CORRUPT CA. WORKERS’ COMP: Injured Workers must Unite Together to Stop the Injustice and the Horrific treatment that we as Injured Workers have had to endure. Not one more Injured Worker should lose everything, their health and life. All because of the goal of Workers’ Comp to Lower the Ratings and Deny the Benefits of injured workers’ by unethical judges, defense doctors and lawyers.
We are Injured Workers. Not criminals. But, taxpayers, voters and law abiding citizens. It’s time for all of us to Stand Up and Speak Up for what the Ca. Constitution guarantees us all-to cure or alleviate our Workers’ Comp injuries. Also, Judicial Ethics require fair, just and impartial hearings, actions and Decisions.
Ca. Gov. Jerry Brown’s answer to all the unethical practices in Workers’ Comp  is “Get a Lawyer”.
NO, Gov. Brown. I, as one of the millions of Ca. Injured Workers needs to have all our cases tried in a fair, honest and just Workers’ Comp System. Not the constant Delays, Denials that lead to Death, Not the documented criminal corruption going on now. Our tax money is paying for this injustice.  It is time to stop it!


My Unethical WCAB Judge Jerold Cohn made a medical diagnosis-not a doctor. He changed all the facts in my case/testimony, libeled me repeatedly, used inadmissible evidence-changed those facts, lost evidence and added his own facts. And took away my medical care and treatment.

How long, years, will I have to wait for a Court Date for the Home Health Care I so desperately need. It is based on the documented physical injuries from 1/2001. And requested by Dr. John Stalberg. It has been years of delays.


Dr. John Stalberg “partnered” with Judge Jerold Cohn. Dr. Stalberg changed all the facts and adopted Judge Cohn’s medical diagnosis. He admitted under Oath he didn’t have all the medical reports. Or the evidence for the medical diagnosis and he doesn’t care. But, he wrote a $16.770-$700 Medical Report. LAUSD, Los Angeles Unified School District, quickly paid for the very expensive “unsubstantiated”  11/15/2011 Medical Report.

And LAUSD’s lawyer Frank Christine lll misplaced some of the medical reports and evidence.  He changed the facts.
I was my own lawyer and Mr. Christine gave me copies of all the medical reports, records and evidence. Somehow he made up his own unsubstantiated facts, theories not facts from LAUSD and misplaced the substantiated evidence.
Why can’t I get a fair, just and impartial Workers’ Comp Trial and Decisions? This is the constant cry repeated by thousands of injured workers on a daily basis. Also, Delays, Denials of Benefits and needless Death are documented on a daily basis in the records of Ca. Injured Workers.
It’s 12 1/2 years already of my LAUSD, Admitted-2002, “Act of Violence”-physical injuries case. Do I have to lose my health and life because of all this criminal corruption. My health is deteriorating. I’m losing my home. I can’t pay my bills or buy food. I was sprayed in my face with the toxic chemicals from a fire extinguisher. My students got sick and another teacher died.
And as a LAUSD teacher dealing with LAUSD/Sedgwick CMS, one of the worst to deal with, I have it all documented in my WC Case. Also, there is a pattern in the cases of other LAUSD teachers and Injured Workers across Ca.
Forget the WC Appeals Board where surely a Reconsideration can not be made with a just, fair and impartial Decision based on the factual evidence and all the medical reports. It didn’t happen in my case. Or does it happen in so many other WC cases.
Forget an  Ethics Advisory Committee. Do they know what is really unethical in all the WC Complaints brought before them?
Injured Workers Unite. Join with me Let Your Voices Be Heard.  It’s Time to Change the Laws and Save the Lives of Injured Workers. UNITED WE CAN WIN!

Contact me Rozy Press 818 631-0513, ROZYWOW@AOL.COM. I’m on Rev. Pinkney’s Radio Show  blogtalkradio/pinkney every Sun 2 PM PST