Did anyone else see the irony in today’s news?  I listened to five minutes on why the Republicans passed restrictions on voting in Florida.  One of those restrictions was to limit the “early voting.”  Early voting allows working people to vote without missing work.  Other restrictions made it harder to register people to vote.  What is happening in Florida is also a “Republican project” throughout the entire country in an attempt to restrict the ability of Democrats to get out the vote.

That five minutes was followed by Obama criticizing governments in the Middle East for trying to restrict democracy.  The president then criticized Syria for brutalizing its own people, who only want more freedom.  Does that mean that the United States will not fire on its own people when the revolution comes to the U.S?

I do not hold much for the “peace talks” that President Obama is pushing today.  They seem to be “from the top down” type negotiations.  What I heard were comments like “we need to start with 1967 borders.”  I am thinking that we need to start by listening, but that’s just me.  I guess I am finding irony everywhere.