_HONESTLY, by at least two less than credible apparchiks for the 1%.
They have chosen to employ the time honored deceitful tactics of obfuscation, distortion, and omission which in my book reads Dirty Rotten, Lying Scoundrels.
Now in the old days they might have been tar and feathered. Being that we’re perhaps more civilized, a good exposing of their backsides and the stuffed pockets covering them, should be more than adequate.
Unless, of course, we choose to do nothing.
__Bob of Occupy